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Tips For Giving Yourself The Best Chance At Lifetime Tacos With Topps Chrome Tacofractors

Topps Chrome Tacofractors

There has been much buzz around the TacoFractors in the Topps Chrome 2023 release. A lot of that came from the hilarious name. But Topps intentionally maintained a good deal of mystery surrounding these cards.

We now know the deep and dark secret Topps has been withholding from us. There is a prize involved. A lifetime supply of Taco Bell.

But how do you get crunchy tacos to accompany the rest of your life? We have some tips on how to win the TacoFractor sweepstakes. Here is your full guide on how to approach the TacoFractor,

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What Is A TacoFractor?

Like any refractor, we discuss a parallel to the normal base cards. That means they will look like a base card in Topps Chrome Baseball 2023, aside from having a reflective coating that displays specific colors when held at a certain angle.

You may not be surprised to hear that these particular refractors have a unique design featuring that delicious dish we all love to eat, especially on Tuesdays for some reason. There are three tacos presented prominently in the top right-hand corner of every one of these refractors.

How many TacoFractors are there in Topps Chrome Baseball 2023? The set includes five TacoFractors for each base card in the background. So, there are at least 1,100 TacoFractor cards in the set.

 There is a total of 220 base cards in the set. But no, there aren’t 1,100 TacoFractors in circulation. Instead, they only appear for players in the playoffs. I counted, and there are 129 players with TacoFractors, amounting to a total of 645. The rarity and the curiosity surrounding these items make them desirable and fun. So, if you land one in a pack, that is a tremendous hit.

But if you want to enjoy an endless supply of Mexican fast food, just landing any old TacoFractor will not scratch your itch. There are specific conditions for winning the desired prize.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

How to win a lifetime supply of tacos with TacoFractors

The rules for this competition are simple. If you hold a TacoFractor for the player to steal the first base in the 2023 World Series, you will win a $15,000 gift card to Taco Bell.

Now, Topps may think that is a lifetime supply. But eating a shredded chicken power burrito daily for $4.49 will last you for less than ten years. So, I don’t know about you. But that is no lifetime for me. Although to be fair, if you ate that many in 9.5 years, it could be your lifespan. Hold on, I need to eat a burrito.

Ok, I am back.

Another way to win is by sending in an eligible TacoFractor Wild Card. A Wild Card doesn’t mention a specific player but functions as a Joker card in a pack of playing cards. Wild Card holders win if the first player to steal a base in the World Series isn’t one of the players with a TacoFractor.

Oh, good news, if you get more than one TacoFractor of the first player to steal a base in the World Series, you can get more than one “lifetime supply” of Taco Bell.

So, you can get burritos every day for several decades if you (literally) play your cards right. There will be up to five winning cards, so try to get them all for a lifetime supply.

How to redeem your TacoFractor

Either way, you must send in the relevant card by December 31, 2023. To claim your prize, you will use the standard Topps claims process. Here are the steps for doing so.

  1. Log into your Topps account or create a brand-new account.
  2. Click on the claim submission link, which can be found on the left-hand side of the screen immediately after logging on.
  3. Click on the “add claim” button. After that, a pop-up window will appear.
  4. Verify your address; click the TacoFractor link and fill out the YEAR, PROPERTY TYPE, and PRODUCT NAME fields.
  5. Click SAVE.
  6. Then Click PRINT PACKING SLIP. That will have the relevant mailing information
  7. Create the shipping label and pay the postage.
  8. File your claim and then mail in your card for validation by the Topps Claims Team. You will receive an e-mail once your card is received and validated.
  9. As mentioned, you must redeem your card by December 31, 2023, to be eligible for the “Tacos for Life” award.
  10. Remember that by submitting your TacoFractor Redemption Card, you agree to our Claims Terms and Conditions and the TacoFractor Terms and Conditions.

Who are the best investments among the TacoFractors?

The best thing that can happen in the TacoFractor universe is if you open a pack and get a card with the player who will steal the first base in the 2023 World Series. And it would also be great if I found a PSA 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle in the dumpster.

Odds are, that isn’t happening. Your odds of pulling a Taco Fractor are not all that encouraging. The odds in hobby boxes are 1:351, and the odds for blasters are 1:2,092.

But the good news is many (if not most) of these cards are now available on eBay. So, if you want to bet on who will steal that base, you can. But, of course, this is a risky game. The further away we are from the World Series, the more relevant the cards are. That makes each one you buy more of a long shot.

On the other hand, as teams are eliminated (and players are unfortunately injured), the value of the remaining cards will probably skyrocket. Meanwhile, the value of the TacoFractors for eliminated players will most likely plummet.

Therefore, you should probably act quickly on the TacoFractor front. There are many options out there, and you will have to be careful.

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A full list of TacoFractors for players in the playoffs

These are all the players with TacoFractors in the Playoffs this year.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Corbin Carroll
  • Evan Longoria
  • Lourdes Gurriel Jr.
  • Jake McCarthy
  • Ketel Marte
  • Nick Ahmed
  • Gabriel Moreno
  • Alek Thomas
  • Christian Walker
  • Josh Rojas
  • Dominic Fletcher

Atlanta Braves

  • Michael Harris II
  • Sean Murphy
  • Vaughn Grissom
  • Ozzie Albies
  • Eddie Rosario
  • Matt Olson
  • Ronald Acuña Jr.
  • Austin Riley
  • Orlando Arcia
  • Braden Shewmake

Baltimore Orioles

  • Adley Rutschman
  • Cedric Mullins
  • Austin Hays
  • Jorge Mateo
  • Adam Frazier
  • Ramón Urías
  • Gunnar Henderson
  • Ryan Mountcastle
  • Kyle Stowers
  • Anthony Santander

Houston Astros

  • José Abreu
  • Jose Altuve
  • Alex Bregman
  • Jeremy Peña
  • Chas McCormick
  • Martín Maldonado
  • Korey Lee
  • Kyle Tucker
  • Yordan Alvarez
  • Michael Brantley

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • Mookie Betts
  • Freddie Freeman
  • James Outman
  • Chris Taylor
  • J.D. Martinez
  • Trayce Thompson
  • Gavin Lux
  • Michael Busch
  • Miguel Vargas
  • Max Muncy

Minnesota Twins

  • Byron Buxton
  • Jose Miranda
  • Royce Lewis
  • Christian Vázquez
  • Max Kepler
  • Michael Taylor
  • Carlos Correa
  • Alex Kirilloff
  • Nick Gordon
  • Edouard Julien

Philadelphia Phillies

  • Cristian Pache
  • Bryce Harper
  • Nick Castellanos
  • Kyle Schwarber
  • Rhys Hoskins
  • J.T. Realmuto
  • Edmundo Sosa
  • Josh Harrison
  • Trea Turner
  • Brandon Marsh
  • Bryson Stott
  • Alec Bohm

Tampa Rays

  • Wander Franco
  • Francisco Mejía
  • Vidal Bruján
  • Josh Lowe
  • Manuel Margot
  • Jonathan Aranda
  • Jose Siri
  • Randy Arozarena
  • Brandon Lowe

Texas Rangers

  • Marcus Semien
  • Nathaniel Lowe
  • Ezequiel Duran
  • Josh Smith
  • Adolis García
  • Bubba Thompson
  • Mitch Garver
  • Josh Jung
  • Corey Seager

Which are the best TacoFractors for investment?

The good news is that a few of these teams have already been eliminated. Four to be exact: the Florida Marlins, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Tampa Bay Rays. So that eliminates a bunch of our options.

How do we determine which players have the best odds of being the first to steal a base in the 2023 World Series? As I am sure you have already figured out, there are two critical sets of odds to consider here.

First and most importantly, which teams have the most significant chance of making the World Series? After all, Rickey Henderson may be the best base stealer ever. But since the 1985 Oakland A’s aren’t in the running, that doesn’t matter.

The second important question is who steals the most bases successfully. As we said, this is a bit less important. But if you have settled on which teams you believe will reach the World Series, you can try to figure out which players among them have the best odds.

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Who will reach the World Series?

We all have opinions on who will win the World Series this year. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be the Dodgers. But who cares what I think? Let’s see what the betting odds are right now.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

The National League

Atlanta Braves (+125 for Bet365; +140 for Bet MGM)

Los Angeles Dodgers (+200 for Bet 365; +210 for Bet MGM)

Philadelphia Phillies  (+375 for Bet 365; +380 for Bet MGM)

Arizona Diamondbacks (+900 for Bet 365; +700 for Bet MGM)

The American League

Houston Astros(+175 for Bet 365; +170 for Bet MGM)

Baltimore Orioles (+250 for Bet 365; +280 for Bet MGM)

Texas Rangers (+350 for Bet 365; +300 for Bet MGM)

Minnesota Twins (+360 for Bet 365; +370 for Bet MGM)

Who is most likely to steal the first base in the 2023 World Series?

Now that we have the info on the eight teams still in the playoffs, we can divide the players into tiers. We will start with the most likely to steal a base in each tier and go down.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

Tier 1 Of TacoFractor candidates

Ronald Acuña Jr. – Atlanta Braves

The number one guy on everyone’s list. You don’t need me to tell you that the league-leading stealer on the favorite team to win it all has the best chance of getting you a “lifetime supply” of Taco Bell.

Kyle Tucker – Houston Astros

Kyle had his best stealing season with 30 and was only caught 5 times. The Astros have a good chance of making it, so Tucker is one of the best TacoFractors to hit.

Michael Harris II – Atlanta Braves

With the Braves as favorites and Harris stealing 20 bases each season (and getting caught just 6 times), he is a reasonably good bet for some tacos.

Mookie Betts – Los Angeles Dodgers

Mookie doesn’t steal as much as he used to. But he can do it at will, and you know when the stakes are high, Betts will be ready.

Freddie Freeman – Los Angeles Dodgers

Freeman was stealing more last season, but in 2023, he exploded for 23. Ten more than the first baseman had ever notched previously.

Chris Taylor – Los Angeles Dodgers

The ultimate utility player, Taylor may be getting older, but he is also stealing more than ever. What are they putting in the water at Dodger Stadium?

James Outman – Los Angeles Dodgers

Far more confident on the basepaths than a player with limited experience should be. Outman is an adventurous young player who might just warrant a cheap burrito.

Trea Turner – Philadelphia Phillies

Turner has had a ridiculously effective season on the basepaths, with 30 stolen and without being caught once. If the Phillies make it, watch out.

Jorge Mateo – Baltimore Orioles

With 67 steals over the last two seasons, Mateo is an excellent bet if Baltimore makes it.

Cedric Mullins – Baltimore Orioles

Mullins didn’t have his best stealing season. But he is an aggressive (if somewhat sloppy) base runner and just the kind of guy to opt for that early steal.

Marcus Semien – Texas Rangers

When healthy, Marcus always has over 10 steals a season. Expect him to run if Texas makes it.

Tier 2 Of TacoFractor Candidates

Ozzie Albies – Atlanta Braves

Albies may not steal much, but he is very effective when he wants to be.

Chas McCormick – Houston Astros

Chas discovered the stolen base this year and has racked up 19 steals. With the Astros the favs in the American League, you could do worse.

Bryson Stott – Philadelphia Phillies

With 31 steals this season, you have to wonder how many deals he would have if he got on base more often.

J.T. Realmuto – Philadelphia Phillies

Yes, J.T. is a catcher. But he is a catcher with 93 career steals.

Adolis García – Texas Rangers

Garcia didn’t run as much as in other seasons, but he remains above average in that department.

Gunnar Henderson – Baltimore Orioles

Not a significant base stealer or anything. But the electric rookie had 10 and is cocky enough to do it in the World Series.

Michael Taylor – Minnesota Twins

One of those guys who would probably be a top base stealer if they could just get on base.

Corbin Carroll – Arizona Diamondbacks

Corbin is an incredible base stealer. He is third in the MLB for steals with 54 in what is, in effect, his rookie season. And he was only caught stealing 5 times. He is also young and might be more eager to steal a base when it’s not needed, making him a good bet to steal that first base. However, the Diamondbacks are a long shot to make the World Series. But if they do…

Nick Castellanos – Philadelphia Phillies

He is no Acuna, but Nick had his best base-stealing season with an excellent ratio of 11 to 2 caught.

Byron Buxton – Minnesota Twins

Despite all the injuries, Byron is an excellent base runner who picks his spots carefully. He could probably run far more often than he does. But we are not even sure he will be healthy enough to play.

Jeremy Peña – Houston Astros

Peña gets caught surprisingly often. But he is an enthusiastic base runner.

Bryce Harper – Philadelphia Phillies

Not his primary weapon, but Bryce has always been willing to steal when needed. But he has gotten caught 46 times to 133 successful attempts.

Jake McCarthy – Arizona Diamondbacks

Jake is a menace on the basepaths. He gets caught a little too often for comfort but has stolen over 20 in the last two seasons. Still, he plays for the Diamondbacks, which considerably lowers his chances.

Gavin Lux – Los Angeles Dodgers

Gavin constantly improves in this aspect of his game.

Tier 3 of TacoFractor Candidates

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

Brandon Marsh – Philadelphia Phillies

The mountain man known as Brandon Marsh stole them this year and has looked more adventurous than usual.

Alex Bregman – Houston Astros

Has a good chance of reaching the World Series and playing every game. Alex can steal when a good opportunity presents itself, but not much more.

Ezequiel Duran – Texas Rangers

He could probably steal more than he does, but Duran doesn’t seem to like it.

Edmundo Sosa – Philadelphia Phillies

When Edmund picks his spot, he has been known to gain a base in a tight place.  

Royce Lewis – Minnesota Twins

With six steals this year, he is starting to gain confidence.

Edouard Julien – Minnesota Twins

Julien’s breakout season has included a steal here and there.  

Corey Seager – Texas Rangers

Seager can do many things, but stealing bases is not chief among them.

Cristian Pache – Philadelphia Phillies

This young player has proven very ineffective on the basepaths. But that hasn’t stopped him from trying.

Rhys Hoskins – Philadelphia Phillies

Now and then, this slugger tries to steal, but he really shouldn’t.

Max Kepler – Minnesota Twins

Kepler is known for his bonehead base running.

Alex Kirilloff – Minnesota Twins

Alex isn’t a great base stealer and is being heavily platooned in Minnesota anyway.

Nathaniel Lowe – Texas Rangers

Lowe seemed to lose interest or confidence in the basepaths in 2023 and stole a single base.

Kyle Schwarber – Philadelphia Phillies

Last year, he stole the first base of the World Series. But even if Philadelphia makes it, it’s less likely this year. He went from 11 stolen last season to zero in 2023.

Nick Gordon – Minnesota Twins

Stole 10 in his rookie season but struggled to stay healthy in 2023. Gordon may not play in the playoffs.

Christian Vázquez – Minnesota Twins

Christian used to try and steal occasionally but is over it.

Yordan Alvarez – Houston Astros

You don’t expect sluggers to steal much. But just how little spunk Alvarez has on the base paths is amazing.

Carlos Correa – Minnesota Twins

Came up as a fairly competent base runner but hasn’t stolen a base since 2019.

Orlando Arcia – Atlanta Braves

Early in his career, Orlando often tried (and failed) to steal. Now he seems over it.

Austin Riley – Atlanta Braves

An excellent player, but not a guy you want stealing, with only 5 successful attempts out of 9.

Eddie Rosario – Atlanta Braves

Eddie has been decent on the basepaths. But this year was atrocious, trying unsuccessfully 4 times while only stealing 3.

Ryan Mountcastle – Baltimore Orioles

I’m a big fan of this underrated player. But stealing ain’t his specialty.

Adam Frazier – Baltimore Orioles

Caught 32 times, with 52 successfully stolen, Adam runs more often than he probably should. But that means he might go for it when he shouldn’t.

Adley Rutschman – Baltimore Orioles

The catcher prodigy seemed surprisingly good at stealing last year. But in 2023, he has genuinely stunk up the basepaths.

Alec Bohm – Philadelphia Phillies

Stealing bases isn’t part of this young player’s repertoire.

Anthony Santander – Baltimore Orioles

Can steal the occasional base, but not much more.

Austin Hays – Baltimore Orioles

A wrong base stealer who probably goes for it more often than he should.

Ramón Urías – Baltimore Orioles

Doesn’t run much, and for good reason.

Josh Rojas – Arizona Diamondbacks

Josh can steal. He had 24 this year without getting caught. But he plays for the ultimate longshot.

José Abreu – Houston Astros

Unfortunately, José is really in decline. And he was never much of a stealer to begin with. I doubt the Astros will be running him much.

Christian Walker – Arizona Diamondbacks

Walker was never much of a threat in this regard. But he has gotten into it this year, stealing 11 without getting caught even once.

Josh Smith – Texas Rangers

We don’t know how many at-bats Smith will get. But probably not many.

Max Muncy – Los Angeles Dodgers

He tried to steal three times in 2023. Max was caught out twice.

J.D. Martinez – Los Angeles Dodgers

J.D. was never much of a base runner. Now, he has slowed down even more.

Trayce Thompson – Los Angeles Dodgers

Catchers won’t be losing any sleep over Trayce.

Matt Olson – Atlanta Braves

Even for a slugger, Matt rarely tries to steal. During his jaw-dropping 2023 season, Olson only tried to steal once.

Michael Brantley – Houston Astros

There was a time when Michael was an above-average base stealer. That time is gone.

Martín Maldonado – Houston Astros

A 37-year-old catcher? Yes, please!

Josh Harrison – Philadelphia Phillies

This was the first season in Harrison’s career where he didn’t steal a single base.

Tier 4 Of TacoFractor Candidates

Josh Jung – Texas Rangers

That one stolen base in 2023 isn’t a good sign.

Mitch Garver – Texas Rangers

Mitch doesn’t steal bases like a stereotypical catcher.

Vaughn Grissom – Atlanta Braves

He hasn’t stolen a base this year or been particularly effective. He also may not be on the roster.

Sean Murphy – Atlanta Braves

The Braves have a good shot of getting there. But Sean has 1 stolen base over 5 seasons.

Gabriel Moreno – Arizona Diamondbacks

Moreno is a catcher but young and occasionally likes to steal. Still, Arizona isn’t likely to get far. He also got caught 25% of the time.

Ketel Marte – Arizona Diamondbacks

A power hitter who steals the occasional base. He also gets caught around 25% of the time. Add his lack of chops to the team he is playing in, and this is not a good TacoFractor to get.

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – Arizona Diamondbacks

Though Lordes is in his prime, he is a power guy, not a speed guy. In 2022, he was caught stealing more often than he successfully took a base. And, of course, Arizona is a long shot anyway.

Evan Longoria – Arizona Diamondbacks

The 37-year-old hasn’t stolen a base since 2021. He hasn’t stolen over 10 a season since 2010. As a Diamondback, he is one of the most extended shots to win you free tacos.

Alek Thomas – Arizona Diamondbacks

Alek isn’t great at hitting or stealing.

Nick Ahmed – Arizona Diamondbacks

Nick doesn’t get on base much. And when he does, he can’t steal.

Braden Shewmake – Atlanta Braves

It looks pretty doubtful he will be on the roster.

Kyle Stowers – Baltimore Orioles

Won’t be on the roster.

Dominic Fletcher – Arizona Diamondbacks

Why is there a TacoFractor for Dominic even though he was sent down to the minors? Unclear.

Miguel Vargas – Los Angeles

Probably will not play.

Michael Busch – Los Angeles Dodgers

This kid is in the Busch league.

Korey Lee – Houston Astros

He looks unlikely to be on the roster.

Jose Miranda – Minnesota Twins

Jose suffered a season-ending injury.

The Wild Card

The best card you can get is the Wild Card. There are around 9 cards for each team, which I assume was meant to focus on the likely lineup.

However, as we have seen in this list, it includes many bench players, injured players, and even players who very predictably did not make the final roster. Therefore, the lineup of the teams in the World Series could include as many as 4 players without a TacoFractor.

That means if you get a Wild Card, you are guaranteed to have several players with a chance to steal a base. Meanwhile, a card of any single player, even Ronald Acuna, doesn’t guarantee a single player a chance to steal a base in the World Series.

Everyone knows this. That is why Wild cards are the most valuable ones among the refractors. There are currently none for sale, but they would probably go for close to $15,000.

Are TacoFractors a good investment?

The truth is, they aren’t –Unless you think they will be worth much money after the playoffs. We are seeing the players still in the running, selling for massive amounts, like the $1,500 Alec Bohm card. And he is not exactly a favorite to steal that first base. Meanwhile, Corbin Carroll, unlikely to make it to the World Series, is selling for $6,250 on eBay.

If you really want the best chance/value to get $15,000 Taco Bell gift card, a good bet is to look at our Tier 1 candidates and try to find the cheapest TacoFractor your can find.

Of course, the x-factor here is how much these cards will be worth after the World Series is over, and most of these do not win anything. That depends on whether these make a cultural impact. Because a /5 card for a veteran isn’t worth all that much. And the taco symbols seem pretty hideous to me.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

Final thoughts on how to approach the value of a TacoFractor

We tried to give you some pointers on who will steal that first base in the World Series. After all, we are heavily invested in trying to get you some tacos. But remember, baseball is anything but predictable.

In 2022, the first stolen base in the World Series was taken by Kyle Schwarber. Yes, a big slugger playing for a team no one expected to reach that stage. So, please take all of our advice with a grain of salt. And speaking of salt, watch your sodium level if you win $15,000 worth of Taco Bell.

Check the latest prices on Tacofractors on eBay

TacoFractor Chrome Set Checklist

200 cards. Serial numbered #/5.
Inserted in 2023 Topps Chrome Baseball packs.
Odds – 1:8,412 Hobby packs; 1:3,689 Hobby Jumbo packs; 1:14,628 Blaster packs; 1:12,258 Monster Box packs; 1:274 Hobby Breaker Delight packs.

TF-1 Mike Trout – Los Angeles Angels
TF-2 Logan O’Hoppe – Los Angeles Angels
TF-3 Brandon Drury – Los Angeles Angels
TF-4 Gio Urshela – Los Angeles Angels
TF-5 Hunter Renfroe – Los Angeles Angels
TF-6 Jared Walsh – Los Angeles Angels
TF-7 Corbin Carroll – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-8 Evan Longoria – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-9 Lourdes Gurriel Jr. – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-10 Jake McCarthy – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-11 Ketel Marte – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-12 Nick Ahmed – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-13 Michael Harris II – Atlanta Braves
TF-14 Sean Murphy – Atlanta Braves
TF-15 Vaughn Grissom – Atlanta Braves
TF-16 Ozzie Albies – Atlanta Braves
TF-17 Eddie Rosario – Atlanta Braves
TF-18 Matt Olson – Atlanta Braves
TF-19 Adley Rutschman – Baltimore Orioles
TF-20 Cedric Mullins – Baltimore Orioles
TF-21 Austin Hays – Baltimore Orioles
TF-22 Jorge Mateo – Baltimore Orioles
TF-23 Adam Frazier – Baltimore Orioles
TF-24 Ramón Urías – Baltimore Orioles
TF-25 Masataka Yoshida – Boston Red Sox
TF-26 Rafael Devers – Boston Red Sox
TF-27 Christian Arroyo – Boston Red Sox
TF-28 Adam Duvall – Boston Red Sox
TF-29 Jarren Duran – Boston Red Sox
TF-30 Enrique Hernández – Boston Red Sox
TF-31 Seiya Suzuki – Chicago Cubs
TF-32 Christopher Morel – Chicago Cubs
TF-33 Nelson Velázquez – Chicago Cubs
TF-34 Ian Happ – Chicago Cubs
TF-35 Nico Hoerner – Chicago Cubs
TF-36 Nick Madrigal – Chicago Cubs
TF-37 Luis Robert – Chicago White Sox
TF-38 Andrew Benintendi – Chicago White Sox
TF-39 Lenyn Sosa – Chicago White Sox
TF-40 Yoán Moncada – Chicago White Sox
TF-41 Elvis Andrus – Chicago White Sox
TF-42 Carlos Pérez – Chicago White Sox
TF-43 Jonathan India – Cincinnati Reds
TF-44 Jose Barrero – Cincinnati Reds
TF-45 Will Benson – Cincinnati Reds
TF-46 Wil Myers – Cincinnati Reds
TF-47 Spencer Steer – Cincinnati Reds
TF-48 Nick Senzel – Cincinnati Reds
TF-49 Bo Naylor – Cleveland Guardians
TF-50 Gabriel Arias – Cleveland Guardians
TF-51 José Ramírez – Cleveland Guardians
TF-52 Oscar Gonzalez – Cleveland Guardians
TF-53 Steven Kwan – Cleveland Guardians
TF-54 Myles Straw – Cleveland Guardians
TF-55 Charlie Blackmon – Colorado Rockies
TF-56 Ezequiel Tovar – Colorado Rockies
TF-57 Kris Bryant – Colorado Rockies
TF-58 Michael Toglia – Colorado Rockies
TF-59 Yonathan Daza – Colorado Rockies
TF-60 Elias Díaz – Colorado Rockies
TF-61 Miguel Cabrera – Detroit Tigers
TF-62 Spencer Torkelson – Detroit Tigers
TF-63 Eric Haase – Detroit Tigers
TF-64 Javier Báez – Detroit Tigers
TF-65 Zack Short – Detroit Tigers
TF-66 Matt Vierling – Detroit Tigers
TF-67 José Abreu – Houston Astros
TF-68 Jose Altuve – Houston Astros
TF-69 Alex Bregman – Houston Astros
TF-70 Jeremy Peña – Houston Astros
TF-71 Chas McCormick – Houston Astros
TF-72 Martín Maldonado – Houston Astros
TF-73 Bobby Witt Jr. – Kansas City Royals
TF-74 Nicky Lopez – Kansas City Royals
TF-75 Vinnie Pasquantino – Kansas City Royals
TF-76 Nick Pratto – Kansas City Royals
TF-77 Michael Massey – Kansas City Royals
TF-78 Hunter Dozier – Kansas City Royals
TF-79 Mookie Betts – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-80 Freddie Freeman – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-81 James Outman – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-82 Chris Taylor – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-83 J.D. Martinez – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-84 Trayce Thompson – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-85 Jazz Chisholm Jr. – Miami Marlins
TF-86 Jon Berti – Miami Marlins
TF-87 Joey Wendle – Miami Marlins
TF-88 Jordan Groshans – Miami Marlins
TF-89 Jacob Stallings – Miami Marlins
TF-90 Jorge Soler – Miami Marlins
TF-91 Willy Adames – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-92 Christian Yelich – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-93 Brian Anderson – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-94 Jesse Winker – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-95 Keston Hiura – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-96 William Contreras – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-97 Byron Buxton – Minnesota Twins
TF-98 Jose Miranda – Minnesota Twins
TF-99 Royce Lewis – Minnesota Twins
TF-100 Christian Vázquez – Minnesota Twins

TF-101 Max Kepler – Minnesota Twins
TF-102 Michael Taylor – Minnesota Twins
TF-103 Francisco Álvarez – New York Mets
TF-104 Pete Alonso – New York Mets
TF-105 Mark Vientos – New York Mets
TF-106 Mark Canha – New York Mets
TF-107 Brandon Nimmo – New York Mets
TF-108 Eduardo Escobar – New York Mets
TF-109 Aaron Judge – New York Yankees
TF-110 Giancarlo Stanton – New York Yankees
TF-111 Harrison Bader – New York Yankees
TF-112 Oswald Peraza – New York Yankees
TF-113 Isiah Kiner-Falefa – New York Yankees
TF-114 Aaron Hicks – New York Yankees
TF-115 Shea Langeliers – Oakland Athletics
TF-116 JJ Bleday – Oakland Athletics
TF-117 Nick Allen – Oakland Athletics
TF-118 Conner Capel – Oakland Athletics
TF-119 Cristian Pache – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-120 Seth Brown – Oakland Athletics
TF-121 Bryce Harper – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-122 Nick Castellanos – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-123 Kyle Schwarber – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-124 Rhys Hoskins – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-125 J.T. Realmuto – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-126 Edmundo Sosa – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-127 Oneil Cruz – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-128 Bryan Reynolds – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-129 Andrew McCutchen – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-130 Canaan Smith-Njigba – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-131 Liover Peguero – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-132 Austin Hedges – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-133 Juan Soto – San Diego Padres
TF-134 Xander Bogaerts – San Diego Padres
TF-135 Trent Grisham – San Diego Padres
TF-136 Ha-Seong Kim – San Diego Padres
TF-137 Austin Nola – San Diego Padres
TF-138 José Azocar – San Diego Padres
TF-139 Joc Pederson – San Francisco Giants
TF-140 Wilmer Flores – San Francisco Giants
TF-141 Mitch Haniger – San Francisco Giants
TF-142 Michael Conforto – San Francisco Giants
TF-143 Heliot Ramos – San Francisco Giants
TF-144 LaMonte Wade Jr. – San Francisco Giants
TF-145 J.P. Crawford – Seattle Mariners
TF-146 Kolten Wong – Seattle Mariners
TF-147 Eugenio Suárez – Seattle Mariners
TF-148 Teoscar Hernández – Seattle Mariners
TF-149 Taylor Trammell – Seattle Mariners
TF-150 Jarred Kelenic – Seattle Mariners
TF-151 Paul Goldschmidt – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-152 Nolan Gorman – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-153 Brendan Donovan – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-154 Willson Contreras – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-155 Dylan Carlson – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-156 Tyler O’Neill – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-157 Wander Franco – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-158 Francisco Mejía – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-159 Vidal Bruján – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-160 Josh Lowe – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-161 Manuel Margot – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-162 Jonathan Aranda – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-163 Marcus Semien – Texas Rangers
TF-164 Nathaniel Lowe – Texas Rangers
TF-165 Ezequiel Duran – Texas Rangers
TF-166 Josh Smith – Texas Rangers
TF-167 Adolis García – Texas Rangers
TF-168 Bubba Thompson – Texas Rangers
TF-169 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-170 George Springer – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-171 Daulton Varsho – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-172 Whit Merrifield – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-173 Santiago Espinal – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-174 Alejandro Kirk – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-175 Joey Meneses – Washington Nationals
TF-176 Jeter Downs – Washington Nationals
TF-177 Alex Call – Washington Nationals
TF-178 CJ Abrams – Washington Nationals
TF-179 Keibert Ruiz – Washington Nationals
TF-180 Jeimer Candelario – Washington Nationals
TF-181 David Fletcher – Los Angeles Angels
TF-182 Korey Lee – Houston Astros
TF-183 Anthony Volpe – New York Yankees
TF-184 Gavin Lux – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-185 Josh Bell – Cleveland Guardians
TF-186 Yasmani Grandal – Chicago White Sox
TF-187 Tommy Pham – New York Mets
TF-188 Josh Donaldson – New York Yankees
TF-189 Josh Harrison – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-190 Carlos Santana – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-191 Nelson Cruz – San Diego Padres
TF-192 Paul DeJong – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-193 Jose Siri – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-194 Brandon Belt – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-195 Trevor Story – Boston Red Sox
TF-196 Oscar Colás – Chicago White Sox
TF-197 David Villar – San Francisco Giants
TF-198 Mitch Garver – Texas Rangers
TF-199 Dylan Moore – Seattle Mariners
TF-200 Tyrone Taylor – Milwaukee Brewers

TacoFractor Cosmic Chrome Set checklist

100 cards. Serial numbered #/5.

Inserted in 2023 Topps Cosmic Chrome packs.

Odds – 1:1,929 Hobby packs.

TF-201 Julio Rodríguez – Seattle Mariners
TF-202 Shohei Ohtani – Los Angeles Angels
TF-203 Taylor Ward – Los Angeles Angels
TF-204 Jo Adell – Los Angeles Angels
TF-205 Anthony Rendon – Los Angeles Angels
TF-206 Gabriel Moreno – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-207 Alek Thomas – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-208 Christian Walker – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-209 Josh Rojas – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-210 Ronald Acuña Jr. – Atlanta Braves
TF-211 Austin Riley – Atlanta Braves
TF-212 Orlando Arcia – Atlanta Braves
TF-213 Gunnar Henderson – Baltimore Orioles
TF-214 Ryan Mountcastle – Baltimore Orioles
TF-215 Kyle Stowers – Baltimore Orioles
TF-216 Anthony Santander – Baltimore Orioles
TF-217 Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox
TF-218 Alex Verdugo – Boston Red Sox
TF-219 Justin Turner – Boston Red Sox
TF-220 Cody Bellinger – Chicago Cubs
TF-221 Dansby Swanson – Chicago Cubs
TF-222 Trey Mancini – Chicago Cubs
TF-223 Patrick Wisdom – Chicago Cubs
TF-224 Tim Anderson – Chicago White Sox
TF-225 Eloy Jiménez – Chicago White Sox
TF-226 Corey Dickerson – Washington Nationals
TF-227 Andrew Vaughn – Chicago White Sox
TF-228 Joey Votto – Cincinnati Reds
TF-229 Michael Busch – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-230 TJ Friedl – Cincinnati Reds
TF-231 Matt Chapman – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-232 Amed Rosario – Cleveland Guardians
TF-233 Andrés Giménez – Cleveland Guardians
TF-234 Tyler Freeman – Cleveland Guardians
TF-235 Luis García – Washington Nationals
TF-236 Nolan Jones – Colorado Rockies
TF-237 Dominic Fletcher – Arizona Diamondbacks
TF-238 Victor Robles – Washington Nationals
TF-239 Ryan McMahon – Colorado Rockies
TF-240 Riley Greene – Detroit Tigers
TF-241 Braden Shewmake – Atlanta Braves
TF-242 Akil Baddoo – Detroit Tigers
TF-243 Kyle Tucker – Houston Astros
TF-244 Yordan Alvarez – Houston Astros
TF-245 Michael Brantley – Houston Astros
TF-246 Drew Waters – Kansas City Royals
TF-247 Salvador Perez – Kansas City Royals
TF-248 Brice Turang – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-249 Miguel Vargas – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-250 Miguel Amaya – Chicago Cubs

TF-251 Max Muncy – Los Angeles Dodgers
TF-252 Luis Arraez – Miami Marlins
TF-253 Jordan Walker – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-254 Avisaíl García – Miami Marlins
TF-255 Jerar Encarnación – Miami Marlins
TF-256 Garrett Mitchell – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-257 Matt Mervis – Chicago Cubs
TF-258 Luis Urías – Milwaukee Brewers
TF-259 Carlos Correa – Minnesota Twins
TF-260 Alex Kirilloff – Minnesota Twins
TF-261 Nick Gordon – Minnesota Twins
TF-262 Matt McLain – Cincinnati Reds
TF-263 Brett Baty – New York Mets
TF-264 Francisco Lindor – New York Mets
TF-265 Jeff McNeil – New York Mets
TF-266 Starling Marte – New York Mets
TF-267 Gleyber Torres – New York Yankees
TF-268 Oswaldo Cabrera – New York Yankees
TF-269 Casey Schmitt – San Francisco Giants
TF-270 DJ LeMahieu – New York Yankees
TF-271 Esteury Ruiz – Oakland Athletics
TF-272 Tony Kemp – Oakland Athletics
TF-273 Brayan Rocchio – Cleveland Guardians
TF-274 Trea Turner – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-275 Brandon Marsh – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-276 Bryson Stott – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-277 Alec Bohm – Philadelphia Phillies
TF-278 Ke’Bryan Hayes – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-279 Cal Mitchell – Pittsburgh Pirates
TF-280 Enmanuel Valdez – Boston Red Sox
TF-281 Manny Machado – San Diego Padres
TF-282 Fernando Tatis Jr. – San Diego Padres
TF-283 Jake Cronenworth – San Diego Padres
TF-284 Kevin Kiermaier – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-285 Edouard Julien – Minnesota Twins
TF-286 Mike Yastrzemski – San Francisco Giants
TF-287 Thairo Estrada – San Francisco Giants
TF-288 Ty France – Seattle Mariners
TF-289 Zach Neto – Los Angeles Angels
TF-290 A.J. Pollock – Seattle Mariners
TF-291 Nolan Arenado – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-292 Tommy Edman – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-293 Lars Nootbaar – St. Louis Cardinals
TF-294 Josh Jung – Texas Rangers
TF-295 Randy Arozarena – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-296 Brandon Lowe – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-297 Bo Bichette – Toronto Blue Jays
TF-298 Yandy Díaz – Tampa Bay Rays
TF-299 Corey Seager – Texas Rangers

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim

Shaiel Ben-Ephraim is the emeritus editor of Cardlines. He continues to write for several hobby outlets, including this one and Cardbase. He collects primarily vintage baseball and soccer and has a weird obsession with 1971 Topps.

In his spare time, Shaiel is sobbing into his bourbon when the Mets lose and playing Dungeons and Dragons. In a past life, Dr. Ben-Ephraim was a political science professor, journalist, and diplomat. But cards are more fun.
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