A Review Of 2022 Topps Five Star: It’s All About the Autographs

December 14, 2022

2022 Topps Five Star, much like a 5-star restaurant, is unabashedly high-end. Leave the kids at home and break out the platinum card. But what does this high-end product contain? And how many stars would do we give it?

Checklists are not yet available, but let’s talk about what we know so far about 2022 Topps Five Star!

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2022 Topps Five Star release format & release date

The release date for 2022 Topps Five Star is scheduled for December 23, 2022 (subject to change).

The format of 2022 Topps Five Star is very simple. Each pack contains just two cards. Each box contains just one pack. Cases include eight packs/boxes.

Every card is either an autograph or an autographed relic. All autographs are on-card with the exception of cut signatures and autograph books. Many of the autographs are serial numbered with low populations.

2022 Topps Five Star clearly is a premium product that brings it without any fluff. It is priced accordingly, with 2022 Topps Five Star boxes pre-selling for around $250 (again, for two cards).

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2022 Topps Five Star base set, parallels, and inserts

This section of the article will be the shortest part. 2022 Topps Five Star has no base set, no parallels, and no inserts. It’s all autographs (and autographed relics).

Topps Five Star 2022 baseball autographs

2022 Topps Five Star is all about autographs, with literally nothing unsigned in the product. But what are the autographed offerings?

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Five-Star Base Autographs

Over 50 baseball greats put pen to card for this offering.

Parallels provide some tougher pulls, with Aqua (/75), Purple (/50), Blue (/25), Green (/15), Gold (/10), Orange (/5) and Red (1/1) versions available.

2022 Topps Five Star Base Autographs – Aqua and Gold Parallels

Five Star Dual Autographs

The name kind of gives it away, but these cards contain two autographs each. These are tough pulls with only 10 copies of each card available.

Five Star Triple Autographs

Follow my logic, if you will. If one autograph is good, and two autographs is better…what’s better than that? You got it – 3 autographs on a single card. With only five copies of each card produced, these are a really tough pull but are sure to be popular on the secondary market.

Baseball Royalty Autographs

Numbered to only 15 copies each, these feature the very best of today and yesteryear. Collectors can also chase Gold (/10), Orange (/5) and Red (1/1) parallels.

2022 Topps Five Star Baseball Royalty Autograph

Golden Graphs

Signed on-card in gold ink, these are limited to 40 copies each or less. A case hit, these are a tough pull. Even tougher are the parallels: Purple (/25), Blue (/20), Green (/15), Gold (/10), Orange (/5) and Red (1/1).

Silver Signatures

All that sparkles is not gold. Sometimes, it’s silver. Another case hit, also limited to 40 cards or fewer, but signed in silver ink.

Parallels include Purple (/25), Blue (/20), Green (/15), Gold (/10), Orange (/5) and Red (1/1).

Five Tool Phenom Autographs

Featuring players with skills across the boards, this set is limited to 25 copies each. Five Star (1/1) parallels are also available.

2022 Topps Five Star – Five Tool Phenom Autograph

Five Star Autographs

Featuring autographs from five players, three on the card front, two on the back, who are connected by a common theme. Numbered to only (of course) five copies each.

Five Star Signatures

The checklist for this set consists of up to 60 players, and is numbered to 20 or less. Some select cards also include inscriptions.

Pentamerous Penmanship

Shadow-box, multi-layer themed cards with on-card autographs. The checklist contains up to 50 players, but there are only 20 copies of each card out there.

Parallels include Green (/10), Gold (/5), Orange (/3), and Red (1/1).

Dual Subject Pentamerous Penmanship

Like the original Pentamerous Penmanship, but with two autographs per card. These are serial numbered to five copies or less each.

Five Star Cut Signatures

These 1/1’s feature cut signatures of baseball greats of the past.

Five Star Celebrity Cut Signatures

1/1 cut signatures of famous people from outside the world of baseball.

2022 Topps Five Star baseball autographed relics

2022 Topps Five Star features several offerings that combine autographs and relics.

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Five Star Autograph Jumbo Prime

Containing an autograph plus a jumbo-sized swatch from a game-worn uniform. Base cards are limited to 25 copies or fewer. Parallels include Green (/15), Gold (/10), Silver Rainbow (/5) and Button (/5).

2022 Topps Five Star Five Star Autograph Jumbo Prime – Green Parallel

Additionally, 1/1 Brand Logo, Laundry Tag, MLB Logo and Team Patch versions are available.

2022 Topps Five Star Five Star Autograph Jumbo Prime – Team Patch Parallel

Five Stars Autograph Relic Books

With autographs and swatches of five players, and limited to five copies or less, these are a really impressive hit.  

2022 Topps Five Star – Five Stars Autograph Relic Books

Topps Five Star 2022 value

Topps Five Star is a high-end product, but how does it hold its value? A look at unopened boxes from the last few years presents a bit of a mixed bag. The last two years are selling for below the pre-sell price of 2022 Topps Five Star, but 2019 is selling for significantly higher.

2022 Topps Five Star$250
2021 Topps Five Star$165-200
2020 Topps Five Star$150-270
2019 Topps Five Star$350-400

Looking at singles, a handful of 2021 Topps Five Star singles have sold for over $1,000 of late. This represents a huge return on investment for the purchase price. A solid number more sell for between the box price ($250) and that $1,000 price point. These represent a nice return on your investment as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are an awful lot of 2021 Topps Five Star cards that sold for less than $10 on eBay. That’s a painful return for a card that cost $125 (half of a $250 pack).

So, like so many high-end products, these offer a chance at the big score, but also the chance of a real dud. It goes without saying that you should keep within your collecting budget, and be aware of the risks. That being said, if the find the gamble to be a thrill, and you’re comfortable with the risk, have at it.

Shop for 2022 Topps Five Star hobby boxes on eBay

Final thoughts on 2022 Topps Five Star

2022 Topps Five Star may be the perfectly positioned product. If you’re a high-rolling, autograph-loving, cut-through-the-chaff kind of collector, you’ll love it. If you’re a collector who wants more than two cards (no matter how cool they may be) for your $250, are on a budget, or prefer a rainbow of Refractors to ink, this product isn’t for you.

In some ways, that makes this product hard to rate. But if you’ve read this article and are excited, this product will probably make you a happy collector. If you read this with horror while clutching your wallet, there are better options to bring you collecting joy.

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2022 Topps Five Star Checklist

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