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Topps Fanatics & MLB To Release First MLB Debut Patch Cards With 2023 Topps Chrome Update

A player’s very first major league game is a beginning, for sure. But it’s also a destination, one that marks the culmination of a journey against nearly insurmountable odds.

Topps Fanatics and MLB have announced a new undertaking with MLB that will help make celebrating Major League debuts a one-of-a-kind collecting experience.

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October 26th Update: Rookie Debut Patch Cards Unveiled

On Wednesday, Topps unveiled the design of the 2023 Topps Chrome Update Rookie Debut Patches, with most collectors feeling the design matches the exclusive nature of the cards.

2023 Topps Chrome Update rookie debut patch example

The “MLB Debut” patches really pop in this design with the mostly white card, surrounded by gold. The on-card autograph is then proudly displayed below the patch with the 1/1 insignia on the front.

What 2023 Topps Update Chrome Rookie patches in the release?

A full list of autographed rookie debut patches in 2023 Topps Chrome Update are as follows:

Rookie Debut Patches

wdt_ID Card Player Team
1 RDP-AC Austin Cox Kansas City Royals®
2 RDP-AM Andruw Monasterio Milwaukee Brewers™
3 RDP-AV Anthony Volpe New York Yankees®
4 RDP-BB Braden Bristo Tampa Bay Rays™
5 RDP-BC Blair Calvo Colorado Rockies™
6 RDP-BD Brenton Doyle Colorado Rockies™
7 RDP-BH Brent Headrick Minnesota Twins®
8 RDP-BJ Ben Joyce Angels®
9 RDP-BM Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers®
10 RDP-BMR Bryce Miller Seattle Mariners™
11 RDP-BP Brandon Pfaadt Arizona Diamondbacks®
12 RDP-BPE Blake Perkins Milwaukee Brewers™
13 RDP-BR Brayan Rocchio Cleveland Guardians™
14 RDP-BS Braden Shewmake Atlanta Braves™
15 RDP-BSA Blake Sabol San Francisco Giants®
16 RDP-BSU Brett Sullivan San Diego Padres™
17 RDP-BT Brice Turang Milwaukee Brewers™
18 RDP-BW Brandon Williamson Cincinnati Reds®
19 RDP-BWI Brett Wisely San Francisco Giants®
20 RDP-CB Cody Bradford Texas Rangers®
21 RDP-CBO Cody Bolton Pittsburgh Pirates®
22 RDP-CJ Corey Julks Houston Astros®
23 RDP-CL Casey Legumina Cincinnati Reds®
24 RDP-CS Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants®
25 RDP-CSA César Salazar Houston Astros®
26 RDP-CV Carlos Vargas Arizona Diamondbacks®
27 RDP-DD Dylan Dodd Atlanta Braves™
28 RDP-DF David Fry Cleveland Guardians™
29 RDP-DFL Dominic Fletcher Arizona Diamondbacks®
30 RDP-DM Drew Maggi Pittsburgh Pirates®
31 RDP-EJ Edouard Julien Minnesota Twins®
32 RDP-EP Eury Pérez Miami Marlins®
33 RDP-ES Eduardo Salazar Cincinnati Reds®
34 RDP-EV Enmanuel Valdez Boston Red Sox®
35 RDP-GA Grant Anderson Texas Rangers®
36 RDP-GAC Garrett Acton Oakland Athletics™
37 RDP-GR Grayson Rodriguez Baltimore Orioles®
38 RDP-GS Gavin Stone Los Angeles Dodgers®
39 RDP-GSO George Soriano Miami Marlins®
40 RDP-GV Gus Varland Milwaukee Brewers™
41 RDP-GZ Guillermo Zuñiga St. Louis Cardinals®
42 RDP-HH Hogan Harris Oakland Athletics™
43 RDP-HHA Hobie Harris Washington Nationals®
44 RDP-JA Jake Alu Washington Nationals®
45 RDP-JB Jhony Brito New York Yankees®
46 RDP-JC José Caballero Seattle Mariners™
47 RDP-JF J.P. France Houston Astros®
48 RDP-JH Jose Hernandez Pittsburgh Pirates®
49 RDP-JI Jake Irvin Washington Nationals®
50 RDP-JL Joe La Sorsa Tampa Bay Rays™
51 RDP-JLI Jeff Lindgren Miami Marlins®
52 RDP-JO Joey Ortiz Baltimore Orioles®
53 RDP-JS Jesse Scholtens Chicago White Sox®
54 RDP-JSH Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves™
55 RDP-JT Juan Then Seattle Mariners™
56 RDP-JWA Jordan Walker St. Louis Cardinals®
57 RDP-JWI Joey Wiemer Milwaukee Brewers™
58 RDP-KK Karl Kauffmann Colorado Rockies™
59 RDP-KKE Kevin Kelly Tampa Bay Rays™
60 RDP-KS Kodai Senga New York Mets®
61 RDP-LA Logan Allen Cleveland Guardians™
62 RDP-LE Lucas Erceg Oakland Athletics™
63 RDP-LM Luis Medina Oakland Athletics™
64 RDP-LS Levi Stoudt Cincinnati Reds®
65 RDP-MA Miguel Amaya Chicago Cubs®
66 RDP-MB Michael Busch Los Angeles Dodgers®
67 RDP-ME Mason Englert Detroit Tigers®
68 RDP-MM Matt McLain Cincinnati Reds®
69 RDP-MME Matt Mervis Chicago Cubs®
70 RDP-MMI Mason Miller Oakland Athletics™
71 RDP-MMO McKinley Moore Philadelphia Phillies®
72 RDP-MY Masataka Yoshida Boston Red Sox®
73 RDP-NL Nathan Lukes Toronto Blue Jays®
74 RDP-OC Oscar Colás Chicago White Sox®
75 RDP-PB Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants®
76 RDP-PBA Peyton Battenfield Cleveland Guardians™
77 RDP-RN Ryan Noda Oakland Athletics™
78 RDP-RP Riley Pint Colorado Rockies™
79 RDP-RV Randy Vásquez New York Yankees®
80 RDP-RW Ryan Walker San Francisco Giants®
81 RDP-SB Sam Bachman Angels®
82 RDP-SF Shintaro Fujinami Oakland Athletics™
83 RDP-SP Sammy Peralta Chicago White Sox®
84 RDP-TB Tanner Bibee Cleveland Guardians™
85 RDP-TBE Tristan Beck San Francisco Giants®
86 RDP-TBR Taj Bradley Tampa Bay Rays™
87 RDP-TC Tom Cosgrove San Diego Padres™
88 RDP-TH Tim Herrin Cleveland Guardians™
89 RDP-TW Thaddeus Ward Washington Nationals®
90 RDP-ZM Zach Muckenhirn New York Mets®
91 RDP-ZN Zach Neto Angels®
Card Player Team

What was announced?

Topps Fanatics, the exclusive manufacturer of licensed major league baseball cards, and MLB are partnering on new MLB Debut patches. Players will wear these patches during the game in which they make their major league debut. Calling out a player’s debut is a great idea in its own right, but it’s just the start.

After the player’s first game, the patch will be removed, authenticated, and sent to Topps Fanatics. The patch will make its way to an exclusive 1/1 MLB Debut Patch card and will find its first appearance in the 2023 Topps Chrome Update.

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Who has worn the Topps MLB Debut Patch?

On Opening Day 2023, a few key players wore the MLB Debut patch, including top prospects like the New York Yankees’ Anthony Volpe and St. Louis Cardinals’ Jordan Walker. Japanese imports like Kodai Senga of the New York Mets and Masataka Yoshida of the Boston Red Sox.

Also likely to wear the patch very soon are Colorado shortstop Ezequiel Tovar (#25 prospect), White Sox outfielder Oscar Colás (#85 prospect), and Atlanta starting pitcher Jared Shuster (Braves’ #1 prospect).

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When will we see 1/1 MLB Debut Patch Cards?

The first 1/1 MLB Debut Patch will hit shelves with the release for Topps Chrome Update, according to Ryan Cracknell on Twitter. The cards will also be autographed. 2023 Topps Chrome Update is scheduled to be released on November 15th.

While in some ways 1/1s are starting to feel a little less than special due to so many being released each year, they do remain popular with most collectors. Patch cards, especially if they are certified game used, are also a popular collectible.

So, it stands to reason that a 1/1 card that features a game-used patch should be quite popular with collectors. Add in the connection to a player’s debut game, and we likely have a winner.

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Other thoughts on 1/1 MLB Debut Patch Cards

Perhaps more important than how popular these cards will be with existing collectors is the potential for this agreement to expose non-collectors to the hobby. Think about it. Every player making their debut will wear the patch. It’ll be shown on TV, and the commentators are sure to mention the patch, the connection with Topps, and the rarity of 1/1 cards.

Since the announcement, we’ve already seen coverage from not just hobby sources, but major media outlets like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, the Boston Globe, and more.

This has the potential to expose more fans to the hobby, and hopefully, a few of them are drawn to the hobby and start collecting. That is the biggest potential win behind this new agreement, in my opinion.

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MLB Debut Patch

Final thoughts on 1/1 MLB Debut Patch Cards

Whether it’s the start of a long career or a late-season cup of coffee, a player’s major league debut is something to celebrate.

The latest news from Topps Fanatics and MLB offers collectors a unique new collectible to chase, and more importantly, will draw attention to card collecting among MLB fans.

Shop for 2023 Topps Chrome Update boxes on eBay

Mike D.

Mike D

Mike D. has collected cards for over 35 years, since he bought his first pack of Topps at the corner store in 1987. His fandom,  collecting interests, and contributions to Cardlines center around baseball in general and the Baseball Hall of Fame specifically.

Mike's collecting focus is centered on graded cards, mostly rookie cards, of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Lately, he's been enjoying dabbling in graded minor league cards. A collector/investor with a "buy and hold" approach, Mike takes the long-term view with his collection.
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