What Can Collectors Find In 2022 Topps Archives?

October 9, 2022

2022 Topps Archives is a celebration of hobby history, and pays homage to a number of classic Topps designs, both vintage and more recent. With a reasonable price tag and some interesting parallel, insert, variation, and autograph offerings, it’s got the makings of a fun break.

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2022 Topps Archives release format & release date

The 2022 Topps Archives product is set to drop on October 12, 2022 (subject to change).

2022 Topps Archives will be released in both Hobby Boxes and Retail Blaster Boxes.

Both configurations offer 8 cards per pack.

Hobby Boxes contain 24 packs. Blaster Boxes contain 7 packs.

Hobby cases contain 10 hobby boxes.

Hobby boxes contain two on-card autographs per box. Blaster boxes contain three exclusive Topps 1988 Big Foil Cards on average. Hobby Boxes are pre-selling for around $120 each. Blaster boxes are pre-selling for $25.

Check out prices for 2022 Topps Archives hobby boxes on eBay

Topps Archives 2022 base set & design

The 2022 Topps Archives set consists of 300 cards. This iteration of Archives features the designs 1963 (1-100), 1978 (101-200), and 1987 (201-300) Topps.

The checklist contains a mix of current veterans, greats from the past, and some of today’s top rookies. The checklist includes rookie cards for Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., Seiya Suzuki, Wander Franco, and more.

2022 Topps Archives 1963 Topps & 1978 Topps Base Set Designs

Topps Archives 2022 parallels

As with most ultra-modern offerings, 2022 Topps Archives offers a rainbow of parallels, ranging in print runs from Rainbow Foils 199 down to 1/1 FoilFractors.

2022 Topps Archives parallels include:

  • Rainbow Foil Parallel  #’d to 199
  • Green Parallel #’d to 125
  • Silver Parallel  #’d to 99
  • Red Parallel #’d to 75
  • Red Hot Foil Parallel  #’d to 50
  • Blue Foil Parallel  #’d to 25 – Hobby Only!
  • Orange Hot Foil Parallel #’d to 15 – Hobby Only!
  • FoilFractor Parallel #’d 1-of-1
2022 Topps Archive Blue Foil Parallel (1987 Topps Design)

2022 Topps Archives variations

Select cards from the 2022 Topps Archives set get variations, including image, background, and design variations. Odds for these variations have not yet been announced.

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1963 background replacement variations

50 cards from the 1963 Topps portion of the set get different backgrounds.

1963 image variations

Four cards from the 1963 Topps portion of the set get alternate images. The focus here is on some of the top rookies. The checklist is CJ Abrams, Jarren Duran, Bobby Witt Jr., and Seiya Suzuki.

1978 design variations

30 cards from the 1978 Topps portion of the set get a design variation.

1978 image variations

As with the 1963 cards, a limited number of rookie cards get image variations. In this case, it’s three cards, with the checklist consisting of Julio Rodriguez, Royce Lewis, and Spencer Torkelson.

1987 Future Stars rookie cup variations

Twenty cards from the 1987 Topps portion of the set get a different “Future Stars” logo. The checklist here features a mix of rookies and young stars.

1987 image variations

You know the drill by now. Small checklist. Top rookies. Image variation. The checklist here includes Oneil Cruz, MJ Melendez, and Wander Franco.

2022 Topps Archives Card 301-380 inserts

While the 2022 Topps Archives base set is 300 cards, numbered 1-300. Cards 301-380 do exist, though, although they’re a hit. We’ve seen these called inserts, variations, and short prints. Regardless of where the consensus name ends up being (my vote is “insert”), they are tougher pulls than the base cards.

They also have some fun themes based on prior Topps designs.

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1955 Topps Scoop

This 15-card set (numbered 301-315) are seeded 1:6 packs. They use the classic style of the 1954 Topps Scoop, a non-sports set that highlighted historical events. This reimagining gives the treatment to 2021 season highlights.

2022 Topps Archives 1955 Scoops

1961 Topps MVP

This 15-card set (numbered 316-33) are seeded 1:6 packs. These take the iconic 1961 Topps “MVP” subset and use it to honor current award-winning players.

2022 Topps Archives 1961 Topps MVP

2005 Topps Draft Picks

To this long-time collector, it’s somewhat shocking to see a 2000s set being paid homage. The fact that 2005 Topps was released 17 years ago honestly hurts a little (along with my knees). This 25-card set is seeded a tough 1:24 packs.

The checklist features top 2022 rookies, plus a few bonus all-time greats like Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, and Johnny Bench.

1992 Topps Major League Debut

This 25-card set is seeded in 1:6 packs. This set features the design from the 1992 Topps Major League Debut small boxed set and highlights the first career game of some iconic former players and some of today’s hottest young players.

2022 Topps Archives 1992 Topps Major League Debut Insert

Topps Archives 2022 other inserts

In addition to the inserts numbered 310-380, a few other inserts are offered as part of the 2022 Topps Archives product.

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1988 Topps Big Foil

Ah, 1988 Topps Big. Released in the junk wax era, these were inspired by 1955/1956 Topps in design, layout (horizontal), and size (big). They were largely ignored at the time, but some collectors are coming back around to the fact that these are actually really attractive cards.

1988 Topps Big gets new life, and a dose of foil, as a retail-only offering. The 50-card set is seeded 3 per Blaster box. The checklist has a little bit of everything – today’s stars, top rookies, and icons of yesteryear.

A Sky Blue Foil Parallel version is seeded in 1:70 packs.

1988 Topps Big Minis

“Big Minis” may seem like an oxymoron in the vein of “jumbo shrimp”, but this new offering gives it a go. The checklist is the same as the Big Foil version.

Topps Postcards

This new-for-2022 insert set doesn’t pay homage to a historic Topps design but is designed in the style of old postcards. The 15-card set is seeded in 1:8 packs. The checklist features some of the biggest stars in the game today.

Oversized Topps Postcards

These oversized cards are actually postcard sized, as serve as box toppers available one per hobby box.

2022 Topps Archives autographs

Autographs are the lifeblood of any modern product, and 2022 Topps Archives is no different. While many of the autograph offerings are based on the insert sets, there are a few that are not and are worth talking about.

Fan Favorites Autographs

This 67-card set plays homage to a number of prior Topps designs, including 1953, 1960, 1972, 1983, 1993, and 2010 Topps.

The checklist is a mix of current stars, top rookies and young players, all-time greats, and “fan favorites” who may not fit into any of the prior three categories.

Parallel versions include:

  • Purple /150
  • Silver /99
  • Blue /25 (hobby only)
  • Gold 1/1
2022 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Autographs

Topps 1993 All-Stars Dual Autographs

This four-card autograph set features dual autographs on each card, with teammate pairings that should excite fans.

Red Sox fans will love the Xander Bogaerts / Rafael Devers card. Ditto for Yankees fans with the Aaron Judge / Derek Jeter card (especially with the season Judge is having).

Mets fan? Pete Alonso / David Wright is pretty sweet. And I don’t know ANY fan who wouldn’t be thrilled to pull a Shohei Ohtani / Mike Trout dual autograph.

Parallels include Blue (#/25), Red (#/10), and Gold (1/1).

Topps Originals Autographs

This buyback offering provides autographs on repurchased cards. With a print run of only 10 copies each, these are a tough pull.

The checklist consists of five cards, all franchise icons, although only three Hall of Famers: David Wright, Jeff Bagwell, Jim Rice, Jorge Posada, and Rickey Henderson.

Topps Archives 2022 insert autographs

Select cards from a number of insert sets get autographed versions, making for even tougher pulls and some cool hits.

Check out prices for 2022 Topps Archives hobby boxes on eBay

1961 Topps MVP Autographs

Seven cards from the 1961 Topps MVP insert set get autograph versions. Silver (#/99), Blue (#/25), and Gold (1/1) parallel versions are also available.

1992 Topps MLB Debut Autographs

16 cards from the 1992 Topps MLB Debut insert set get autographed versions.

Parallel versions include:

  • Purple /150
  • Silver /99
  • Blue /25 (hobby only)
  • Gold 1/1

2005 Topps Draft Picks Autographs

Ten cards from the 2005 Topps Draft Picks insert set get autographs, all 2022 rookies.

Parallel versions include:

  • Purple /150
  • Silver /99
  • Blue /25 (hobby only)
  • Gold 1/1
2022 Topps Archives 2005 Topps Draft Picks Autographs

1988 Topps Big Foil Autographs

Twenty-one of the 1988 Topps Big Foil inserts get the autograph treatment. As with the regular insert, these are a retail exclusive insert.

1988 Topps Big Minis Autographs

20 cards from the new for 2022 “Big Minis” insert set get autos. Also “mini”? The print run…with only 20 serial-numbered copies of each card.

2022 Topps Archives 1988 Topps Big Minis Autographs

Topps Postcards Autographs

This 10-card autograph offering features some big names, which should make it a popular offering with collectors. Parallel versions include Blue (#/25), Red (#/10), and Gold (1/1).

The final word on Topps Archives 2022

If you’re a fan of classic Topps designs of yesteryear, but with today’s stars and rookies, and are looking for a reasonably priced box to break that has enough interesting hits to make it worthwhile, 2022 Topps Archives is worth a look.

Check out prices for 2022 Topps Archives hobby boxes on eBay

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2022 Topps Archives checklist

1963 Topps

1 Shohei Ohtani
2 Zack Wheeler
3 Babe Ruth
4 Josh Donaldson
5 Tyler Gilbert RC
6 Whit Merrifield
7 Mike Piazza
8 Franmil Reyes
9 Dave Winfield
10 Reid Detmers RC
11 Carlton Fisk
12 Ozzie Albies
13 Kyle Muller RC
14 Mike Schmidt
15 Chas McCormick RC
16 Josh Hader
17 Alex Bregman
18 Mark McGwire
19 Matt Olson
20 Ryan Vilade RC
21 Robin Yount
22 Tony Gwynn
23 Joe Mauer
24 Dale Murphy
25 Alan Trammell
26 Kevin Gausman
27 Kyle Bradish RC
28 Mitch Haniger
29 Manny Machado
30 Rhys Hoskins
31 Nick Allen RC
32 Cedric Mullins
33 Eloy Jimenez
34 Reggie Jackson
35 Tarik Skubal
36 Jon Gray
37 Max Scherzer
38 Andrew McCutchen
39 Luis Castillo
40 Austin Riley
41 Shane Baz RC
42 Jackie Robinson
43 David Peralta
44 Giancarlo Stanton
45 Rollie Fingers
46 Paul Molitor
47 Matt Manning RC
48 Andrew Benintendi
49 Kenta Maeda
50 Rafael Devers
51 Craig Biggio
52 Miguel Cabrera
53 Mike Zunino
54 Heliot Ramos RC
55 Carlos Correa
56 Aaron Ashby RC
57 Andrew Vaughn
58 Max Muncy
59 Adrian Beltre
60 Adam Wainwright
61 Hoy Park RC
62 Clayton Kershaw
63 Rickey Henderson
64 Christian Yelich
65 Trent Grisham
66 Jose Siri RC
67 CJ Abrams RC
68 Jesus Aguilar
69 Cal Ripken Jr.
70 Corey Seager
71 Roger Clemens
72 Chris Sale
73 Nolan Ryan
74 Willson Contreras
75 Andre Dawson
76 Keith Hernandez
77 Austin Meadows
78 David Ortiz
79 Teoscar Hernandez
80 Nico Hoerner
81 Kyle Lewis
82 Roansy Contreras RC
83 German Marquez
84 Josh Winder RC
85 Joey Votto
86 Greg Maddux
87 Ryan McMahon
88 Jarren Duran RC
89 Bobby Witt Jr. (RC)
90 Kevin Smith RC
91 Kris Bryant
92 Seiya Suzuki RC
93 Bryson Stott RC
94 Jed Lowrie
95 Yadier Molina
96 Patrick Corbin
97 George Springer
98 DJ LeMahieu
99 Trea Turner
100 Juan Soto

1978 Topps

101 Gavin Sheets RC
102 Daulton Varsho
103 Duke Snider
104 Ralph Kiner
105 Trevor Rogers
106 J.P. Crawford
107 Freddie Freeman
108 Brooks Robinson
109 Stephen Strasburg
110 Hyun-Jin Ryu
111 Charlie Blackmon
112 Mike Yastrzemski
113 Jose Ramirez
114 Chris Bassitt
115 Julio Rodriguez (RC)
116 Royce Lewis RC
117 Marcus Semien
118 Vidal Brujan RC
119 Eddie Mathews
120 Fernando Tatis Jr.
121 Ozzie Smith
122 Otto Lopez RC
123 Paul Goldschmidt
124 Luis Gil RC
125 Tris Speaker
126 Derek Jeter
127 Alex Kirilloff
128 Bryan Reynolds
129 Aaron Nola
130 Roger Maris
131 Spencer Torkelson (RC)
132 Josiah Gray RC
133 Josh Bell
134 Jose Abreu
135 Bob Feller
136 Yogi Berra
137 MacKenzie Gore RC
138 Bryan De La Cruz RC
139 J.T. Realmuto
140 Gerrit Cole
141 Kyle Schwarber
142 Jose Miranda RC
143 Sean Murphy
144 Don Mattingly
145 Ivan Rodriguez
146 Francisco Lindor
147 Robbie Ray
148 LaMonte Wade Jr.
149 Joey Gallo
150 Mike Trout
151 Jacob deGrom
152 Corbin Burnes
153 Hunter Greene RC
154 Honus Wagner
155 Marcus Stroman
156 Lars Nootbaar RC
157 Monte Irvin
158 Brandon Lowe
159 Luis Frias RC
160 Isiah Kiner-Falefa
161 Scott Rolen
162 Nelson Cruz
163 Stan Musial
164 Nick Madrigal
165 Jose Altuve
166 Mookie Betts
167 Ronald Acuña Jr.
168 Vladimir Guerrero
169 Albert Pujols
170 Nomar Garciaparra
171 Seth Beer RC
172 Alex Verdugo
173 Hank Aaron
174 Byron Buxton
175 Randy Johnson
176 Tyler Stephenson
177 John Smoltz
178 Alex Rodriguez
179 Wade Boggs
180 Tim Anderson
181 Justin Verlander
182 Trey Mancini
183 Gabriel Arias RC
184 Jake Meyers RC
185 Ichiro
186 Eddie Murray
187 Richie Ashburn
188 Joe Musgrove
189 Walker Buehler
190 Lucius Fox RC
191 Emmanuel Clase
192 Roberto Clemente
193 Javier Baez
194 Tylor Megill RC
195 Jonathan India
196 Ken Griffey Jr.
197 Jeff Bagwell
198 Tyler O’Neill
199 Adalberto Mondesi
200 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

1987 Topps

201 Nick Lodolo RC
202 Jackson Kowar RC
203 Jake McCarthy RC
204 Lou Brock
205 Adolis Garcia
206 Ian Happ
207 Pee Wee Reese
208 Nick Plummer RC
209 Starling Marte
210 Satchel Paige
211 Oneil Cruz RC
212 Jake Burger RC
213 Chipper Jones
214 Dylan Carlson
215 Xander Bogaerts
216 Jose Berrios
217 Whitey Ford
218 Catfish Hunter
219 Jim Thome
220 Brandon Marsh RC
221 TJ Friedl RC
222 Jazz Chisholm Jr.
223 Jack Morris
224 Kyle Tucker
225 Pete Alonso
226 Rodolfo Castro RC
227 Cody Bellinger
228 Edward Cabrera RC
229 Alec Bohm
230 Salvador Perez
231 Pedro Martinez
232 Shane Bieber
233 Adam Frazier
234 David Wright
235 Josh Lowe RC
236 Lou Gehrig
237 Tyler Glasnow
238 Johnny Bench
239 Greg Deichmann RC
240 Tom Seaver
241 Nolan Arenado
242 Zack Short RC
243 Luis Garcia
244 Luis Robert
245 Thurman Munson
246 Patrick Wisdom
247 Jarred Kelenic
248 Ron Santo
249 Ernie Banks
250 Aaron Judge
251 Evan Longoria
252 Bryce Harper
253 Frank Thomas
254 Willie McCovey
255 Matt Chapman
256 Joe Ryan RC
257 Luis Garcia
258 Randy Arozarena
259 Jake Cronenworth
260 Romy Gonzalez RC
261 Ketel Marte
262 Gavin Lux
263 Elehuris Montero RC
264 Jim Palmer
265 Bryce Elder RC
266 Billy Williams
267 Carlos Santana
268 Julio Urias
269 Trevor Story
270 Bo Bichette
271 Brandon Belt
272 Warren Spahn
273 Nick Castellanos
274 Ke’Bryan Hayes
275 Max Kepler
276 Larry Doby
277 Bill Mazeroski
278 Don Drysdale
279 Mariano Rivera
280 Jeremy Peña RC
281 Willy Adames
282 Willie Mays
283 Jared Walsh
284 Keibert Ruiz
285 Ryan Mountcastle
286 Yu Darvish
287 Akil Baddoo
288 Edgar Martinez
289 Sonny Gray
290 Cal Raleigh RC
291 Nathaniel Lowe
292 Dansby Swanson
293 Steven Kwan RC
294 Lucas Giolito
295 Casey Mize
296 Harmon Killebrew
297 MJ Melendez RC
298 Yordan Alvarez
299 Anthony Rizzo
300 Wander Franco (RC)

1963 Background Replacement Variations Checklist

1 Shohei Ohtani
3 Babe Ruth
5 Tyler Gilbert
7 Mike Piazza
9 Dave Winfield
10 Reid Detmers
12 Ozzie Albies
13 Kyle Muller
14 Mike Schmidt
15 Chas McCormick
17 Alex Bregman
19 Matt Olson
20 Ryan Vilade
22 Tony Gwynn
23 Joe Mauer
29 Manny Machado
32 Cedric Mullins
33 Eloy Jimenez
34 Reggie Jackson
37 Max Scherzer
38 Andrew McCutchen
40 Austin Riley
41 Shane Baz
42 Jackie Robinson
44 Giancarlo Stanton
47 Matt Manning
50 Rafael Devers
55 Carlos Correa
56 Aaron Ashby
62 Clayton Kershaw
63 Rickey Henderson
64 Christian Yelich
66 Jose Siri
67 CJ Abrams
69 Cal Ripken Jr.
70 Corey Seager
73 Nolan Ryan
78 David Ortiz
82 Roansy Contreras
85 Joey Votto
86 Greg Maddux
89 Bobby Witt Jr.
90 Kevin Smith
91 Kris Bryant
92 Seiya Suzuki
95 Yadier Molina
97 George Springer
98 DJ LeMahieu
99 Trea Turner
100 Juan Soto

1963 Image Variations Checklist

67 CJ Abrams
88 Jarren Duran
89 Bobby Witt Jr.
92 Seiya Suzuki

1978 Design Variations Checklist

101 Gavin Sheets
105 Trevor Rogers
107 Freddie Freeman
115 Julio Rodriguez
116 Royce Lewis
118 Vidal Brujan
120 Fernando Tatis Jr.
126 Derek Jeter
131 Spencer Torkelson
136 Yogi Berra
137 MacKenzie Gore
140 Gerrit Cole
142 Jose Miranda
146 Francisco Lindor
150 Mike Trout
151 Jacob deGrom
153 Hunter Greene
163 Stan Musial
165 Jose Altuve
166 Mookie Betts
167 Ronald Acuña Jr.
173 Hank Aaron
176 Tyler Stephenson
178 Alex Rodriguez
183 Gabriel Arias
191 Emmanuel Clase
192 Roberto Clemente
195 Jonathan India
196 Ken Griffey Jr.
200 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

1978 Image Variations Checklist

115 Julio Rodriguez
116 Royce Lewis
131 Spencer Torkelson

1987 Future Stars Rookie Cup Variations Checklist

205 Adolis Garcia
214 Dylan Carlson
222 Jazz Chisholm Jr.
229 Alec Bohm
243 Luis Garcia
244 Luis Robert
246 Patrick Wisdom
247 Jarred Kelenic
257 Luis Garcia
258 Randy Arozarena
259 Jake Cronenworth
262 Gavin Lux
270 Bo Bichette
274 Ke’Bryan Hayes
284 Keibert Ruiz
285 Ryan Mountcastle
287 Akil Baddoo
295 Casey Mize
298 Yordan Alvarez
300 Wander Franco

1987 Image Variations Checklist

211 Oneil Cruz
297 MJ Melendez
300 Wander Franco

1955 Topps Scoop

301 Trey Mancini
302 Joe Musgrove
303 Javy Baez
304 Pete Alonso
305 Shohei Ohtani
306 Tim Anderson
307 Tyler Gilbert
308 Miguel Cabrera
309 Francisco Lindor
310 St. Louis Cardinals
311 Aaron Judge
312 Randy Arozarena
313 Christian Vasquez
314 Chris Taylor
315 Jorge Soler

1961 Topps MVP

316 Shohei Ohtani
317 Bryce Harper
318 Corbin Burnes
319 Robbie Ray
320 Randy Arozarena
321 Jonathan India
322 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
323 Bryce Harper
324 Trey Mancini
325 Jorge Soler
326 Josh Hader
327 Buster Posey
328 Liam Hendriks
329 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
330 Nelson Cruz

2005 Topps Draft Picks

331 Wander Franco
332 Vidal Brujan
333 Oneil Cruz
334 Shane Baz
335 Reid Detmers
336 Nick Lodolo
337 MJ Melendez
338 Josh Lowe
339 Royce Lewis
340 Bryson Stott
341 Spencer Torkelson
342 Julio Rodriguez
343 Hunter Greene
344 Seiya Suzuki
345 Bobby Witt Jr.
346 CJ Abrams
347 Joe Ryan
348 MacKenzie Gore
349 Derek Jeter
350 Nolan Ryan
351 Chipper Jones
352 Reggie Jackson
353 Kirby Puckett
354 Roger Clemens
355 Johnny Bench

1992 Topps Major League Debut

356 Wander Franco
357 Seiya Suzuki
358 MacKenzie Gore
359 MJ Melendez
360 Royce Lewis
361 Bobby Witt Jr.
362 Hunter Greene
363 CJ Abrams
364 Jeremy Pena
365 Spencer Torkelson
366 Bryce Harper
367 Mike Trout
368 Aaron Judge
369 Fernando Tatis Jr.
370 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
371 Cal Ripken Jr.
372 Ken Griffey Jr.
373 Rickey Henderson
374 Jackie Robinson
375 Julio Rodriguez
376 Tony Gwynn
377 Willie Mays
378 Roberto Clemente
379 Babe Ruth
380 Hank Aaron

1988 Topps Big Foil Checklist

88BF-1 Derek Jeter
88BF-2 Shohei Ohtani
88BF-3 Bo Jackson
88BF-4 Oneil Cruz
88BF-5 Gavin Sheets
88BF-6 Chipper Jones
88BF-7 Vladimir Guerrero
88BF-8 Freddie Freeman
88BF-9 Shane Baz
88BF-10 Bryan De La Cruz
88BF-11 Carlton Fisk
88BF-12 Ken Griffey Jr.
88BF-13 Johnny Bench
88BF-14 Brooks Robinson
88BF-15 Jarren Duran
88BF-16 Eddie Murray
88BF-17 Wade Boggs
88BF-18 Mark McGwire
88BF-19 Mike Trout
88BF-20 Salvador Perez
88BF-21 Yordan Alvarez
88BF-22 Buster Posey
88BF-23 Dave Winfield
88BF-24 Mike Schmidt
88BF-25 Wander Franco
88BF-26 Nolan Arenado
88BF-27 Brandon Marsh
88BF-28 Mariano Rivera
88BF-29 Ryan Vilade
88BF-30 Rickey Henderson
88BF-31 Carl Yastrzemski
88BF-32 Edgar Martinez
88BF-33 Nolan Ryan
88BF-34 Adrian Beltre
88BF-35 Aaron Judge
88BF-36 Don Mattingly
88BF-37 Cal Ripken Jr.
88BF-38 Reggie Jackson
88BF-39 Ichiro
88BF-40 Randy Johnson
88BF-41 Ryne Sandberg
88BF-42 Ivan Rodriguez
88BF-43 Ozzie Smith
88BF-44 Josh Lowe
88BF-45 Frank Thomas
88BF-46 Greg Maddux
88BF-47 Seth Beer
88BF-48 Vidal Brujan
88BF-49 Roger Clemens
88BF-50 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

1988 Topps Big Minis Checklist

88BM-1 Derek Jeter
88BM-2 Shohei Ohtani
88BM-3 Bo Jackson
88BM-4 Oneil Cruz
88BM-5 Gavin Sheets
88BM-6 Chipper Jones
88BM-7 Vladimir Guerrero
88BM-8 Freddie Freeman
88BM-9 Shane Baz
88BM-10 Bryan De La Cruz
88BM-11 Carlton Fisk
88BM-12 Ken Griffey Jr.
88BM-13 Johnny Bench
88BM-14 Brooks Robinson
88BM-15 Jarren Duran
88BM-16 Eddie Murray
88BM-17 Wade Boggs
88BM-18 Mark McGwire
88BM-19 Mike Trout
88BM-20 Salvador Perez
88BM-21 Yordan Alvarez
88BM-22 Buster Posey
88BM-23 Dave Winfield
88BM-24 Mike Schmidt
88BM-25 Wander Franco
88BM-26 Nolan Arenado
88BM-27 Brandon Marsh
88BM-28 Mariano Rivera
88BM-29 Ryan Vilade
88BM-30 Rickey Henderson
88BM-31 Carl Yastrzemski
88BM-32 Edgar Martinez
88BM-33 Nolan Ryan
88BM-34 Adrian Beltre
88BM-35 Aaron Judge
88BM-36 Don Mattingly
88BM-37 Cal Ripken Jr.
88BM-38 Reggie Jackson
88BM-39 Ichiro
88BM-40 Randy Johnson
88BM-41 Ryne Sandberg
88BM-42 Ivan Rodriguez
88BM-43 Ozzie Smith
88BM-44 Josh Lowe
88BM-45 Frank Thomas
88BM-46 Greg Maddux
88BM-47 Seth Beer
88BM-48 Vidal Brujan
88BM-49 Roger Clemens
88BM-50 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Oversized Topps Postcards Checklist

OPC-1 Mike Trout
OPC-2 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
OPC-3 Bryce Harper
OPC-4 Rafael Devers
OPC-5 Francisco Lindor
OPC-6 Nolan Arenado
OPC-7 Joey Votto
OPC-8 Mookie Betts
OPC-9 Javy Baez
OPC-10 Juan Soto
OPC-11 Jose Ramirez
OPC-12 Luis Robert
OPC-13 Fernando Tatis Jr.
OPC-14 Ronald Acuna Jr.
OPC-15 Aaron Judge

Topps Postcards Checklist

PC-1 Mike Trout
PC-2 Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
PC-3 Bryce Harper
PC-4 Rafael Devers
PC-5 Francisco Lindor
PC-6 Nolan Arenado
PC-7 Joey Votto
PC-8 Mookie Betts
PC-9 Javier Baez
PC-10 Juan Soto
PC-11 Jose Ramirez
PC-12 Luis Robert
PC-13 Fernando Tatis Jr.
PC-14 Ronald Acuña Jr.
PC-15 Aaron Judge

Fan Favorites Autographs

1953 Topps

53FF-AB Adrian Beltre
53FF-AJ Aaron Judge
53FF-BJ Bo Jackson
53FF-CF Carlton Fisk
53FF-CJ Chipper Jones
53FF-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
53FF-DJ Derek Jeter
53FF-DW Dave Winfield
53FF-EMY Eddie Murray
53FF-FT Frank Thomas
53FF-GM Greg Maddux
53FF-I Ichiro
53FF-IR Ivan Rodriguez
53FF-JM Juan Marichal
53FF-JS John Smoltz
53FF-MRA Mariano Rivera
53FF-MT Mike Trout
53FF-NR Nolan Ryan
53FF-RC Roger Clemens
53FF-RJN Randy Johnson
53FF-RS Ryne Sandberg
53FF-RY Robin Yount
53FF-SO Shohei Ohtani
53FF-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.
53FF-VGO Vladimir Guerrero
53FF-WB Wade Boggs
53FF-WF Wander Franco

1960 Topps

60FF-AB Al Bumbry
60FF-AF Adam Frazier
60FF-AR Aaron Rowand
60FF-EC Endy Chavez
60FF-GF George Foster
60FF-RB Rachel Balkovec
60FF-VB Gavin Sheets
60FF-WH Whitey Herzog

1972 Topps

72FF-AN Alyssa Nakken
72FF-BW Brandon Webb
72FF-CP Corey Patterson
72FF-EB Eddie Bressoud
72FF-GG Goose Gossage
72FF-GJ Geoff Jenkins
72FF-MB Michael Brantley
72FF-RK Ray Knight
72FF-SB Seth Beer

1983 Topps

83FF-CP Carlos Peña
83FF-DJ Davey Johnson
83FF-GA Garrett Anderson
83FF-TI Travis Ishikawa
83FF-TJ Tommy John

1993 Topps

93FF-AT Alan Trammell
93FF-BD Bryan De La Cruz
93FF-CC Coco Crisp
93FF-DH Dick Hall
93FF-JB Jake Burger
93FF-JD Jarren Duran
93FF-JW Joe West
93FF-RD Ron Darling

2010 Topps

10FF-BM Bill Mazeroski
10FF-BW Bobby Witt Jr.
10FF-CA CJ Abrams
10FF-HG Hunter Greene
10FF-JK Jimmy Key
10FF-JR Julio Rodriguez
10FF-MT Manny Trillo
10FF-PG Pedro Guerrero
10FF-ST Spencer Torkelson
10FF-TH Tim Hudson

Topps 1993 All-Stars Dual Autographs

93AS-DB Xander Bogaerts / Rafael Devers
93AS-JJ Aaron Judge / Derek Jeter
93AS-TO Shohei Ohtani / Mike Trout
93AS-WA Pete Alonso / David Wright

Topps Originals Autographs

David Wright /10
Jeff Bagwell /10
Jim Rice /10
Jorge Posada /10
Rickey Henderson /10

1961 Topps MVP Autographs

61TM-BH Bryce Harper
61TM-BHR Bryce Harper
61TM-CB Corbin Burnes
61TM-JI Jonathan India
61TM-SO Shohei Ohtani
61TM-TM Trey Mancini
61TM-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

1988 Topps Big Foil Autographs

Adrian Beltre
Brooks Robinson
Bryan De La Cruz
Chipper Jones
Dave Winfield
Derek Jeter
Don Mattingly
Edgar Martinez
Gavin Sheets
Greg Maddux
Johnny Bench
Mariano Rivera
Mike Schmidt
Reggie Jackson
Ryne Sandberg
Salvador Perez
Seth Beer
Shohei Ohtani
Vladimir Guerrero
Wade Boggs

1988 Topps Big Minis Autographs

Aaron Judge /20
Adrian Beltre /20
Cal Ripken Jr. /20
Carlton Fisk /20
Chipper Jones /20
Derek Jeter /20
Greg Maddux /20
Ichiro /20
Mariano Rivera /20
Mike Schmidt /20
Mike Trout /20
Nolan Ryan /20
Ozzie Smith /20
Randy Johnson /20
Rickey Henderson /20
Shohei Ohtani /20
Vladimir Guerrero /20
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. /20
Wade Boggs /20
Yordan Alvarez /20

1992 Topps MLB Debut Autographs

72DB-BD Bryan De La Cruz
72DB-BM Brandon Marsh
72DB-DP Dustin Pedroia
72DB-GS Gary Sheffield
72DB-JC Jose Canseco
72DB-JG Josiah Gray
72DB-JP Jorge Posada
72DB-JRE Jim Rice
72DB-KH Keith Hernandez
72DB-LG Luis Gil
72DB-PK Paul Konerko
72DB-RC Roansy Contreras
72DB-RF Rollie Fingers
72DB-RS Ryne Sandberg
72DB-RV Ryan Vilade
72DB-WR Willie Randolph

2005 Topps Draft Picks Autographs

05DP-BDC Bryan De La Cruz
05DP-CM Chas McCormick
05DP-CW Colton Welker
05DP-HP Hoy Park
05DP-JK Jackson Kowar
05DP-JY Juan Yepez
05DP-LG Luis Gil
05DP-LW Luke Williams
05DP-OC Oneil Cruz
05DP-RD Reid Detmers

Topps Postcards Autographs

TPC-BH Bryce Harper
TPC-EJ Eloy Jimenez
TPC-JA Jose Altuve
TPC-JR Jose Ramirez
TPC-JV Joey Votto
TPC-MT Mike Trout
TPC-PA Pete Alonso
TPC-RD Rafael Devers
TPC-SO Shohei Ohtani
TPC-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.