Author: Mike D

Mike D

Mike D. has collected cards for over 35 years, since he bought his first pack of Topps at the corner store in 1987. His fandom,  collecting interests, and contributions to Cardlines center around baseball in general and the Baseball Hall of Fame specifically.

Mike‘s collecting focus is centered on graded cards, mostly rookie cards, of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Lately, he’s been enjoying dabbling in graded minor league cards. A collector/investor with a “buy and hold” approach, Mike takes the long-term view with his collection.


The Joy — Or Anguish — Of Building Master Sets

The Joy — Or Anguish — Of Building Master Sets

The baseball card hobby, historically, is really built on the idea of completionism. Cards were more to entice collectors to buy more of something…more tobacco, more cigarettes, more gum, or more candy. Collectors bought more product in order to complete their card sets. Even once cards became the primary “product”, completing a set was usually…