COMC Live Auctions To Launch On eBay On Friday

October 19, 2023

COMC (Check Out My Collectibles) has just announced that they will be hosting live daily auctions beginning on Friday, October 20th.

The auctions will take place on the eBay app and collectors will be able to submit their cards and bids to the quick-fire auction up to one day prior to the live auction.

Card prices are expected to start at $5 or more in value with sellers charged a $0.50 fee to list their cards directly from their COMC account. Once the cards have been sold, a 5% transaction fee will be applied with a minimum of $0.50. Consignment places will be limited and COMC says the fees represent introductory pricing.

View the COMC Live eBay auction here

Live Streaming Auctions

Earlier this year, eBay launched their live streaming platform where items are sold in real-time while a host briefly outlines all of an item’s features with bidding for every item typically lasting for less than one minute from start to finish.

Proceeds are then deposited directly into the seller’s personal COMC account immediately after the buyer has paid. Any of the items won at the live auctions can be transferred to the buyer’s COMC account with purchases funded using store credit so long as all buyers have linked their COMC accounts to their eBay accounts.

Per the description of the listing “COMC is excited to bring you our first live auction event! We have an amazing lineup of cards from all decades and genres. Graded and Raw. Come join the fun!”

eBay users can go here to view the live auction once it begins at 5 PM ET on October 20th.

About COMC

Founded on December 21st, 2005, and located in Redmond WA, COMC is a unique marketplace that has been designed for the sole purpose of buying and selling sports cards, gaming cards, comics and other collectible items. 

They have an impressive selection of singles, memorabilia cards, autographed cards and rookie cards. Among their listings, users will find front and back scans of every card. COMC is also a great place to sell cards and continually applies the latest technology to card collecting in order to optimize joy for its collectors. 

COMC is all about taking all of the hard work out of the hobby so that collectors are able to focus on having fun. This means that they will simplify the process by handling all of the more laborious parts of the process such as scanning, listing and identification, condition assessment, customer service and shipping.

For buyers, COMC has a vast and growing pool of consignors which is what allows them to provide an unparalleled marketplace that features items from just about every athlete, sport, subject, and price point. The first ever COMC Live Auctions stream will be held on October 20th at 5 PM Eastern time on eBay Live.