Sell Of the Week: Kawhi Leonard 2012 Prizm #209 Base PSA 10 And Kawhi Leonard 2011 SP Authentic PSA 10

April 24, 2023

The Clippers purposely limited Kawhi Leonard’s minutes this year for one reason, the playoffs! At first, the plan looked genius. In Game 1 with no Paul George, Leonard played a season-high 41 minutes, scoring 38 points, and carrying the Clippers to an upset win over the Suns in Phoenix. 

In Game 2 he played almost 39 minutes and scored 31 points! It was clear to everyone watching that Kawhi was still a superstar! 

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However, as has been the case for Kawhi the last few years, once again he hurt his knee and had to sit out Games 3 and 4. No word yet on if he will be able to play Game 5.

We are confident in Kawhi for long-term investment purposes, but we focus on short-term flips. His 2012 Prizm base PSA 10 is up 10.4% in the last 14 days. His 2011 SP Authentic PSA 10 is up 68.9% in the last 14 days. Sell now while you still can!

2011 SP Authentic

The 2011 SP Authentic card from Kawhi Leonard has skyrocketed in value recently. Even if Leonard were to be productive during the playoffs, this is likely to pull back a bit.

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kawhi leonard sp authentic card

2012 Prizm Base

Kawhi Leonard’s 2012 Prizm base card certainly isn’t one of the most premium Leonard cards you will find, but its recent increase likely won’t hold for the short term.

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kawhi leonard 2012 prizm

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