Topps Announces 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Buyback After Duplicate Controversy

September 30, 2023

Let me know if this one sounds familiar. A much-anticipated Chrome release by Topps/Fanatics quickly causes collector angst, leading to the company quickly apologize and release a buyback program to make collectors whole.

But this isn’t 2022 and we’re not talking Topps Chrome anymore. This is 2023 and there’s a new Chrome controversy in town!

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The 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractor problem

By now, Superfractors are a popular and much-anticipated part of any Topps-produced Chrome product. The most important thing about a Superfractor is that it’s a one-of-one. And it’s shiny. But mostly that it’s a one-of-one.

So, when news began to slowly break that the Superfractors in 2023 Bowman Chrome were numbered 1/1, but that two copies of each 1/1 card were produced and available in packs, collector anger understandably took hold. In all, it has come to light that 95 purported 1/1 Superfractors actually had “twins”.

While it wouldn’t be surprising that Topps produces “extra” copies of low serial numbered cards in case the original pack-pulled version is damaged, these extras aren’t supposed to find their way into packs or into collector’s hands.

So, Topps had a problem on their hands. How do you put the genie back in the bottle?

View prices for 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractors on eBay

Topps Announces 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Buyback

To attempt to resolve the problem, Topps has announced a buyback program that will attempt to remove the “duplicate” 1/1 Superfractors from the wild. Topps quickly put up a page on with the details.

Prices offered by Topps range from $3,000 to $75,000 for the individual cards, with a total payout of around $700,000 expected.

Topps will buy back one of the two copies of each of the 95 problem Superfractor pairs. This should set off a bit of a gold rush as the first to get confirmation from Topps could sell their card to the company for more than the market would offer up.

In fact, a number of the cards are already listed on the “Tracker” as either “Purchased” or “Pending”. A number remain unclaimed, however, so check the site if you pulled a 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractor.

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Steps for redemption from

In order to participate in the buyback, you must follow these steps to participate:

  • Check the buyback list below to determine if your SuperFractor is eligible and if the buyback is still unclaimed. 
  • Send an email to [email protected] with:
    • Subject: Buyback Request for {Card Code} {Player Name}.  
    • Attach a clear photograph of the front and the back of the card lying on a piece of white paper with your first and last name written on the paper next to the card.
    • Attach a form of government ID. 
    • Include your complete mailing address.
  • The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2024.
  • We will respond to your email as soon as possible with further instructions.
  • Payments will be made via ACH, wire transfer or PayPal.

View prices for 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractors on eBay

Some of the 95 Superfractors in the Buyback Program from

“Error” or planned promotion?

The egregiousness of the problem, combined with Topps uncharacteristically quick and detailed response, already has raised some eyebrows.

Was this really a mistake? Or perhaps is it a “Fanatics Event” pre-planned to excite collectors and draw attention to the 2023 Bowman Chrome release?

Chances are, we’ll never know the answer for sure. Whether this is a quick response to an issue or a planned marketing tool, the high prices Topps is offering for some of these Superfractors should set off a mini gold rush as collectors look to cash in.

Look for unopened boxes of 2023 Bowman Chrome to rise in price as collectors continue to hunt for these offending cards.

View prices for 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractors on eBay

Final thoughts on Topps announcement of the 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Buyback

Whether this is a big mistake followed by a quick reaction or a preplanned marketing maneuver, it’s creating a lot of buzz in the hobby. Any time a share of $700,000 is up for grabs, it’s going to get people talking.

What do you think of the whole situation? Do you have any Superfractors? Will you be trying to redeem them? Let us know what’s on your mind at card_lines on Twitter.

View prices for 2023 Bowman Chrome Superfractors on eBay

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