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Enrollment For New 582 Montgomery Club Members For 2024 Opens January 23rd

582 montgomery club

This week, Topps announced changes to their popular membership program, Montgomery 582, for 2024. The Club, which has been offering members early and exclusive access to Topps products since 2018, has been a popular favorite among more seasoned collectors for its perks.

Enrollment for 2024 will be open for a limited time, so you will need to quickly decide on whether you would like to participate next year.

With the Topps 582 Montgomery Club being revamped, some collectors have been left wondering if the exclusive online membership program is still worth it.

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What has changed for 2024?

The price for the 582 Montgomery Club remains the same as it was for 2023. However, collectors will have early access to two additional releases than they did last year. Included in the lineup this year is a mix of different sports including 5 different baseball releases, a Formula 1 release and a release from the UEFA Men’s Club Competitions.

With the 582 Montgomery Club in 2024, collectors will not receive a special 20-special card set like they did last year.

When can I join the 582 Montgomery Club?

If you decide to join the Montgomery Club for 2024, you will need to act fast. Here are the two-day windows for existing and new members to join the program:

  • The enrollment window for existing members will open at 12:00 pm ET on Thursday, January 18, 2024 and closed at 9:00 am ET on Monday, January 22, 2024. 
  • Enrollment for new members will open at 12:00 pm ET on Tuesday, January 23, 2024 – while supplies last.

How much does the 582 Montgomery Club cost for 2024?

For 2024, the cost will be the same as 2023. The price is $149 for existing members and $199 for new members.

What do collectors get for 582 Montgomery Club in 2024?

So specifically what can you get for the Montgomery Club during 2024?

In short, collectors will receive two sets as well as early access to eight products, which is two more than last year.


Collectors who join 582 Montgomery Club for this year will receive one sets exclusive to members:

  • a “582 Montgomery” complete set of 2024 Topps baseball

Early Access to releases

The other major part of the 582 Montgomery Club is that collectors will receive early access to select releases. This is more than last year but there are still some big, desirable releases on the list.

  • 2023 Formula 1 Chrome Sapphire
  • 2023/24 Topps Chrome UEFA Men’s Club Competitions
  • 2024 Topps Star Wars Chrome Sapphire
  • 2024 Topps Cosmic Chrome Baseball
  • 2024 Topps Museum Collection Baseball
  • 2024 Topps Chrome Baseball Sapphire
  • 2024 Bowman Draft Sapphire
  • 2024 Topps Brooklyn Collection

Check out prices of 582 Montgomery Club complete sets on eBay

Is the Topps 582 Montgomery Club worth it for 2023?

In the eyes of many collectors, the 582 Montgomery Club is not as good of a deal as has been in years past. However, the ultimate question many are asking is “Is the 582 Montgomery Club worth joining?” especially with the lower price point.

That question will ultimately be up to each collector, however, one thing we do know is that the Montgomery Club remains popular for a simple reason — collectors feel like they get value from the program.

The Montgomery Club is unlikely to lose its prestige among collectors. A large number of Montgomery club members renew their memberships each year.

Let’s start with the cards. You get a complete 582 Montgomery Club set of 2024 Topps. Besides the fact this is a pretty good perk in its own right, the sets from 2022 are going for north of $50. That right there is a good chunk of the value.

Unlike 2023, collectors will not receive a 20-card special set like they did last year.

From there, the remaining value comes from the early access to certain releases. Take a look at those releases. Are there any releases that you collect that you would be disappointed in missing or paying a premium for in the secondary market?

One thing collectors will want to take note of is that early access does not mean guaranteed access. There is still a chance you come up short and can’t purchase your favorite product at the price you want.

Check out prices of 582 Montgomery Club complete sets on eBay

Could there be more?

Another important reason the 582 Montgomery Club has been so popular with collectors is that Topps has generally underpromised and over-delivered on what the program offers.

With Fanatics now in charge at Topps, we don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be the case again. So expect what’s in the club at face value but don’t be surprised if Topps offers more than advertised, making the Club 100% worth it to any serious collector.

Final thoughts on the 582 Montgomery Club

If you have been waiting to join the 582 Montgomery Club but have been hesitant due to the process, right now is one of the cheapest opportunities to be a part of this club.

Of course, if you decide to pull the trigger, know that you are getting fewer cards and access to fewer releases. This may not be a big deal to you, depending on what releases from the list you may be looking at.

Check out prices of 582 Montgomery Club complete sets on eBay

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