Will 2023 Panini Select Baseball Continue To Hold Value As Unlicensed Product?

July 16, 2023

Panini Select brings the promise of multiple hits per box and a tiered base set. But the cards are unlicensed and don’t contain any current major leaguers.

So, what’s the deal with 2023 Panini Select? What are the hits? And are they worth breaking?

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2023 Panini Select Baseball release date & release formats

The expected release date of 2023 Panini Select is July 19, 2023 (subject to change).

Hobby packs of 2023 Panini Select contain 5 cards per pack. Each Hobby Box contains 12 hobby packs per box. Hobby cases contain 12 hobby boxes per case.

2023 Panini Select hobby boxes contain two autographs and two memorabilia cards per box.

Hobby boxes of 2023 Panini Select are currently pre-selling for $140-150.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

Baseball 2023 Panini Select base set & design

The base set of 2023 Panini Select consists of 300 cards. Like other Panini products, the checklist consists of recent draftees, minor-league prospects, and retired players. What it doesn’t contain, are any current major league veterans, as Topps has an exclusive contract with the MLBPA.

One wrinkle to the Panini Select checklist is that the cards come in three different tiers. These tiers are Concourse, Premier Level and Diamond. Each consists of 100 cards and is rarer than the one that proceeds it.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

Panini Select Baseball 2023 parallels

While we don’t know the complete parallel lineup of 2023 Panini Select, we do know that they are a big part of the offering. Each hobby box contains 8 parallels on average. These break down to 3 base holos, 3 numbered prizms and 2 base tri color per box (on average).

Numbered prizm parallels include Gold Prizms, Zebra Prizms and Gold Vinyl Prizms.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Select Baseball inserts

Inserts are also a significant part of the 2023 Panini Select product. Standard insert sets include En Fuego, Select Numbers, Prospect Revolution, Unequaled and Unstoppable.

Tougher pulls include Color Wheel and Select Names.

2023 Panini Select autographs and autographed memorabilia

Autographs, which fall two per hobby box, are of course a big part of the draw of 2023 Panini Select. Signatures, Prospect Signatures and new in 2023 Select Company Signatures are among the offers.

Prospect Jersey Autographs, Select Swatches Signatures and Signature Swatches are among the autographed memorabilia offerings.

2023 Panini Select baseball memorabilia

While specifics aren’t yet known about the different memorabilia offerings in 2023 Panini Select, we do know they land two per box.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

Panini Select baseball value

2023 Panini Select hobby boxes are pre-selling for $140-150. How does that compare to prior year offerings? And what does that suggest about the buy-and-hold potential for the product?

YearRecent Hobby Box Comp Price

Interestingly, in most cases, these hobby boxes have held their value pretty well, and in some cases even seen some price gains. That’s a bit of a surprise, but while there may be other investments out there for unopened, there are also plenty worse.

In terms of singles, these cards don’t have huge potential. Recent sales of PSA 10’s aren’t plentiful, and only one card sold for even $130. All other recent PSA 10 sales were for $50 or less. Oddly, not many autographs seem to have sold recently on eBay, so maybe fans are hanging onto them.

So, while these are probably a fun break to rip and enjoy, don’t expect huge value unless you get very lucky. Or perhaps you can buy-and-hold, although there are likely better products for that.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

Final thoughts on Panini Select 2023 baseball

If you’re looking for a mid-priced break with lots of parallels, inserts, and other hits, you can do worse than 2023 Panini Select. The unlicensed nature of the cards will keep prices on the secondary market in check, however, so be aware if looking to resell.

Are you excited for 2023 Panini Select? Think it’s a break, buy-and-hold, or a pass? Let us know at card_lines on Twitter.

Shop for 2023 Panini Select baseball boxes on eBay

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