Topps Releases Details Of 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Pack Program To Address Short Print Snafu [Updated]

October 6, 2022

Days after Topps revealed that they had plans to compensate purchasers of 2022 Topps Chrome hobby boxes, Topps has clarified who, what and when collectors will receive their additional silver packs through the so-called “Topps Chrome Silver Pack Program.”

Below we lay out common questions from collectors about these Silver Packs.

Updated: October 10th, 2022

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What will 2022 Topps collectors receive as part of the Silver Pack program?

Per Topps, collectors who purchased eligible 2022 Topps Chrome products, will receive 1 additional special Silver Pack per box purchased.

Who is eligible?

Collectors that purchased 2022 Topps Chrome Baseball Hobby and Hobby Jumbo boxes through, hobby shops, breakers and online platforms such as eBay before it was known that short prints would not be in the boxes, will be compensated.

Will I get more Silver Packs for 2022 Topps Chrome Jumbo Hobby Box Purchases?

No. Per the statement, Topps is awarding 1 Silver Pack for every Hobby box OR Jumbo Hobby box of 2022 Topps Chrome that was purchased prior to the the introduction of the Silver Pack program.

Will I get a Silver Pack for other 2022 Topps Chrome products?

According to Topps, the short prints were left out of 2022 Topps Chrome Hobby and Jumbo Hobby boxes. Topps says that Hobby Lite as well as yet-to-be-released Sonic andLogofractor Editionproducts WILL include the product. Retail purchases will be handled in a different manner.

For purchases after Topps released their Silver pack program, be sure to read the description of what you are purchasing. You will not receive the Silver Packs unless they are specifically mentioned. Do not assume you will receive Silver Packs for newer purchases.

What about 2022 Topps Chrome retail products?

2022 Topps Chrome retail products will not be eligible for the Silver Pack program. However, those who purchased Value box and Monster Box products from big box retail locations (i.e. Walmart, Target) will be eligible for a drawing to receive short print variations.

Drawings will take place on October 11th, November 9th, December 13th and January 10th with proof of purchases required by the previous day. Winners will be notified within 48 hours.

You can receive more information about participating on this page.

What is being included in the extra 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs?

Each silver pack given to collectors as part of compensation for the missing short prints will include four cards. Those cards will include a mix of the following types of cards:

  • 2022 Topps Chrome base cards
  • Missing short print variations
  • Inserts
  • Cards that Topps is referring to as “other surprises”

In addition, some collectors are reporting that they are pulling expired redemptions.

Want to see what’s inside? Here’s a video of early break of a large lot of packs:

Collectors started to receive 2022 Topps Chrome Silver Packs in early October. Cheap Fun Breaks was one of the first to release a break of the product with 134 packs.

When will I get my Silver Pack for 2022 Topps Chrome purchases?

Topps began shipments of Silver Packs beginning on September 30th, 2022.

How will I get my Silver Pack(s) if I purchased through

If you purchased 2022 Topps Chrome directly from, you will not have to do anything. You will automatically receive your silver packs.

How much are 2022 Topps Chrome Silver packs going for on the secondary market?

2022 Topps Chrome Silver packs have started to hit the secondary market, with initial sales on eBay around the $75-$100 price with some coming down to about $50. This is seen as a steep price by collectors with prices expected to come down.

Individual short prints are also fetching a pretty penny online with the Bobby Witt Short Print going for around $400.

How will I get my Silver Packs(s) if I purchased through a hobby store, breaker or online platform (i.e. eBay)?

If you didn’t purchase your hobby box from, you are still entitled to silver packs, according to Topps. They are instructing collectors to reach out directly to your local card shop and breakers about receiving your Silver Pack(s).

Of course, this process will not be as seamless as those who purchased through However, Topps says they fully expect its “hobby partners to distribute silver packs to customers that may have purchased product at local card shows and/or through online platforms such as eBay.”

Has Topps given an explanation for what happened with 2022 Topps Chrome?

Topps further clarified what happened in regards to the missing short print cards in their latest update.

After discussions with our manufacturer, we understand that the planned bonus short print variations of five rookie subjects were incorrectly not included in the collation of select product SKUs. As the short print variations were originally not part of the set and later added for an additional chase element, there was unfortunately a technical miscommunication about the product mix in the production process.

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