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The Top 8 Sports Card Releases In December 2023

december 2023 sports card releaes

December doesn’t have a lot of releases, but it might be more quality over quantity… assuming things stick to schedule.

And, as we’ve seen lately, that might be a big assumption. Either way, we’ll get more rookies of C.J. Stroud and Wemby – the two biggest rookie chases right now. 

Here are the CardLines picks for cards to watch in December 2023. And, also as always, a feature on this list doesn’t mean it’s a must-buy. We’re sharing honest thoughts on all products. Some of these brands might be included out of caution, so read the short summary with each. 

Also, please note: the release schedules are very fluid and move frequently. These dates are not guaranteed.

Noteworthy Sports Card Releases for December

2022/23 Panini One & One Basketball (12/06)

The concept of Panini One and One Basketball is simple. You get a high-risk and high-reward product that offers you only two cards. One is a hit, and one is a non-hit. And if that isn’t risky enough for you, boxes are pre-ordering for $1,000.

Perhaps the most exciting chase card from this product is the iconic “Downtown” cards, which are some of the hobby’s favorite SSPs. Still, this is way too risky of a rip to go anywhere near. Just buy singles if you really want them. 

Shop for 2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball boxes

2022-23 Panini One and One Basketball Downtown Paolo Benachero

2023 Topps Inception Baseball (12/06)

Topps Inception is a great-looking, low-cost hobby box.  Each box is pre-ordering for $135, and with that, you can expect to find one 7-card pack.

There will be 1 autograph or autograph relic card and 2 base parallels per box, and each 16-box case will include: 4 Inception Autograph Patch Cards, 1 Inception Silver Signings Autograph Card, and 1 Autograph Jumbo Patch Card or Autograph Jumbo Hat Patch Card.

While this is a late release, it will definitely be a fun rip.

Shop for 2023 Topps Inception Baseball boxes on eBay

2023 Topps Inception

2022/23 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey (12/06)

SP Game Used Hockey is a top annual hockey release, and this year should be no different. As the name implies, it’s a memorabilia-driven product.

We don’t have a release price yet, but we do know what to look for in each box: 3 Memorabilia and/or Tech Cards, 2 Base Set and/or Insert Cards, and 1 Autograph or Premium Memorabilia Card.

While a “premium memorabilia” card might sound sexy, it’s still not an auto, so probably going to be a letdown. Some of the best cards in this set are the Draft Day Marks cards featuring rookies #’d to 35 (per letter).

Shop for 2022-23 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey boxes

2022-23 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey

2023 Bowman Draft Baseball (12/12)

Bowman Draft Baseball will bring 1st Bowman cards of Paul Skenes, Max Clark, Wyatt Langford, and many more top picks. 

The jumbo boxes are pre-ordering for around $550, and with that, you can expect to pull 3 chrome prospect autographs. The info on this product is limited at the time of writing, but it will definitely be one of the most exciting – and potentially lucrative – rips on this list. 

Shop for 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball boxes on eBay

2023 Bowman Draft Baseball

2022/23 Panini Immaculate Basketball (12/13)

Immaculate is a high-end product that has never had the popularity of other high-end products. It’s… a thing. That exists.

And sure, there are nice Immaculate cards, but I’ve never met a collector who was drooling in anticipation of an Immaculate rip. To make it worse, this product will be coming out around the All-Star break of the next season. Come on, Panini. 

These boxes are pre-ordering for about $2,000. In an Immaculate hobby box, you’ll find 1 pack of 6 cards. Collectors will pull 3 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards, plus a base.  

Some of the best cards in the product are various logo cards. Collectors can find a variety of memorabilia content from Sneaker soles to Sneaker laces, Team Logos to Brand Logos, and Championship tags to Logomans.  

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Immaculate Basketball boxes on eBay

2022-23 Panini Immaculate Basketball

2023 Panini Prizm Football (12/20)

2023 Prizm Football will not have autographs of C.J. Stroud or Bryce Young. It has too many colored parallels and the worst design in years. And still, 2023 Prizm Football is still Panini’s best NFL product this year. Or, at least, it will still be the hobby’s golden boy.

Boxes are pre-ordering for $850 and come with 12 packs of 12 cards, a couple of autographs, and the big hit potential coming from those autographs or the colored parallels found within.

You can also find 2 Autographs, 10 #d Prizms, 3 Base Prizms, 1 Rookie Prizm, and 24 Rookies. There are a lot of problems with this product, but it will be popular nonetheless. 

Shop for 2023 Panini Prizm Football hobby boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Prizm Football

 2023 Panini Flawless Collegiate Football (12/20)

Flawless is one of the most revered – and expensive – brands in the hobby.

However, these cards feature rookies in their NCAA uniforms, and this auto-driven set won’t have autographs of Young, Stroud, or Levis. Each $2,000 box (yes, you read that correctly) only contains 10 cards, so cross your fingers that you hit a big one.

Of the 10, two are base, and the other 8 are autographs or memorabilia or inserts. So, you get 6 autographs, 2 memorabilia, and 2 base gem or gem autographs.

If you’re feeling risky, there will be a few monster cards in this set, but if you have $2,000 to throw at a hobby box, the NFL version of Flawless still has far better long-term value.

Shop for 2023 Panini Flawless Collegiate Football boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Flawless Collegiate Football

2023 Panini National Treasures Baseball (12/29)

Panini National Treasures Baseball is an unlicensed baseball product, meaning none of the players will have MLB jerseys or logos, and while I usually avoid those entirely for this list, National Treasures is about the only one to consider.

For many collectors, this is still an easy pass. But for those who care more about players than logos, this could be a value at $600.

National Treasures is a top premium brand, and you will get 8 autographs or memorabilia cards in this box. Even despite the lack of logos, there’s some big potential here. 

Shop for 2023 Panini National Treasures Baseball boxes on eBay

2023 Panini National Treasures Baseball

What are you looking forward to ripping or holding? 

There are some big releases dropping in December and we’ve got our eye on several.

Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter @card_lines, and subscribe to our free newsletter right here. Twice a week, we’re bringing exclusive hobby news, offers and tips straight to your inbox. 

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.

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