Top 10 Kenny Pickett Rookie Cards to Invest In

August 11, 2023

Kenny Pickett has a chance to redeem the 2022 NFL class, which has been very underwhelming – at least as far as the hobby goes.

After being the only first-round quarterback pick, Pickett looked awful his first couple of NFL games before ultimately finding his footing against a brutal stretch of opponents during his rookie season.

Now, with signs of life from Pickett, there’s a chance his investment potential is bigger than his hands (oh wait, they’re tiny.)   

As we prepare for year two of his early NFL journey, let’s explore the Top 10 Kenny Pickett rookie cards that collectors should consider adding to their collections.

Please note: To ensure an inclusive and attainable list, I’ve excluded short-printed cards. While a 1-of-1 flawless rookie card would undoubtedly hold immense value, this list focuses on accessible options that offer significant investment potential.

If you’re looking to shell out big bucks, National Treasures or Flawless RPAs will be your best bet.

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10. Donruss Rated Rookie

The timeless appeal of the Donruss Rated Rookie makes it a must-have for collectors. Its classic design and iconic emblem evoke nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary allure.

Consider acquiring a batch of these raw cards and opt for submitting them yourself to try to acquire PSA 10s – that’s a lot more valuable than just buying them outright. For a touch of rarity, explore the colored-border parallels that offer a lot more scarcity and therefore a higher ceiling of potential.

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9. Panini Select Premier Level – Silver

The Panini Select Premier Level is the second-best of the Select tiers (ahead of concourse, behind field level). If you can pick one up – or better yet, a silver – and get it graded, it will be a nice long-term hold.

Collectors who chase select are still going to gravitate toward the Field Level versions, but I’d still rather have a nice colored premier level than many of the overprinted cards that could rival this one at a fringe top-ten spot.

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8. Donruss Optic Base

The Donruss Optic Rated Rookie seamlessly combines the timeless appeal of the Donruss design with the modern optichrome finish.

While its widespread popularity may lead to a large population of PSA 10s, its significance within the mid-tier collector community solidifies its position in this list. We ranked Optic as our number two most reliable brand for investing, so even at a base/non-parallel level, these cards are popular.

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7. Prizm Base

Prizm’s enduring collectability makes it a staple in the sports card investing realm. Its association with Panini’s iconic brand status enhances its appeal.

Although the base rookie is over-graded, even at a PSA 10 level, a Prizm rookie card is the closest thing to stable currency for the mid-level collector that the hobby offers to date.

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6. Mosaic Silver

The Mosaic Silver rookie card offers a blend of scarcity and visual appeal. With a limited number of PSA 10s available, serious collectors can secure this gem while its attractive design captivates both experienced collectors and newcomers alike.

Also, note that I wouldn’t recommend many other Mosaic cards, save perhaps a rookie auto or something low-numbered. There are way too many base rookies in Mosaic and it is not that popular of a brand. 

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5. Optic Rookie Autograph

Featuring an on-card rookie autograph, the Optic Kenny Pickett rookie card stands as a testament to his early achievements. Its accessibility compared to other high-end autograph cards adds to its allure, making it a valuable addition to any collection. 

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4. Panini Absolute Kaboom! SSP

The Kaboom! SSP is one of the most popular cards, but its low population makes it pricey to get ahold of.

Since its debut in 2012, Kaboom! has surfaced in a variety of products and sports, but there’s been consistency, too: it always looks super-hero inspired, blending our favorite players to comic-cover art with stunning results. The 2022 Football Kaboom! cards landed in Absolute. Learn more about Kaboom! cards right here.

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3. Contenders (and Contenders Optic) Rookie Auto

While the rarest card on this list, the Contenders Rookie Auto remains a worthy inclusion. And Contenders Optic is going to share the place on this list – it’s largely the same, taking the charm of Contenders and adding chromium technology.

There are colored variations of both these cards, too – all of which are numbered – so you can invest as your budget allows. Its incorporation of chromium technology adds a dazzling dimension to Pickett’s autograph. Whether you have the paper or chrome version, it’s a great pickup. 

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2. Optic Holo and Parallels

The Optic Holo version of Pickett’s rookie card offers a refractive twist on the classic design. Its rarity and visual appeal make it a desirable option for collectors. Consider exploring numbered parallels for enhanced value and future investment potential.

Taking the Optic Rated Rookie design and adding refractive technology makes for a phenomenal card that I encourage anybody to check out (and population reports always reveal significantly less Optic Holos than Silver Prizms).

I added “parallels” here with the numbered versions in mind. Yes, they’ll cost more… but they’ll also be even more valuable in the future

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1. Prizm Silver and Parallels

Unsurprisingly, the Prizm Silver stands at the pinnacle of sports card investing. Its status as a timeless collectible and the standard bearer of the hobby’s currency solidifies its position as a top-tier investment choice.

The chase for Silver Prizms embodies the essence of the hobby, making it a captivating long-term investment.

The numbered (or even non-numbered) Pickett Prizm parallels will cost even more, but if you have the funds to make this long-term investment in one of the NFL’s best young quarterbacks, it could pay off big time down the road

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The bottom line on investing in Kenny Pickett

As Kenny Pickett continues to make his mark on the NFL, these rookie cards offer a glimpse into his promising future. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the hobby, these cards provide exciting opportunities to celebrate and invest in one of the league’s rising quarterbacks.

What do you think of Kenny Pickett?  What will his cards be worth in 5 years? Let us know on Twitter @card_lines.

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