Topps MVP Buyback Program to Return with 2023 Topps Chrome

June 30, 2023

The Topps MVP Buyback program that debuted in 2022 is back for 2023. While some fans don’t love the buyback, the program was generally positively received and it’s not shocking to see it carrying forth into 2023.

The program, born of poor quality control in 2022 Topps Chrome, was a silver lining in that release. Now it gets to shine even brighter with 2023 Topps Chrome (hopefully, without the drama).

But what is the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback program? What are the program details? And who might the MVPs be, if we get our crystal ball? All these details and more can be found below. Read on!

Background of the MVP Buyback Program

The 2022 Topps Chrome release was highly anticipated, as the release typically is. Issues with quality control, combined with the fact that the desirable short-printed rookie card simply weren’t included in packs added significant controversy to the release.

Topps issues an apology, and then started to distribute Silver Packs, some of which included the missing SP rookie cards, among other hits.

Looking to help stem the bad PR, Topps introduced the 2022 Topps MVP Buyback Program. The idea was simple….to help drive sales of 2022 Topps Chrome, which were lagging badly, by offering another “hit” for collectors to chase.

Of course, then 2023 Topps Chrome Update came months later, and unfortunately, the bad news continued.  With any luck at all, the 2023 Topps Chrome release will go much smoother (it almost HAS to, right?!)

What is the MVP Buyback?

At a high level, collectors were able to trade in 2022 Topps Chrome cards of the AL & NL MVP’s to local card shops or select online retailers for store credit at significantly higher price points than the cards would otherwise sell at. This allowed Topps to save face, collectors to get more value out of the product, and for dealers to increase traffic into their stores (be they virtual or brick-and-mortar).

Unredeemed cards of the MVPs also have their population decline, and in theory, at least should be a bit harder to find and hold more value. Time will tell if that comes to pass or not.

Most collectors seemed to enjoy the program, although the few I have seen who are not tend to dislike the fact that base cards of MVP winners are removed from the wild.

2022 Topps MVP buyback winners

The 2022 American and National League MVP’s were Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees and Paul Goldschmidt of the St. Louis Cardinals. Judge had a record setting year that excited fans and collectors alike. Don’t sleep on Goldschmidt, though, as he’s fast cementing his Hall of Fame case.

2022 MVPs Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt

What became of 2022 cards that were redeemed?

According to Topps, a small number of the cards that were part of the buyback program were stamped and will be inserted into packs of 2023 Topps Chrome. Even more exciting, some of these cards will contain autographs.

More details to come as we learn more about the 2023 Topps Chrome release, but this is a promising development.

2023 Topps MVP buyback details

The 2023 Topps MVP Buyback program applies only to 2023 Topps Chrome products. Other Topps products, including other Chrome brands like Cosmic Chrome are not eligible.

The program will begin in November of 2023, shortly after the announcement of the MVP winners by MLB. If last year’s program is any indication, the program should run through the following March.

Once the program kicks off, collectors will be able to exchange 2023 Topps Chrome cards of the AL & NL MVP Award winners for store credit at their local participating card shop or select online retailers.

2023 Topps Chrome MVP redemption values

Whether you pull a base card of an MVP Award winner or a rarer parallel, the store credit offered in the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback program is likely to dwarf the retail value of the card in question. This is especially true of base cards and easier-to-find parallels. Some autographed or low-population parallels may be worth keeping, although that depends on who the winners are and what the market looks like this fall.

Card TypeRedemption Value
Base Card$20
Serial Number > 100$100
Serial Number $200

$20 in store credit for a base card, even of an MVP, is a pretty great deal. The numbers go up from there, with up to $200 in trade-in value offering a very impressive ROI for collectors.

Who is in the running for the 2023 AL and NL MVP Awards?

OK, so we know who won the 2022 MVP Awards. But who will win in 2023? This article is being written prior to the 2023 All Star Game, so there’s a LOT of baseball left to be played, but we can make some educated guesses.

Based on info from betting sites and the list of current WAR leaders for 2023, a few candidates emerge.

In the American League, Shohei Ohtani is the favorite. If he stays healthy, the award may be his to lose at this point. Wander Franco will also be in the discussion. Judge, if he can get and stay healthy, is always a threat. A couple of longer shots who aren’t household names are Luis Robert Jr. and Bo Bichette. With the low demand for their cards, the redemption prices make these cards worth hanging onto….just in case.

In the National League, Ronald Acuña Jr. is the current front-runner, although by not as large a margin as Ohtani. Other contenders include Fernando Tatis Jr. and rookie Corbin Carroll. Keep an eye on Luis Arraez as he chases a .400 batting average, as well.

If you pull 2023 Topps Chrome cards of these or any other MVP candidates, it may be worthwhile to hold onto them until the MVP is announced. A low-value card could suddenly become worth $20 or more as a reward for your patience.

Final thoughts on the return of the Topps MVP Buyback for 2023

The return of the Topps MVP Buyback program for 2023 is good news for collectors and hobby store owners. It adds a new wrinkle to the standard pack and box breaking, and a chance for another “hit” months after the product is opened.

Are you excited for the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Program? Love it? Hate it? Who are your MVP picks? Let us know at card_lines on Twitter.

2023 Topps MVP Buyback frequently asked questions (FAQ)

When will the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Program Start?

The 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Program will start shortly after the announcement of the MLB MVP Award winners in November. The program should run through March of 2024.

Does the program cover any products or players outside of 2023 Topps Chrome and the eventual AL and NL MVP Award winners?

No, the promotion is specific to 2023 Topps Chrome and the AL and NL MVP Award winners.

Does the Buyback Program offer cash for cards?

No, the Buyback Program offers store credit at participating card shops and select online retailers. No cash rewards are included in the program.

How does a hobby shop sign up to be part of the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Program?

Dealers who are interested in taking part can fill out the Hobby Shop Participation Form. Note that just filling out the form does not enroll you in the program. You need to hear back from Topps with acceptance. If you are interested, it’s a good idea to fill out the form as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Is there a limit to how many cards I can redeem?

Topps has no official limit on redemptions per person, although individual dealers may institute their own limits.

Do cards to be redeemed in the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Program need to be in Mint condition?

No, while ripped or altered cards will not be accepted, cards that intact but not in purely mint condition will be accepted.

Is purchase necessary to take part in the 2023 Topps MVP Buyback program?

No, no purchase is necessary.

From Topps website:

“NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN A PRIZE. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VALID ONLY IN THE 50 UNITED STATES AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, VOID IN PUERTO RICO, WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW, AND OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES. MANY WILL ENTER, FEW WILL WIN. For a chance to obtain a redeemable card, while supplies last, hand print your name and complete address on a 3 x 5 card and mail in a #10 envelope to: 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Offer, P.O. BOX 852168, MESQUITE, TX 75185. Only one card per envelope, mailed separately, postmarked by February 1, 2024, and received by February 10, 2024. No metered mail. Limit 1 request per household for 2023 Topps MVP Buyback Offer. Approximate odds of receiving a redeemable card: 1:75. Failure to comply with the foregoing will result in disqualification of all entries received from a single household, in Topps’ sole discretion. Drawings on or about March 1, 2024. Potential Canadian winners will be required to first correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question. Include on your 3 x 5 card the answer to the following skill-test question: 42 X 2 + 3 – 19 = ? Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association and their affiliates are not responsible for this promotion.”

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