Buy Of The Week: Andrew Wiggins 2014 Select Concourse PSA 10

April 11, 2023

Andrew Wiggins returned last week just in time for the playoffs. Wiggins missed 43 games for personal reasons needing time away to deal with family matters. Anytime a player gets injured or steps away from the game for an extended period of time, typically you see a dip in card prices.

Wiggins’ most popular or mainstream card would be his 2014 Prizm Base PSA 10. This card has a pop count of 950 and is one of his more transacted cards. This card is up 16.7% over the last 30 days. 

But the play to make is very low risk, as it is a very inexpensive card and can’t get much cheaper than it already is! Buy his 2014 Select Concourse PSA 10. This card is only a pop 234 so it does not sell very often. However, the last sale of this card was for only $12 just a few weeks ago.

This card is down 59.6% in the last 180 days since Wiggins last played a game. If the Warriors make any noise in the playoffs at all, and if Wiggins contributes or has a good game when he returns to the court it wouldn’t take much to see this card double in price from $12 to $25!

Check for prices of the 2014 Andrew Wiggins 2014 Select Concourse cards on eBay

Can’t find a PSA 10 for this price?

The deal for the Andrew Wiggins 2014 Select Concourse in a PSA 10 may not be available for this price at this time. If you are looking for a deal on the card, consider a raw version in mint condition and then submitting to PSA for grading.

The card grades fairly well with nearly two-thirds of all PSA submissions coming back a PSA 10. Here are the PSA reports for this card as of April 2023.


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