2022 Topps Chrome Silver Pack Pulls – What We’re Seeing

October 12, 2022

The rollout of the 2022 Topps Chrome was highly anticipated, but the release was riddled with issues. Because of this, we have 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs.

The 4-card Silver Packs are starting to get into the hands of dealers, breakers, and collectors, so we’re starting to see some hits posted. What are people finding? What are the surprises? Should you be excited if you have Silver Packs headed your way?

What are 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs going for on eBay?

A little background

In the lead-up to its release, 2022 Topps Chrome was a strong seller. The biggest draw? Super Short printed cards, with some of the hottest rookies of 2022 on the checklist. (Note: another recent draw has been the 2022 Topps Chrome buyback program).

But as Topps Chrome arrived, it quickly became clear that something was very wrong – the SSP’s were not included in packs.

Topps responded to the controversy in a late-night tweet. acknowledging the issue and promising to provide Silver Packs with the missing SP cards randomly inserted.

Here are the details of the Silver Pack rollout including FAQs, but the gist is that if you bought a hobby box, you’re entitled to one Silver Pack. Jumbo box purchasers are also entitled to one Silver Pack. Topps has been rolling the packs out to dealers, breakers, and they are starting to trickle out into the hobby.

In order to understand what hits are starting to surface, we checked out some breaks online and visited hobby forums. What are we seeing?

2022 Topps Chrome Silver Pack

What we’re seeing for hits in 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs

In the Cardlines newsletter this week, we made these observations:

“These packs are on the market now, and we just watched a break of 134 of these packs. 
In all, 10 of the rookie SSPs were pulled, so an average of 1:13 in that sample size. The packs are reselling for about $50 and the Bobby Witt SSPs are selling for just north of $400 at the time of writing. In addition, some people are hitting expired redemptions as well in these packs
With the current pricing and upside, this doesn’t make the Silver Packs a great standalone investment if you’re looking to pick up a resell, but it does mean there should be a fun bonus rip if you bought a box and you’re awaiting a silver pack.”

Cardlines newsletter, 10/11/2022

Here is the break mentioned of 134 Silver Packs:

134 Silver Packs from 2022 Topps Chrome

We saw another break that resulted in 4 hits found in a lot of 117 packs.

It’s also clear that 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs contain some surprises from Topps coffers. There have been a number of reports of hits from other older products appearing in the Silver Packs. One has to assume these were unclaimed, expired redemption cards.

What are 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs going for on eBay?

These included a 2019 Bowman Sterling die-cut Wander Franco Auto.

A couple of surprise hits shared on Twitter

As mentioned above, the SSP rookie cards are starting to hit eBay. They’re proving both popular and expensive. If you like a shiny chrome card, though, they’re darn pretty.

2022 Topps Chrome SSP’s of Julio Rodriguez and Bobby Witt Jr.

Check out 2022 Topps Chrome Short Print cards from Silver Packs on eBay

Some takeaways from 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs

A few things struck me while watching the breaks and reading about hits that I wanted to share.

The big takeaway for me, came after watching many, many silver packs opened that contain just base cards. It is that shortprints and other really impressive hits are very hard to pull. The vast majority of Silver Packs, just like the vast majority of all packs, and boxes, are devoid of hits. For a high priced item, that can sting.

It looks like one card in each Silver Pack is flipped the opposite direction. I’m not sure if this is an anti-tampering mechanism or just some oddity of the collation process.

It will be interesting to see what else comes out of these packs as they get into the hands of more collectors. They seem to now be in the hands of folks who bought large quantities straight from Topps, including large dealers and breakers, but in the coming days and weeks they will continue to find their way in smaller quantities to the average collector.

Will they end up with three more base cards, or are some as of yet unimagined surprise hits out there?

Find prices of 2022 Topps Chrome short print rookies on eBay

Final thoughts (for now) on 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs

2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs are a way for Topps to try to make collectors whole again after a significant snafu. Whether they have or not is open for debate.

As more hits or surprises are uncovered, we’ll update this post accordingly. Have you cracked a 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Pack (or multiple)? Get a hit? Tell us about at card_lines on Twitter.

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