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Breaking Down The Top 3 Joe Montana Error Cards

joe montana error cards

In the ever-escalating debate of football greatness, one name forever finds itself forever entangled in that conversation. Joe Montana, the legendary National Football League (NFL) quarterback, is a household name synonymous with success and greatness.

There’s no denying his brilliance and the extraordinary legacy he left on the football field. This legacy transcends mere numbers and titles, resonating with fans and collectors alike.

When it comes to the hobby, Joe Montana’s iconic image and legendary career have forged a path of their own. His impact on the game was immeasurable, and his trading cards are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. While Montana’s regular-issue trading cards are highly coveted, more collectors are seeking out his error cards. Every collector understands the unique appeal and intrigue of error cards. It’s no surprise that collectors have now set their sights on Joe Montana error cards.

This article will explore the top three Joe Montana error cards. From iconic rookie cards to special edition releases, we shall discuss the top three Joe Montana error cards you should add to your collection.

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Joe “Joe Cool” Montana

Joe Montana is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of professional football. Born on June 11, 1956, Montana achieved remarkable success during his career, earning a reputation for his exceptional skill.

Known for his ability to perform under pressure and orchestrate game-winning drives, he consistently delivered in crucial moments. He played in the National Football League (NFL) for 16 seasons, primarily with the San Francisco 49ers. While playing for the 49ers, Montana started and won four Super Bowls. He was the first player to be named the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) three times.

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CBS Sports

Montana’s impact on the game extends beyond his impressive statistics and numerous accolades. Montana’s ability to read defenses, deliver pinpoint passes, and orchestrate game-winning drives made him a revered figure in football history.

After leading the 49ers to their fourth Super Bowl victory, Montana solidified his status as a clutch performer and earned the nickname “Joe Cool.” Referencing his calm and collected demeanor in high-pressure situations.

In the collecting world, Joe Montana has always held an esteemed place. As a quarterback with exceptional skills and a storied career, his trading cards have been highly sought after by collectors for decades. Montana’s cards capture iconic moments from his career and showcase his impact on the sport.

Montana’s cards are highly sought after by football fans both for nostalgic and investment purposes. For football fans, owning Montana’s cards allows them to relive his remarkable career. At the same time, collectors recognize the potential for value appreciation, particularly with rarer cards.

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1990 Pro Set NFL #2 Joe Montana

Joe Montana’s 1990 Pro Set card is among his most popular error cards. The 1990 Pro Set football card set earned a notorious reputation among collectors for its abundance of error cards. While it was released during the junk wax era, the number of error cards is significantly abundant. The error on the most popular variation of the 1990 Pro Set Joe Montana card is a wrong figure on the reverse side.

The reverse side applauds Montana’s first Miller Lite NFL Player of the Year award. It lists other deserving contestants he beat to the award and some stats. The error card says on the 8th line, “…Bills quarterback Jim Kelly (3,521 yards, 25 TDs)”. However, Pro Set spotted and corrected the error early in the print run. The correct version reads “…. Bills quarterback Kelly (3,130 yards, 25TDs).

This is a minor error and usually wouldn’t warrant much attention. However, the fact that it’s a Joe Montana card has ensured that its garnered immense attention. His illustrious career, exceptional skills, and impact on the game have provided ample demand for this card.

The value of the 1990 Pro Set Joe Montana card reflects that demand. Prices have varied greatly, ranging from $3 to over $150, depending on the card’s condition. PSA 7’s initially sold for around $150 but dropped from those heights.

The record sale for this card is $1,350 on June 24, 2023. With the second-highest sale of $1,000 on April 12, 2023. There is renewed interest in this error card. However, you’d be hard-pressed to sell your card for such a figure. The average sale price of the 1990 Pro Set Joe Montana card is $53.98.

While $100 doesn’t sound impressive compared to the current state of the collectible market, it’s still a lot for a junk wax-era NFL card. Its value is boosted by the fact that Pro Set swiftly corrected it once the mistake was identified. As a result, cards with the error hold more value for collectors. The corrected version sells for much lower prices.

Other Joe Montana error cards from the 1990 Pro Set

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1990 Pro Set Joe Montana #408

This is a less-known Montana error from the 1990 Pro Set, as it’s a reverse printing defect. There’s a multi-colored blotch over Montana’s face on the front of the card. This was immediately corrected, and there are versions of the card where the blotch has been removed or fixed.

1990 Pro Set MVP 19 Joe Montana

This Joe Montana card has a misaligned copyright text on the back. This is only worth mentioning because Pro Set corrected the error in subsequent print runs.

Aside from the #2 Joe Montana error card, other Montana “error” cards from the 1990 Pro Set don’t hold much value. They sell for less than $3 and are widely available.

1991 Fleer Joe Montana #408

The Fleer 1991 Joe Montana error card is another Montana error card that has garnered significant attention among collectors. Fleer was one of the notable products of the time, offering cards at an affordable price point.

The error on this card is on its reverse side, and yet another error with the stats. The 20th line reads, “…. he passed John Hadl and Jim Hart to move into third on the All-Time NFL passing yardage list with 34,998 yards.”

While Montana did pass John Hadl and Jim Hart on the yardage list, he ranked 4th on the passing yardage list and not 3rd, as stated on the card. As expected of a Joe Montana card, this error has great interest among football collectors.

The value for this error card ranges between $2 to over $123. PSA label cards with the error “4TH ON YARDAGE, NOT 3RD” when graded, and versions without the error do not contain the label.

1990 Fleer Joe Montana (#10)

The 1990 Fleer Joe Montana ranks third on our list of top Joe Montana error cards. As is the norm, it’s a numerical mistake in Montana’s career touchdown (TD) statistic. Instead of correctly displaying his career total of 314 touchdowns, the card erroneously lists an inflated figure of 31,054 touchdowns. This glaring error was immediately noticed and corrected at once.

Concerning monetary worth, both the error card and the corrected version hold the same value, with just a minor discrepancy. The value for the error card ranges from $3 to $65 depending on the card’s condition, while the value of the corrected card ranges from $1.5 to $45.


Final thoughts on Joe Montana error cards

Joe Montana’s enduring legacy and achievements on the gridiron resonate with both football enthusiasts and collectors alike. He’s undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, and his cards are highly cherished. Like the man himself, Joe Montana’s trading cards have stood the test of time and continue to captivate collectors worldwide.

The market for Montana’s cards continues to command significant value. His cards are prized possessions, with some selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. He also ranks second on the list of the most graded football cards.

However, the value of Joe Montana’s error card has been vastly dwarfed by regular cards. This is because there are no major Joe Montana error cards. All his error cards are minor errors from massively overproduced sets.

However, while no Joe Montana error card currently sells for over $2,000, they hold exceptional value considering they are junk wax-era cards. Montana’s enduring legacy ensures that any of these cards would be the perfect addition to any football collection.

Their increasing monetary value has further strengthened the appeal of these cards. Interest in Joe Montana error cards has grown over the last few months. The highest sales for his error cards were both recorded a week ago. Indeed, if this interest pushes demand, we could see Joe Montana error cards selling for even more impressive figures.

Shop for Joe Montana error cards on eBay

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