Investing In Sports Cards: Card Quest 11

October 22, 2021

It’s Week 11 of the CardQuest, where I’m on a quest to show how viable investing in sports cards can be.

The NBA season has just started. I’m a big basketball fan, so this is my favorite time of year. It’s time to see some of my basketball investments start to increase in value (hopefully) and land some more before the season gets underway.

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: The Rules Of The Game

But first, as always, here are the rules. Every week, I’ll be spending about $100 on cards and telling you what I purchased, why I bought them, what strategies I used, and how you can apply them to your collecting.

We’re tracking progress, too. Every week I’ll share:

  • My total amount spent
  • My total amount sold (once I start selling some)
  • Total value (the comp price of my cards + total amount sold).

From there, we’ll be able to calculate my gains.

I challenge you to take on this initiative, too. Invest more or less than me–totally up to you–but track your progress.

Together, let’s show the world the power of card investing.

Week 9 Of Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse Purchases

This week I reached a bit outside the budget, spending $127 total, but it was all on one lot, and I got a great deal for several reasons.

I bought three Nickeil Alexander-Walker rookie cards in total, which I’ll list below with their pricing, but all the purchases were made for the same two reasons.

For one, they were misspelled. You’re probably used to me picking up misspelled listing at this point, but there’s a reason: these cards are SO much easier to make money on. Even if you’re buying cards of players you expect to pop off and increase in value, it’s still easier to get better returns if you buy them at a discount.

All the misspelled listing tips and tricks can be found right here.

Additionally, the cards all ended early in the morning–primarily because they were coming from Asia. Cards that end at bad times, like these, also sell for less, as I’ve discussed before.

Between the bad spelling and lousy ending time, I got these significantly below active comps, and I still believe NAW will see a significant jump in production this year like I wrote about during week four. To help boost my confidence, he just scored 19 points in 25 minutes during their recent preseason win.

Here’s a look at the cards I bought.

Purchase One: Nickeil Alexander-Walker Optic Red Mojo Rookie /88

Alexander-Walker was listed as “Nickel” Alexander Walker in this listing, and the listing failed to mention the card was numbered. So I had to message the seller to affirm that it was.

I bought it for $29, and recent comps are $55.

How much will this card be worth at the end of the season? (look for Nickeil Alexander-Walker Optic Red Mojo Rookies on eBay).

Purchase Two: Nickeil Alexander-Walker Donruss Rookie Auto Blue /35

Once again, this listing had his name spelled  “Nickell” Alexander Walker. I bought it for $55, and recent comps are $100. Unfortunately, that comp is based on a different Donruss Rookie autograph, one numbered up to 35.

Once again, Jesse swoops in on a misspelled card (get a Nickeil Alexander-Walker auto on eBay)

Purchase Three: Nickeil Alexander-Walker Mosaic Red Fusion Rookie Autograph SP

In this listing, he was “Nickell” Alexander Walker. I bought it for $47, and recent comps are $70, but I think that’s pretty conservative.

Another NAW auto, we hope for Jesse that he has a killer season (get Alexander-Walker Mosaic RC’s on eBay).

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Progress

There are no sales this week, but I did list quite a few of the football cards I’ve been holding for the right time. Hopefully, that will mean some sales by next week!

Also, note that all my sales have been for more than my comps thus far, verifying that I do comp pretty conservatively.

After adding more NAW cards, here’s where we’re at:

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Cards Held

Gilgeous-Alexander Rookie Lot: Bought $75, Comp $130

SGA Prizm Rookie: Bought $121, Comp: $185

Tannehill Triple Threads Auto /25: Bought $83; Comp $90

Tannehill Rookie Card Lot: Bought $17; Comp $50

Alexander-Walker lot of 96 Hoops Rookies: Bought $40, Comp for $144

NAW lot of 5 Optic Silver Wave: Bought $25, Comp for $55

NAW lot of 11 Rookies: Bought $10.81, Comp for $74

Minshew Prizm Lot: Bought $50, comp $75

20 Card Football Lot: Bought $31.77, Comp: $100

Ryan Tannehill Rookie Lot: Bought $60, Comp $90

Trey Sermon Certified RPA: Bought $41, Comp $41

Trey Sermon Certified RPA: Bought, $39, Comp $39

Nickeil Alexander-Walker  Donruss Auto /35: Bought, $51, Comp $100

Alexander-Walker Mosaic Auto Fusion Red: Bought, $47, Comp $70

NAW Optic Red Choice /88: Bought, $29, Comp $55

Will Trey Sermon RPA’s go up this season? (get one on eBay).

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: Cards Sold

McCaffrey Rookie /100: Bought $36, Sold $80

Heinicke Contenders Auto: Bought $37, Sold $125

Heinicke Rookies and Stars Auto /50: Bought $19, Sold $100

John Wall Rated Rookie /25: Bought $14.58, Sold $100

Tylan Wallace 3 Card Lot: Bought $50.80, Comp $100

Matthew Stafford Contenders Rookie /99: Bought $43.06, Sold for $100

Investing In Sports Cards With Jesse: The Totals

Spent: $1150

Held (Comps): $1696

Sold: $609

Value: $2305

Profit: $1154.24

Net: 200% increase.

Eleven weeks in, and our money is still right at doubled. But, once basketball season tips off, a hot start from Nickeil or Shai Gilgious-Alexander could really jump-start the value.

What will I be buying next week? For that, come back next week for the next update.