Buy Of The Week: 2020 Topps Chrome UCL Jude Bellingham Pink X-Fractor PSA 10

May 9, 2023

With the summer transfer portal approaching soon, there is no bigger name getting thrown around creating transfer hype more than Jude Bellingham.

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Our most recent plays on Jude were already buys. So this is just an additional play that might be worth buying now!

As the transfer portal gets closer and closer and the hype gets louder and louder, I expect Jude’s cards to start to jump. I for one plan on selling at the start of the transfer portal opening. I think there will be a nice return on investment regardless of where Jude transfers to.

Real Madrid is rumored to be trying to get Jude to sign a deal prior to the portal opening, however, Man U and Liverpool are also still rumored to be hoping to land Bellingham.

Many of Jude’s rookie cards have already started to rise in price. When this happens, look for cards that haven’t started to climb yet, as typically all of his cards will eventually rise at about the same rate.

Here is an example of an opportunity to cash in on before it’s too late!

Enter the Jude Bellingham rookie 2020 Topps Chrome Pink X Refractor

His 2020 Topps Chrome Pink X-Refractor is currently down 72.3% in the last 30 days. This is a very low pop count of only 71, but if you can find one for sale and buy it close to current comps buy it!

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