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What Are Power Cubes?

You may have seen them in stores or on social media, and wondered: what are Power Cubes? Power Cubes are an increasingly popular feature in the card section of Meijer, Walmart, Target, and other big-box stores. These are repacked packs that promise the chance to get a worthwhile card from a pile of “junk.”

Reviews vary; some people claim never to have found a decent card after opening dozens of boxes. However, some claim to have found literal gems in their boxes. One Reddit user supposedly found the Ronald Acuna Jr 2018 Metallic RC over $400 on eBay. Here’s our Power Cube review. We shall discuss the various options available and if it’s worth your $20.

What Is A Repack?

A repack is a pack that has already been opened. Generally, it means that someone took the standard box apart first, took out some of the most valuable cards, and sells the other cards at a lower price. The definition of a repack varies depending on who’s offering it.

While most repacks have had the valuable card taken out, very few packs contain value cards. Mostly, repacks are offered by secondary companies or individual collectors looking to cut down on the number of cards they own. With secondary companies, packs are purchased directly from the manufacturers and then repackaged for resale.

Fairfield make some of the most widely available repacks (look for them on eBay)

What Are Power Cubes?

Power Cubes are a brand of repacks. They can be differentiated from other brands by the uniquely cubed-shaped container they come in.

Several companies packages and distributes Power Cubes. MJ Holdings have their Power Cube exclusive to Walmart, and Fairfield is also a leading sports repackaging company. No two power cubes are alike, and they promise the chance to get a few valuable cards.

What Do Power Cubes Contain?

Power Cubes are like the lottery for collectors. However, each Power Cube does guarantee some hits. We will look at the exact contents in a bit.

One thing everyone agrees is valuable with Power Cubes is the box they come in. It’s super useful for storing your new (mostly valueless) card hoard.

While you’re likely not getting anything significant from a Power Cube, it is a cheap way to scratch your ripping itch. It is also a fun rip as you do not know what you’re getting from each Cube. That alone is enough to get most collectors excited.

Types of Power Cubes

Power Cubes are repacked trading cards and are thus available in whatever form the producing company decides to pack them. Football, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Baseball collectors are blessed with a wide variety of Power Cubes. However, for some reason, no Basketball Power Cube exists…for now. But there are basketball cubes from Fairfield available. Likewise, baseball collectors can choose between Meijer’s Fairfield baseball power cube or MJ Holding’s Walmart Baseball Power Cube.

Pokémon Power Cubes

This variant of the Power Cube is an easy way to build your Pokémon collection. Each Pokémon Power Cube comes with 60 common cards, 3 foil cards or 2 foil cards, and an EX/GX/Special card in its hard plastic card case. It is made up of common cards from different packs and years. Lucky collectors might find an ultra-rare card, but you’ll mostly have commons. While this is a great way to build your collection, it’s populated with old standard cards, which are often neither useful nor valuable. If you’re looking to get a box, Pokémon Power Cubes are available at Walmart for $44.99.

2021 Pokemon Mystery Power Cube:

  • 60 common cards
  • 3 foil cards
  • 1 EX/GX/Special card

The Pokémon version contains a EX/GX/Special card (get the Cubes on eBay)

Football Power Cubes

Selling for $14.99 at Meijer, Football collectors can try their luck with the Football Power Cubes. Like all Power Cubes, they’re randomly inserted and are hit or miss. However, you could get the occasional hit amongst the pile of junk commons. It guarantees 1 Autograph or Relic Card, 4 factory-sealed packs, and a Cube containing 60 cards. Patrick Mahomes Donruss rated rookie is a relatively common pull and would easily cover the price of several boxes if you’re lucky enough to get one

2021 Football Power Cube:

  • 4 Packs
  • 1 auto or game card
  • 60+ cards

The football version has an auto or game card (look for one on eBay)

Baseball Power Cubes

The Baseball Power Cube is available at Walmart and various retail outlets for $19.99. With 122 cards in its base set, this is the most appealing of the three Power Cubes we’ll consider in this article. The reason for this is that these Cubes make completing a collection easier. Each Baseball Power Cube contains 2 Autographs or relics, 3 exclusive purple parallel cards, 2 factory-sealed packs, and 3 bonus triple play packs. While most cubes are filled with old Topps minis, you could score one with a fair amount of today’s players.

2021 Baseball Power Cube:

  • 5 packs: 1 2019 Topps Series 1, 1 2018 Bowman Platinum, 3 Three Panini Triple Play.
  • 2 Autographs or memorabilia cards
  • 2 Relics
  • 3 Exclusive Topps purple parallels cards
  • 122 assorted cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Power Cubes

Also available are Yu-Gi-Oh! variants which – if the comments on Reddit are anything to go by – contain truly spectacular cards. They are also the only Power Pack with a positive review.

There is a reason for their popularity. Yu-Gi-Oh! offers 5 rare cards, 5 battle packs, and 1 figure hanger in every cube. Each unit contains 75 common cards in addition to these and is available for $19.99 on Walmart.

A common complaint, however, is the issue of some cards being written in a different language. So be ready for that possibility if you’re hoping to make a purchase.


  • 1 Legacy Pack
  • 2 Booster packs
  • 5 Rare Cards!
  • 35 Common cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cubes have the best reviews (get one from eBay)

Are Power Cubes Worth Buying?

Power Cubes have their benefits. Most notably, it’s a cheap and convenient way to add cards to your collection. In addition, it has a more reasonable cost per card compared to standard packs. Another undeniable advantage is that these Cubes deliver the thrill of opening a pack.

Are they worth it? The answer depends on what you’re looking for from these cards. If you’re an investor chasing card for-profits, Power Cubes are not worth your time. While you could find a good card in your first Cube, you could also go dozens without seeing anything decent. However, if you’re a collector looking to complete a set, increase your number of cards or gather cards from all eras of the game, Power Cubes are a helpful tool.

Pro Tips 

Whether dealing with Power Cubes or any other repacks, always do your homework before investing heavily. Also, do not rely on what people say on social media. Individuals will pretend to have drawn massively valuable cards from the Cubes. Whether they are trying to promote the product or get likes, these are not trustworthy sources.

Indeed, one of the most prevalent jokes amongst hobby Twitter users is the unlikely claims of massive pulls from Power Cubes.

It seems a lot of people are pulling Optic Mahomes Rated Rookies from the football Cubes.

One of the best ways to get a genuine feel for these repacks is by using YouTube to your advantage. There are countless videos of people ripping repacks, including Power Cubes. That will give you a good idea of what cards are available in these releases.

What Are Power Cubes: The Bottomline

This product is available at genuinely low prices and contain tons of cards for new collectors looking to build their collections quickly. However, that’s about the only benefit of it. Like all things in the world, you get what you pay for. At $19.99 per cube, you shouldn’t be expecting any truly valuable card in a Power Cube.

The luckiest of pulls might be able to double the fee you spent on the Cube, and that’s about it. While there is a chance of getting something spectacular from Power Cubes, investors would be better off chasing hits in Booster Packs. One thing you can’t deny is opening these Cubes are incredibly fun, and there’s the thrill of getting new cards. I advise everyone to have the experience once if you have $20 to spare next time you’re at Walmart.

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Important: When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network.