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What Can Racing Fans Expect From The 2022 Topps Formula 1 Release?

2022 Topps Formula 1 review

Since Topps became the exclusive Formula 1 card producer in 2020, racing collectors have enjoyed various releases from Topps. While the Topps Dynasty and Chrome F1 series are unsurprisingly the top series for Formula 1 collectors, the Topps Formula 1 series has garnered a lot of fans.

Its inaugural 2021 Topps F1 release delivered an expansive checklist and overabundance of inserts. A new installment is set to hit the shelves soon, and fans are ready for another dose of goodness.

At Cardlines, we follow all the latest Formula 1 releases, with this article reviewing the second installment of the Formula 1 flagship racing line – the 2022 Topps Formula 1. The product is expected to be released sometime in December 2022.

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History of Topps F1

Topps became the Formula 1 exclusive card producer in 2020 and immediately announced an impressive range of different releases. However, Topps didn’t announce the Formula 1 flagship series until 2021. This new Topps F1 series tones down on the high-end elements and focuses on set building and delivering tons of inserts.

Its fair price makes it an option for collectors with a lean budget. Its inaugural release was quite a hit with fans, and chase cards from the set have held their value incredibly well.

2022 Topps Formula 1 Release
A box of the 2021 Topps Formula 1 release.

Why is the Topps Formula 1 series popular?

As with other sports, Topps has released a variety of Formula 1 series to cater to collectors of all types and budgets. While most collectors chase after autographs and fancy parallels, some prioritize building complete sets. The Topps F1 series is for this set of collectors.

Dynasty F1 might thrill fans with prestigious memorabilia, and Chrome F1 delights collectors with its legendary chromium look. However, Topps F1 focuses on having an expansive checklist populated with several interesting inserts and parallels.

Like other flagship-style series, such as the 2021 Topps Baseball, this series stresses more on set building. It delivered a healthy number of inserts such as the all-new Apex Predator, 1961 Wheels, Flags of Foundation and the Debrief inserts. There are also several 1/1 for collectors to chase.

Aside from the inserts and parallels, the cards themselves look incredible. The FoilFractors are an example of this. The rainbow sheen and pattern combine spectacularly to provide an amazing look.

A major reason for this product’s flagship racing card’s popularity is its fair entry point. With several collectors getting outpriced for Chrome F1 and other high-end series, the Topps F1 provides an affordable alternative to collectors.

Why do some collectors avoid Topps Formula 1?

The issue collectors have with the Topps F1 series can be summed up with two words – no autographs. Signed cards were absent from the inaugural series, and the 2022 Topps F1 is will once again not feature autographed cards. Considering the release has an MSRP of $125, the lack of autographs is not surprising.

2022 Topps F1 review: Release formats

Topps has announced details for just the hobby boxes of the 2022 Topps F1. However, we expect this series to have at least two release formats (hobby and blaster), just like the inaugural release. We shall update this article with more information as it gets announced.

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Hobby Box

  • 8 Cards per pack
  • 20 Packs per box
  • 12 Boxes per case
  • 1 Boxloaders
  • 20 Checker Flag Parallels
  • 1 Box Toppers
  • Relics – 1:2 Boxes
  • Presales for  $200

Topps F1 2022 Checklist information

With 200 cards in the base set, the 2022 Topps F1 highlights legendary drivers, exhilarating moments, and key Formula 1 Grand Prix tracks. There’s also an abundance of thrilling inserts sure to attract attention.

Topps F1 2022 parallels

There are 200 cards in the base set of the 2022 Topps F1 checklist. Hobby boxes include Checker Flag parallels at 1 per box, while Blaster packs contain Rainbow Foil at four per pack.

  • Rainbow Foil – 4 per box (Blaster)
  • Checker Flag – 1 per pack (Hobby)
  • Aqua – #/199
  • Fuchsia – #/150
  • Yellow – #/125
  • Blue – #/99
  • Green – #/75
  • Gold – #/50
  • Orange – #/25
  • Black – #/10
  • Red – #/5
  • FoilFractor – 1/1
Lando Norris Topps 2022 F1 Red paraellel

Topps F1 2022 Topps Formula 1 inserts

The 2022 Topps F1 delivers five different inserts, and collectors can be assured of a healthy number of inserts in every Hobby box. Here’s what collectors can expect.

Clean Air, Blue Skies: Highlights drivers out on their own with a perfect, unobstructed airstream for their car. There are 10 subjects in this insert.

Bounce, Rock, Race, Roll: This retro-themed series draws inspiration from the 70s disco era and delivers funky new vibrant cards for collectors. This insert showcases 15 subjects.

Topps 1968 Hot Rod: This insert takes collectors on another trip to the past as it highlights the Topps 1968 Hot Rod classic set. These new cards will feature the fearless names in F1, and 20 top names are highlighted here.

Flash of Brilliance: This eye-catching insert uses a neon look to showcase the top 15 drivers in Formula 1.

2022 F1 Topps Release - Flance of Brillance insert

Art du Grand Prix: Showcases poster-stylized cards of 5 key Grand Prix tracks.

Every 2022 Topps Formula 1 insert set has the same Refractor parallel rainbow.

  • Gold – #/50
  • Orange – #/25
  • Red – #/5
  • FoilFractor – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1

2022 Topps Formula 1 Racing relics

Just like last year, the 2022 Topps F1 makes up for its lack of autographs by having an abundance of relics. The main relic set features eight alternate choices and 42 subjects. It includes pieces of race-word gear and combines to average 1:2 Hobby boxes.

charles leclerc 2022 topps f1

2022 F1 Topps Relic parallels

  • Blue – #/99
  • Green – #/75
  • Gold – #/50
  • Orange – #/25
  • Black – #/10
  • Red – #/5
  • FoilFractor – 1/1

2022 Topps F1 Racing box toppers

Debuting in the 2022 Topps Formula 1 is the Art du Grand Prix Post Card Topper set. These cards add the distinct postcard style to the back of the Art du Grand Prix design. They fall in select boxes for lucky collectors.

2022 Topps Formula 1 Racing Topper Parallels breakdown

  • Gold – #/50
  • Orange – #/25
  • Red – #/5

Wax value

Let’s look at how well the unopened wax of last year’s Topps Formula 1 has performed.

2021 Topps Formula 1$169

With the release of the Topps Chrome F1, general interest in the series dropped leading to lower prices — it was worth less than $120. However, as several collectors got outpriced for boxes of Chrome, interest in the 2021 Topps F1 has risen along with its value.

Key singles value

Let’s look at how well key singles from the 2021 Topps Formula 1 series have performed regarding value.

2021 Topps Formula 1 #56 Lewis Hamilton $300 (PSA 9)
2021 Topps Formula 1 Charles Leclerc APEX Predator Black Printing Plate Ferrari$280
2021 Topps Formula 1 Sebastian Vettel Red Patch Relic /5 Aston Martin F1R-S M
$305 (PSA 9)
2021 Topps Formula 1 #59 Portrait Sparkle Foil Oscar Piastri$261 (PSA 10)
2021 Topps Formula 1 Lando Norris ORANGE 14/25 #6 $305 (PSA 9)
2021 Topps F1 Max Verstappen Portrait Aqua /199$225 (SGC 10)
2021 Topps F1 Racing Red Powertrain Red Bull Honda /10$152 (PSA 10)
2021 Topps F1 Lewis Hamilton RED /5 T61-LH 1961 SSP Mercedes-AMG$420
2021 Topps F1 Yuki Tsunoda RC Black Parallel /10 PSA 9$149.99 (PSA 9)
2021 Topps F1 Racing MICK SCHUMACHER RC Refractor #17 Portrait PSA 10$150 (PSA 10)
2021 Topps F1 Foil Fractor #139 Lewis Hamilton (#1/1)$1,000

As expected, Lewis Hamilton cards hold their value especially well. We could have made up this list with just Lewis Hamilton card sales above $300. However, that wouldn’t reflect how well every card in this series has held value.

At current value, any decent card or parallel would cover the cost of a hobby box. You could rip your boxes and hope to sell for a profit now. However, these cards would be worth even more in a few years.

2022 Topps Formula 1 review bottom line

The Formula 1 collecting market is still in its infant years, and its cards already offer amazing value. Judging by this performance and the global reach of Formula 1, chase cards from these early series could prove to be a worthy investment a few years down the road. It’s fairly priced and has many cards and numerous inserts, making it perfect for collectors who enjoy a fun rip.

Whether you’re a Formula 1 fan or a collector looking for profits, this series offers a low-priced entry into a budding market. However, if you have thousands of dollars to invest, you should consider Formula 1 high-end series such as Dynasty and Chrome.

John Bassey

John Bassey

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