What Are The Best Sports Card Releases In February 2023?

January 30, 2023

February starts off with some big football releases, then the back half of the month is more of a mix that sports fans can fall in love with. 

As always, here are the CardLines pick for cards to watch in February 2023. And, as always, a feature on this list doesn’t mean it’s a must-buy. We’re sharing honest thoughts on all products. 

Here are the CardLines’ picks for releases to watch in January. But please note: the release schedules are very fluid and move frequently. These dates are not guaranteed.  

Noteworthy sports card releases for February

Here are the top sports card releases in February.

2022 Panini Zenith Football (2/01)

Zenith is a recent return to the hobby that feels like a cash grab from Panini. It’s a brand that was popular in the 90s, and Panini brought it back so we could all have another football brand vying for our attention – every collector’s dream!

Here’s a serious task: ask any football collector to name 10 brands of football cards, and let us know if any say “Zenith.” I’d be surprised.

These boxes cost $300 and they’re 1 pack of 6 cards. Each box comes with 1 RPA, 1 additional auto, 1 base, 1 rookie, and 2 inserts. There’s a 242 base set (pretty high for a 6-pack box) that features 100 vets, 100 rookies and 42 RPAs. While this brand seems unnecessary, there’s no denying that the cards look great. 

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2022 Panini Donruss Football (2/08)

Donruss Football is a top-five football product because it combines value and price unlike anything else. As we discussed in our recent review, this product typically comes much earlier in the season, but a series of delays has it dropping near the Super Bowl.

This is a bit of a bummer because Donruss has historically been one of the most fun in-season products, but this was not it’s year.

Each hobby box costs $250 and comes with 18 packs of 10 cards. You’ll find 1 auto, 1 memorabilia, 18 rated rookies, 12 parallels and more. Donruss has some fun variations, too. They don’t demand a lot, usually, but neither does the hobby box.

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2022 Bowman Chrome University Football (2/15)

Bowman Chrome University debuted last year (here’s my review) as Topps tried to get back in the football game with unlicensed products. Honestly, it was a good product. The cards were made well, looked good, and… didn’t sell for too much. Unlicensed cards are a tough sell, even with the fun nostalgia built in. 

Still, this year’s $125 box is releasing with 24 packs of 4 cards, and each box comes with 2 prospect autographs and a good mix of colored refractors. Of note, in particular, is that Caleb Williams signed for this product.

The Heisman winner’s Leaf Metal autographs have been selling for a good deal over the last 4 months, so these cards are bound to do well on the market. 

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2022 Panini Rookies & Stars Football  (2/15)

The cover athlete for 2022 Panini Rookies and Stars is Mac Jones, who – arguably – is neither a rookie nor a star. That’s about all the analysis I have for this mid-tier, long-running product.

Each box releases at $350 and comes with 6 packs of 10 cards.  You can expect to pull 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 5 #d cards, 12 rookies, and 6 opti-chrome inserts. Most noteworthy, the optichrome lineup includes my personal favorite card, ever: Crusade.

I’m still in love with the look and style of these cards since they had their own headlining Crusades product in 2012-13 basketball (best product EVER), so they live on in Rookies and Stars. At the price of the box, however, this is one where it makes more sense to buy singles. 

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2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball Hobby & Jumbo (2/15)

2023 Topps Series 1 is dropping in both Hobby and Jumbo forms. Series 1 is the first major release of 2023 season, so it should get baseball fans everywhere excited about the upcoming season, especially for those who want an early chance at a rookie.

This year, “Look for the Golden Mirror Image Variation Short Prints! Each of the 330 base cards receives a limited short-printed variation with an all-new image and golden card back.”

Each hobby box is pre-ordering for $90 and contains 24 packs with 1 autograph or relic per box. plus a silver pack. The jumbo boxes are $160 but guarantee 1 autograph, 1 relic, 1 manufactured relic, 2 inserts, and 2 silver packs.

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2022/23 Panini Prizm Collegiate Draft Picks Basketball (2/15)

Good news! If you like overprinted cards of prospects in their college jerseys that flood the market with rookies and can’t hold their value for three months, then this one’s for you! If not, just skip ahead. 

Seriously, I thought about skipping this one because I made a personal commitment to stop adding “Collegiate” cards to the list, especially from Panini, but since Prizm basketball is usually the biggest release of the year I felt like I should at least alert people that this one’s dropping and do my civic duty: tell you all to avoid it.

Each $135  box comes with 5 packs of 5 cards and 1 autograph of a rookie class that contains Paolo, Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgrem and more. Wait, those players already have licensed NBA jersey cards out? Panini hoped you’d forget. 

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2022/23 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey  (2/22)

Upper Deck’s hockey cards keep rolling with the Series 2 release dropping on February 15th. The Series 1 box was loaded with talent this year, so we’re hoping this can follow up nicely.

Per Upper Deck, “Series 2 hosts the next 250 cards of the 2022-23 Upper Deck Base Set – 200 new veterans and 50 new Young Guns®, the most anticipated rookie cards of the year! Look for six of these cherished cards in every box, on average.”

In addition to these “cherished” cards (I love when sell sheets talk about sports cards like they’re your first-born), each box includes 5 Calder candidates, 4 UD canvas cards, 2 UD portrait rookie cards, 1 base set clear-cut parallel, and more. 

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2022/23 Panini Donruss Basketball  (2/17)

Donruss Basketball is a top-five football product because it combines value and price unlike anything else. Did I say the same thing about Donruss Football? Yeah, you caught me. But I stand by it – this product is excellent value. I have way too many boxes on pre-order. 

Each hobby box costs $275 and comes with 10 packs of 30 cards. You’ll find 1 auto and 50 inserts/parallels per box. The one autograph is the biggest bummer of this product, but there are some nice Hobby-exclusive SSPs to chase this year in “Night Moves” and “Animation.” For the price point and number of rookies you’ll pull, this one is worth the investment. 

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2022 Bowman Inception Baseball  (2/22)

It’s always a bit confusing when a 2022 product drops after a 2023 (see series 1 above), but Inception is a long-running high-end product. Each box is only $150, but it also only includes 7 total cards.

Each hobby box has 2 autographs and the chance to “Capture the youthful exuberance of the game’s future superstars with this colorful release of 2022 Bowman Inception, bringing top prospects into your collection in a big way!”

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2022/23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer (2/22)

Prizm Premier League will probably be the biggest soccer release of the year, but it will also be a bit undervalued coming on the heels of the World Cup. Look for a 300-card base set featuring popular players from all 20 teams.

There are many Hobby-exclusive parallels to collect, including the elusive Prizms Black (#’d 1/1). This product also includes the Color Balst and the new SP, Groovy, paying homage to the 60s and 70s.

Each box is pre-ordering for $300 and includes 12 packs of 12 cards, with 1 autograph, 4 silver prizms, 5 numbered prizms, 8 additional prizms and 6 inserts.

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What are you looking forward to ripping or holding? 

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