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A List Of Top Rookies With Rookie Debut Patches In 2023 Topps Chrome Update [Analysis and Tiers Updated]

topps chrome 2023 Update boxes

2023 Topps Chrome Update brings with it the final batch of 2023 Topps Chrome rookies, as well as the debut of 2023 Rookie Debut Patches.

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But who are the rookies in 2023 Topps Chrome Update? And which rookies are worth breaking for?

A Preview Of Topps Chrome Update 2023 And The Highly Anticipated Rookie Debut Patches

2023 Topps Chrome Update release

The release date for 2023 Topps Chrome update is scheduled for November 15, 2023 (subject to change). Previously released only in retail Megabox format that was exclusive to Target. This format persists in 2023, but is joined by a Hobby Box and Hobby Jumbo offerings.

Hobby Boxes will contain 24 packs per box of 4 cards while Jumbo boxes will contain 12 packs per box of 13 cards. Hobby cases will contain six boxes while Hobby Jumbo boxes will contain eight boxes.

Hobby boxes contain six base refractors and three Prism Refractors. Jumbo packs will include a base Refractor parallel in every pack.

Topps Chrome hobby boxes are preselling for $145 and Jumbo boxes for around $340.

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2023 Topps Chrome Update rookie debut patch

Bigger perhaps than the inclusion of any given rookie in 2023 Topps Chrome Update is the debut of “rookie debut” patch relic cards.

During the game in which they make their big league debut, players wore special debut patches on their uniform sleeves. After the game, these are collected and sent to Fanatics/Topps for inclusion on a unique 1/1 relic card. The addition of a signature makes the card an even more exciting collectible.

Topps Fanatics & MLB To Release First MLB Debut Patch Cards With 2023 Topps Chrome Update

Rookie Debut Patch cards are sure to be popular with collectors. While not a “true rookie card”, they are a unique collectible with a piece of the start of the player’s big league journey. It will be interesting to see how these do on the secondary market.

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Who should you be chasing in 2023 Topps Chrome Update?

The 1/1 MLB Debut RPA cards are the ones you should be chasing. Check out Mike’s detailed overview of these beautiful cards and keep reading for the players you should be chasing from this exclusive set!

As for the regular rookie checklist: the2023 Topps Chrome Update checklist is a more condensed version of the 2023 Topps Update one. There are no new rookies in the Chrome version. So, like the paper version, the rookie checklist is weak.

I’ve already detailed the rookies worth chasing in my 2023 Topps Update rookie review, so check that out for all the details. Here’s the shortened version:

  • Tier 1:
    • Eury Pérez
  • Tier 2:
    • Grayson Rodriguez
    • Zach Neto
    • Bobby Miller
    • Joey Wiemer

Keep reading for my analysis on the players with MLB Debut RPAs in 2023 Topps Chrome Update!

wdt_ID Card # Player Team Position Tier
1 RDP-AC Austin Cox Kansas City Royals P 4
2 RDP-AM Andruw Monasterio Milwaukee Brewers 2B/3B 4
3 RDP-AV Anthony Volpe New York Yankees SS 2
4 RDP-BB Braden Bristo Tampa Bay Rays P 4
5 RDP-BC Blair Calvo Colorado Rockies P 4
6 RDP-BD Brenton Doyle Colorado Rockies OF 4
7 RDP-BH Brent Headrick Minnesota Twins P 4
8 RDP-BJ Ben Joyce Los Angeles Angels P 3
9 RDP-BM Bobby Miller Los Angeles Dodgers P 2
10 RDP-BMR Bryce Miller Seattle Mariners P 3
11 RDP-BP Brandon Pfaadt Arizona Diamondbacks P 3
12 RDP-BPE Blake Perkins Milwaukee Brewers OF 4
13 RDP-BR Brayan Rocchio Cleveland Guardians SS/3B 3
14 RDP-BS Braden Shewmake Atlanta Braves SS 4
15 RDP-BSA Blake Sabol San Francisco Giants C/OF 4
16 RDP-BSU Brett Sullivan San Diego Padres C 4
17 RDP-BT Brice Turang Milwaukee Brewers 2B/SS 4
18 RDP-BW Brandon Williamson Cincinnati Reds P 4
19 RDP-BWI Brett Wisely San Francisco Giants 2B/OF 4
20 RDP-CB Cody Bradford Texas Rangers P 4
21 RDP-CBO Cody Bolton Pittsburgh Pirates P 4
22 RDP-CJ Corey Julks Houston Astros OF 4
23 RDP-CL Casey Legumina Cincinnati Reds P 4
24 RDP-CS Casey Schmitt San Francisco Giants IF 3
25 RDP-CSA César Salazar Houston Astros C 4
26 RDP-CV Carlos Vargas Arizona Diamondbacks P 4
27 RDP-DD Dylan Dodd Atlanta Braves P 4
28 RDP-DF David Fry Cleveland Guardians C/1B 4
29 RDP-DFL Dominic Fletcher Arizona Diamondbacks OF 3
30 RDP-DM Drew Maggi Pittsburgh Pirates 3B 4
31 RDP-EJ Edouard Julien Minnesota Twins 2B 3
32 RDP-EP Eury Pérez Miami Marlins P 1
33 RDP-ES Eduardo Salazar Cincinnati Reds P 4
34 RDP-EV Enmanuel Valdez Boston Red Sox 2B 4
35 RDP-GA Grant Anderson Texas Rangers P 4
36 RDP-GAC Garrett Acton Oakland Athletics P 4
37 RDP-GR Grayson Rodriguez Baltimore Orioles P 2
38 RDP-GS Gavin Stone Los Angeles Dodgers P 3
39 RDP-GSO George Soriano Miami Marlins P 4
40 RDP-GV Gus Varland Milwaukee Brewers P 4
41 RDP-GZ Guillermo Zuñiga St. Louis Cardinals P 4
42 RDP-HH Hogan Harris Oakland Athletics P 4
43 RDP-HHA Hobie Harris Washington Nationals P 4
44 RDP-JA Jake Alu Washington Nationals 2B/OF 4
45 RDP-JB Jhony Brito New York Yankees P 4
46 RDP-JC José Caballero Seattle Mariners 2B/SS 4
47 RDP-JF J.P. France Houston Astros P 4
48 RDP-JH Jose Hernandez Pittsburgh Pirates P 4
49 RDP-JI Jake Irvin Washington Nationals P 4
50 RDP-JL Joe La Sorsa Tampa Bay Rays P 4
51 RDP-JLI Jeff Lindgren Miami Marlins P 4
52 RDP-JO Joey Ortiz Baltimore Orioles IF 3
53 RDP-JS Jesse Scholtens Chicago White Sox P 4
54 RDP-JSH Jared Shuster Atlanta Braves P 4
55 RDP-JT Juan Then Seattle Mariners P 4
56 RDP-JWA Jordan Walker St. Louis Cardinals OF 1
57 RDP-JWI Joey Wiemer Milwaukee Brewers OF 2
58 RDP-KK Karl Kauffmann Colorado Rockies P 4
59 RDP-KKE Kevin Kelly Tampa Bay Rays P 4
60 RDP-KS Kodai Senga New York Mets P 3
61 RDP-LA Logan Allen Cleveland Guardians P 4
62 RDP-LE Lucas Erceg Oakland Athletics P 4
63 RDP-LM Luis Medina Oakland Athletics P 4
64 RDP-LS Levi Stoudt Cincinnati Reds P 4
65 RDP-MA Miguel Amaya Chicago Cubs C 3
66 RDP-MB Michael Busch Los Angeles Dodgers 3B 3
67 RDP-ME Mason Englert Detroit Tigers P 4
68 RDP-MM Matt McLain Cincinnati Reds 2B/SS 3
69 RDP-MME Matt Mervis Chicago Cubs 1B 3
70 RDP-MMI Mason Miller Oakland Athletics P 3
71 RDP-MMO McKinley Moore Philadelphia Phillies P 4
72 RDP-MY Masataka Yoshida Boston Red Sox OF 3
73 RDP-NL Nathan Lukes Toronto Blue Jays OF 4
74 RDP-OC Oscar Colás Chicago White Sox OF 4
75 RDP-PB Patrick Bailey San Francisco Giants C 4
76 RDP-PBA Peyton Battenfield Cleveland Guardians P 4
77 RDP-RN Ryan Noda Oakland Athletics 1B 4
78 RDP-RP Riley Pint Colorado Rockies P 4
79 RDP-RV Randy Vásquez New York Yankees P 4
80 RDP-RW Ryan Walker San Francisco Giants P 4
81 RDP-SB Sam Bachman Los Angeles Angels P 4
82 RDP-SF Shintaro Fujinami Oakland Athletics P 4
83 RDP-SP Sammy Peralta Chicago White Sox P 4
84 RDP-TB Tanner Bibee Cleveland Guardians P 3
85 RDP-TBE Tristan Beck San Francisco Giants P 4
86 RDP-TBR Taj Bradley Tampa Bay Rays P 3
87 RDP-TC Tom Cosgrove San Diego Padres P 4
88 RDP-TH Tim Herrin Cleveland Guardians P 4
89 RDP-TW Thaddeus Ward Washington Nationals P 4
90 RDP-ZM Zach Muckenhirn New York Mets P 4
91 RDP-ZN Zach Neto Los Angeles Angels SS 2
Card # Player Team Position Tier

Tier 1: MLB Debut RPAs worth ripping for in 2023 Topps Chrome Update

Jordan Walker

St. Louis Cardinals outfielder

According to Baseball America:

  • St. Louis Cardinals #1 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #4 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 70 | Run: 55 | Field: 50 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 70
Jordan Walker’s Rookie Stats

Jordan Walker began his big league career with a 12-game hit streak, including collecting his first hit in his MLB debut. His rookie year was somewhat of a rollercoaster: the hit streak, a small slump, a surprise demotion, then returning with a bang. Walker had a stellar June, slashing .338/.427/.549 with three doubles and four home runs. Then he struggled in July before finishing the year strong. Although it wasn’t the breakout rookie season everyone would have hoped, Walker displayed his ability to make hard contact and the power potential that makes him a 40-homer threat.

Few players flash upside as immense as Walker’s…Equipped with plus power and average or better plate skills, Walker could develop into a perennial all-star.

Baseball America

Eury Pérez

Miami Marlins pitcher

According to Baseball America:

  • Marlins #1 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #7 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Fastball: 70 | Curveball: 60 | Slider: 60 | Changeup: 60 | Control: 65 | Overall: 70
Eury Pérez Rookie Stats

Eury Pérez is an ace in the making. Very rarely do I put pitchers in the first tier, but I’m confident with this decision. Pérez’s fastball sits upper-90s and flirts with triple digits, and his slider and curveball are both devastating pitches that routinely wind up on Pitching Ninja. The 20-year-old has electrifying stuff that looks eerily smooth coming from a 6-foot-8 frame. He has the talent to be that rare pitcher the hobby cares about. Seriously.

Perez’s allure is simple: He combines a powerful four-pitch mix with athleticism and command that ranks as exceptional for anyone but jumps off the page for someone of his size… Perez has the ceiling of a true ace.

He’s the clear-cut best prospect in Miami’s system and a candidate for the sport’s best pitching prospect.

Baseball America

Tier 2: MLB Debut RPAs we’re cautiously optimistic about in 2023 Topps Chrome Update

Anthony Volpe

New York Yankees shortstop

According to Baseball America:

  • New York Yankees #1 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #14 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 60 | Run: 55 | Field: 50 | Arm: 45 | Overall: 65
Anthony Volpe’s Rookie Stats

Anthony Volpe’s rookie season was pretty disappointing. After a strong spring and the Yankees’ naming Volpe their 2023 Opening Day shortstop, there was a ton of hype from both Yankees fans and investors in the hobby. After an awfully slow start, the 22-year-old seemed to find his swing in August (.256/.333/.556) before completely falling apart in September (.163/.226/.255). A few glaring issues were exposed for Volpe in his rookie season: his struggles against right-handed pitchers and difficulty against breaking and offspeed pitches. I’m not out on Volpe, but I’m also not impressed with what I saw in 2023.

Volpe is the purest hitter in the Yankees’ system, a title he comes by through an extremely mature approach that allows him to pick through pitches he doesn’t want until he gets something he can impact. Then he unleashes a powerful yet compact swing that produces hard line drives thanks to a swing path that keeps the barrel in the zone for a long time.

Baseball America

Zach Neto

Los Angeles Angels shortstop

According to Baseball America:

  • Angels #2 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #53 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 50 | Speed: 55 | Field: 55 | Arm: 60 | Overall: 55
Zach Neto’s Rookie Stats

Zach Neto is a player with a high floor but more moderate ceiling. He doesn’t have the power/speed upside of other young shortstops, but his plus hit tool allows him to make the most of average power. Scouts project him as a high average hitter with 20-homer potential. Neto missed significant time with oblique and back injuries during his rookie season, and he didn’t look right when he returned. I’m excited to see what a fully healthy Neto looks like in 2024.

Neto has a chance to be the Angels’ long-term solution at shortstop and has the bat to be an above-average regular even if he moves positions.

Baseball America

Joey Wiemer

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder

According to Baseball America:

  • Brewers #3 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Hit: 30 | Power: 70 | Speed: 60 | Field: 55 | Arm: 80 | Overall: 55
Joey Wiemer’s Rookie Stats

I felt like the Kombucha Girl meme when researching Joey Wiemer. He has boom-or-bust potential, making him a risky player to invest in. His rookie numbers were underwhelming; Wiemer whiffed and struck out a ton, got fooled on breaking pitches, and hit too many balls on the ground. All these things validate the 30-grade hit tool. But then you see him crush a 432 ft. home run and dream about the lethal power/speed potential. Wiemer’s an intriguing long-shot prospect that I can’t help but get excited about.

There’s still a wide range of outcomes for Wiemer, but after Jackson Chourio, he has arguably the highest upside in the Brewers’ farm system.

Baseball America

Bobby Miller

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher

According to Baseball America:

  • Dodgers #2 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #20 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Fastball: 70 | Curveball: 50 | Slider: 70 | Changeup: 60 | Control: 50 | Overall: 65
Bobby Miller’s Rookie Stats

Bobby Miller and Grayson Rodriguez (below) make it into the second tier because of the rather weak class of 2023 Topps Update rookies. Miller’s sinker and four-seam fastball were both elite in 2023, generating a lot of whiffs both in and out of the zone. He has future ace potential, but I still prefer Eury Pérez.

Miller is an intimidating physical presence at 6-foot-5, 220 pounds and has the stuff to match. His high-octane fastball explodes out of his hand at 97-99 mph and routinely touches 100-101… He is still learning how to properly sequence his pitches and can be too intense at times…

Miller has the stuff, physicality and control to be a frontline starter similar to Brandon Woodruff if he can polish his mental approach.

Baseball America

Grayson Rodriguez

Baltimore Orioles pitcher

According to Baseball America:

  • Orioles #2 prospect in 2023
  • MLB #6 prospect in 2023
  • Grades: Fastball: 70 | Curveball: 55 | Slider: 70 | Changeup: 60 | Control: 65 | Overall: 70
Grayson Rodriguez’s Rookie Stats

Grayson Rodriguez’s rookie season wasn’t as seamless as his success in the minor leagues was. He struggled to throw strikes at first, leading to a demotion to Triple-A. He threw more strikes and started to dominate opposing lineups. In a mid-September start against the Rays, Rodriguez pitched eight scoreless innings, allowing five hits, no walks, and striking out seven. If I’m choosing one pitcher to invest in, though, I’m going with Eury Pérez.

Rodriguez has top-of-the-rotation potential and a mid-rotation floor based on his stuff, pitch mix and mentality.

Baseball America

Tier 3: MLB Debut RPAs with a higher risk than the potential investment reward in 2023 Topps Chrome Update

Ben Joyce, Los Angeles Angels P: Not even Joyce’s 105.5 mph fastball can get me excited enough to warrant a spot in the second tier. He looks bound for the bullpen.

Bryce Miller, Seattle Mariners P: Miller has two plus pitches in his four-seam and slider, but his best skill right now seems to be limiting walks and that isn’t all that exciting.

Brandon Pfaadt, Arizona Diamondbacks P: Pfaadt has been incredible in the postseason, but I still see him as a mid-rotation starter.

Brayan Rocchio, Cleveland Guardians SS/3B: Rocchio’s best skill is his contact ability, but his fringe-average power doesn’t move the needle for investors.

Casey Schmitt, San Francisco Giants IF: Schmitt put up impressive numbers in the minor leagues but struggled in 90 big league games. He has some upside but not enough to make me comfortable investing in.

Dominic Fletcher, Arizona Diamondbacks OF: Fletcher put together a solid month in the big leagues but for now he looks more like a scrappy utility player than solid regular.

Edouard Julien, Minnesota Twins 2B: Julien didn’t have an everyday role in 2023, hitting only against right-handed pitchers. He hit really well, slashing .263/.381/.459 with a 136 wRC+. This seems like enough to warrant at-bats against left-handed pitchers, but we’ll see how much his role changes in 2024.

Gavin Stone, Los Angeles Dodgers P: Stone is overshadowed by fellow rookie pitcher Bobby Miller. I see Stone as more of a mid-rotation starter, thus not a great investment option.

Joey Ortiz, Baltimore Orioles IF: Despite elite exit velocities and good plate discipline, Ortiz might not hit enough to be an everyday player. There are better options on the Orioles.

Kodai Senga, New York Mets P: I love Senga and his ghost fork, so I hate to put him in the third tier. He was fantastic in his 11 professional seasons in Japan and he’s currently in his prime. I feel like that makes him a tough player for investors to get excited about.

Miguel Amaya, Chicago Cubs C: Amaya was a top international prospect in 2015 but dealt with significant elbow and foot injuries. With all the young talent at the catching position, Amaya has fallen down the list.

Michael Busch, Los Angeles Dodgers 3B: Busch has been compared to Max Muncy, which isn’t really a compliment to investors.

Matt McLain, Cincinnati Reds 2B/SS: McLain is “unlikely to be a regular All-Star, but he should be a solid big leaguer,” per Baseball America.

Matt Mervis, Chicago Cubs 1B: A power-only first baseman doesn’t offer a huge amount of investing upside.

Mason Miller, Oakland Athletics P: Despite a good fastball/slider combo, Miller might end up in the bullpen if he can’t develop a solid third pitch.

Masataka Yoshida, Boston Red Sox OF: Coming off the World Baseball Classic, Yoshida put together an impressive rookie season in MLB. I envision him being one of the more popular players in the third tier, but not sure he’s as popular as second tier players like Volpe or Neto.

Tanner Bibee, Cleveland Guardians P: Bibee flourished in the Guardians’ pitching factory, but he’s not better than the pitchers in the top two tiers.

Taj Bradley, Tampa Bay Rays P: Bradley looks like a future mid-rotation starter.

Tier 4: MLB Debut RPAs with little to no investment value in 2023 Topps Chrome Update

Austin Cox, Kansas City Royals P

Andruw Monasterio, Milwaukee Brewers 2B/3B

Braden Bristo, Tampa Bay Rays P

Blair Calvo, Colorado Rockies P

Brenton Doyle, Colorado Rockies OF

Brent Headrick, Minnesota Twins P

Blake Perkins, Milwaukee Brewers OF

Blake Sabol, San Francisco Giants C/OF

Braden Shewmake, Atlanta Braves SS

Brett Sullivan, San Diego Padres C

Brice Turang, Milwaukee Brewers 2B/SS

Brandon Williamson, Cincinnati Reds P

Brett Wisely, San Francisco Giants 2B/OF

Cody Bradford, Texas Rangers P

Cody Bolton, Pittsburgh Pirates P

Corey Julks, Houston Astros OF

Casey Legumina, Cincinnati Reds P

César Salazar, Houston Astros C

Carlos Vargas, Arizona Diamondbacks P

Dylan Dodd, Atlanta Braves P

David Fry, Cleveland Guardians C/1B

Drew Maggi, Pittsburgh Pirates 3B

Eduardo Salazar, Cincinnati Reds P

Enmanuel Valdez, Boston Red Sox 2B

Grant Anderson, Texas Rangers P

Garrett Acton, Oakland Athletics P

George Soriano, Miami Marlins P

Gus Varland, Milwaukee Brewers P

Guillermo Zuñiga, St. Louis Cardinals P

Hogan Harris, Oakland Athletics P

Hobie Harris, Washington Nationals P

Jake Alu, Washington Nationals 2B/OF

Jhony Brito, New York Yankees P

José Caballero, Seattle Mariners 2B/SS

J.P. France, Houston Astros P

Jose Hernandez, Pittsburgh Pirates P

Jake Irvin, Washington Nationals P

Joe La Sorsa, Tampa Bay Rays P

Jeff Lindgren, Miami Marlins P

Jesse Scholtens, Chicago White Sox P

Jared Shuster, Atlanta Braves P

Juan Then, Seattle Mariners P

Karl Kauffmann, Colorado Rockies P

Kevin Kelly, Tampa Bay Rays P

Logan Allen, Cleveland Guardians P

Lucas Erceg, Oakland Athletics P

Luis Medina, Oakland Athletics P

Levi Stoudt, Cincinnati Reds P

Mason Englert, Detroit Tigers P

McKinley Moore, Philadelphia Phillies P

Nathan Lukes, Toronto Blue Jays OF

Oscar Colás, Chicago White Sox OF

Patrick Bailey, San Francisco Giants C

Peyton Battenfield, Cleveland Guardians P

Ryan Noda, Oakland Athletics 1B

Riley Pint, Colorado Rockies P

Randy Vásquez, New York Yankees P

Ryan Walker, San Francisco Giants P

Sam Bachman, Los Angeles Angels P

Shintaro Fujinami, Oakland Athletics P

Sammy Peralta, Chicago White Sox P

Tristan Beck, San Francisco Giants P

Tom Cosgrove, San Diego Padres P

Tim Herrin, Cleveland Guardians P

Thaddeus Ward, Washington Nationals P

Zach Muckenhirn, New York Mets P

Check prices on 2023 Topps Update Chrome on eBay

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Nicole Cahill

Nicole Cahill

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