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What Sports Card Releases In November Should You Target?

november sports card releases

November has a mix of exciting NFL midseason releases, early NBA releases and MLB post-season releases. Or, perhaps, post-post-season?

Here’s a look at the top products coming up.

As always, here are the CardLines picks for cards to watch in November 2023. And, also as always, a feature on this list doesn’t mean it’s a must-buy. We’re sharing honest thoughts on all products. Some of these brands might be included out of caution, so read the short summary with each. 

Also, please note that the release schedules are very fluid and move frequently. These dates are not guaranteed.

Noteworthy Sports Card Releases for November

2023 Bowman Sterling Baseball (11/03)

Bowman Sterling 2023 is a popular high-end, legacy product. Each box contains just 30 total cards – 5 packs of 6 – and they feature Topps chromium technology to create “some of the most astonishingly clean chrome cards for the game’s top prospects and rookies once again.”

There are 50 prospect and 50 rookie cards to hunt, and 5 chrome autographs to be found in each $300 box. 

Shop for boxes of 2023 Bowman Sterling Baseball on eBay

2023 Panini Origins Football (11/08)

The focus for Origins football storytelling, and it’s a really great product for doing exactly that. Many of the sets are built around the idea of telling origin stories, and this product is spiced up by fun narrative threads being woven into the sets.

That said, at around $380, this box is a high-risk, high-reward rip and not a great long-term hold since it hasn’t proven to hold much value. Of the 7 cards per box, you’ll pull 1 rookie autograph, 1 other auto, 1 memorabilia card, 2 parallels/inserts and 2 base.

In other words, your rookie autograph needs to be a big one if you want any chance of stiffing a positive ROI.

Shop for 2023 Panini Origins Football boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Certified Football (11/10)

Pre-ordering for $350, Certified returns to claim its place as an annual staple – 24 years running. It’s never the most popular product, but it’s not bad, either.

Think of it somewhere between 10-15 in the annual release power rankings. Each box contains 10 packs of 5 cards, with 2 autographs, 2 memorabilia cards, 10 inserts, 2 rookies and 3 numbered parallels.

While keeping the rookies fairly limited in print run, the new additions include super short print Night Moves parallel.

Shop for boxes of 2023 Panini Certified Football  

2023 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball (11/15)

Topps Chrome Update releases in both Jumbo and Hobby format on the 15th. The jumbo is pre-ordering for $340 while the hobby box is $140. The jumbo includes 12 packs of 13 cards with 3 autographs and 12 base refractor parallels while the hobby version includes 1 autograph, 6 refractors and 3 prism refractors.

While there are no new rookies in this release, the most noteworthy component is the all-new MLB Debut Patch cards, which are 1/1s featuring the new patch that rookies have begun wearing during their MLB debut. 

Shop for boxes of 2023 Topps Chrome Update Baseball on eBay

2022-23 National Treasures Basketball (11/17)

National Treasures 2022-23 is dropped after the next season tips off. Nothing makes rookie shopping more attractive than finding those that make the sophomore leap, right?

While we don’t have pre-order prices yet, we can assume around $3,000 for this high-end product. Each box contains 4 autographs, 4 memorabilia cards, 1 printing plate, and one base/parallel. Autographs include Rookie Patch Autographs, Treasured Tags Autographs, Logoman Autographs, and much more.

As far as innovation goes, look for the brand new Court Pass and Treasured Moments for autographs of the top superstars in the NBA.

Shop for boxes of 2022-23 National Treasures Basketball on eBay

2023 Panini Donruss Football (11/22)

Donruss Football is a top-five football product because it combines value and price unlike anything else.

This product came after the Super Bowl in 2022, so the 2023 version is coming very close to the 2022. Much like 2022, this costs $250 and comes with 18 packs of 10 cards. You’ll find 1 auto, 1 memorabilia, 18 rated rookies, 12 parallels and more.

Donruss has some fun variations, too. They don’t demand a lot, usually, but neither does the hobby box. It’s a Top 10 football product in our book. 

Shop of 2023 Panini Donruss Football boxes on eBay

2023/24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball  (11/23)

Hoops Basketball is the annual low-end release of NBA cards, but it is also a classic for one reason: it’s the first release every year to feature the players in their NBA jerseys. The boxes are affordable, pre-ordering for $199, and for that price, you get 24 packs with 8 cards per pack.

Each box has 24 inserts/parallels and 1 autograph. Although the cards are a paper base, they have a wide variety of base parallels that look better every year: Hobby-exclusive Silver (#’d/199), Green (#’d/99), Gravity (#’d/75), Artist Proof (#’d/25), Artist Proof Gold (#’d/10), and Artist Proof Black (#’d/1). 

Shop for boxes of 2023-24 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball on eBay

2022 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football (11/22)

National Treasures RPAs are some of the most sought-after cards every year, and the National Treasures 1/1 rookies are the cards often making headlines with six or seven-figure selling prices.

That said, this is National Treasures Collegiate, which features all the players in their NCAA uniforms. While these cards are still valuable, they will immediately be trumped by NFL National Treasures as soon as it is released.

The boxes include 1 pack of 8 cards and are pre-ordering for $700. In each pack, you can look for 7 autograph or memorabilia cards and 1 base/parallel. 

Shop for 2022 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football boxes on eBay

2023 Panini Chronicles Racing (11/29)

Chronicles Racing returns in 2023, featuring top drivers and diverse substrates like C2S, opti-chrome and PETG.

The product includes unique memorabilia swatches and autographs from NASCAR stars, veterans, and rising prospects. Each box is preordering for $120 and contains 3 autographs and 1 memorabilia card on average, making it a highly sought-after addition for collectors and racing enthusiasts.

The memorabilia is fun in this product: you can find swatches of tires, firesuits, and sheet metal in the cards. While that might not add more value, it’s still a nice touch!

Shop for 2023 Panini Chronicles Racing boxes on eBay

Other November sports card releases

What are you looking forward to ripping or holding? 

There are some big releases dropping in November and we’ve got our eye on several. Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter @card_lines, and subscribe to our free newsletter right here. Twice a week, we’re bringing exclusive hobby news, offers and tips straight to your inbox. 

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.
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