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A Review Of 2022 Topps Chrome Update [UPDATED]

2022 Topps Chrome Update

2022 Topps Chrome has, to date, been a product rollout that likely didn’t go quite the way Topps envisioned it. While controversy rocked the 2022 Topps Chrome release, time marches on and it’s time for 2022 Topps Chrome Update (but wait, there is controversy with quality issues with 2022 Topps Chrome Update as well).

What will it include? Will it help redeem 2022 Topps Chrome? Or will this wild ride continue with a new chapter?

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2022 Topps Chrome Update release date and format

The 2022 Topps Chrome Update release was released on December 21, 2022.

Previous Topps Chrome Update releases in 2021 and 2020 have been retail-only offerings in blaster or mega box format, and exclusive to Target.

While 2022 Topps Chrome Update will be available at Target in Mega Box format, they are also available in Hobby box format this year.

Regardless of release format, packs contain 4 cards per pack.

Target Mega Boxes contain 10 packs per box. Hobby boxes contain 24 packs per box. Hobby cases contain 12 hobby boxes.

Mega Boxes are priced at $49.99 on Target’s website. Hobby boxes are pre-selling for around $150-170.

Check prices on 2022 Topps Update Chrome on eBay

2022 Topps Chrome Update base set and design

Topps Chrome Update is intended to be an update to the Topps Chrome product released earlier in the year. It will mostly contain players who changed teams, rookies, and players not included in prior 2002 Topps Chrome releases.

Looking for a a premium version of 2022 Topps Chrome Update? Check out the Sapphire version.

Young stars Bobby Witt Jr., Oneil Cruz, Spencer Torkelson, Julio Rodriguez, and Wander Franco all make appearances on the checklist.

READ: The 2023 Topps Chome Update release will include the introduction of Rookie Debut patches.

2022 Topps Chrome Update Base Card Design

2022 Topps Chrome Update parallels

As with all Topps Chrome offerings, collectors can expect a rainbow of parallels, the rarer of which will be serial numbered. As of this writing, the details of the parallel offerings is not public.

The one exception is that we know that Purple Refractors land one per hobby pack.

2022 Topps Chrome Update inserts

Inserts land about 12 per hobby box in 2022 Topps Chrome Update. Several insert offerings are available for your chasing pleasure.

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2022 All-Star Game Chrome

This 50-card set highlights members of the 2022 American and National League All-Star teams. So, the set contains many of the biggest stars in the game, but not really any star rookies.

Diamond Greats Die-Cuts Chrome

With 75 cards, the Diamond Greats is a die-cut, chromium exploration of some of the biggest stars of today and yesteryear.

Generation Now Chrome

This 25-card offering features some of the most exciting young players in the game.

2022 Topps Chrome Update Generation Now Insert

2022 Topps Chrome Update autographs

Autographs don’t have the central role in 2022 Topps Chrome Update that they have in many products, but there are autographs. They’re not a guaranteed hit, so consider them an extra chance, not a sure thing.

Autographs have their own parallel offerings, but details are not yet available.

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Base Autographs

The base autographs offering in 2022 Topps Chrome consists of 140 cards. With checklist that sizeable, you get some hot names, but also some deeper cuts that may or may not excite collectors quite as much.

2022 Topps Chrome Update Autograph SuperFractor

2022 All-Star Game Autographs

22 cards from the 2022 All-Star Game insert set get the autograph treatment.

Diamond Greats Die-Cuts Chrome Autographs

27 cards from the Diamond Greats Die-Cuts insert set get autographs.

Generation Now Chrome Autographs

Not be to left out, select cards from the Generation Now insert set get autographed versions. In this case, 17 of the 25 cards have signature versions.

2022 Topps Chrome Update value

2022 Topps Chrome Mega boxes list for $49.99. Let’s explore how that compares to recent sales of prior years.


The last two years, the product has not really retained its value unopened. 2019 was a different story, although it’s perhaps not the best bet for a buy-and-hold candidate.

With a new hobby box offering, it’ll be interesting to see if these become a staple of the product and a solid buy-and-hold offering going forward.

Final thoughts on 2022 Topps Chrome Update

2022 Topps Chrome Update wraps up the 2022 Topps Chrome saga. Will this be a peaceful end to a controversial product, or does more darkness lurk in the future?

Based on what we know now, 2022 Topps Chrome Update looks like a straightforward update to the Topps Chrome product. With some interesting rookies, players in new uniforms, and some parallels, inserts, and autographs to chase, there’s lots to like.

Check prices on 2022 Topps Update Chrome on eBay

Previous content: A way too early look at 2022 Topps Chrome Update

2022 Topps Chrome Update isn’t available quite yet and details are still sparse. But the product is starting to get some buzz, so we thought we would loop in collectors to know what we know so far about this highly-anticipated product.

Let’s take a look at what we might be able to expect and what we don’t know yet about 2022 Topps Chrome Update.

2022 Topps Chrome Update: A few thoughts on what we are likely to see

We don’t know much about exactly what 2022 Topps Chrome Update will hold, but we can make a few educated guesses.

We’re expecting:

  • A 100-card base set (like 2020 and 2021), which is smaller than the standard Topps Update
  • A rainbow of Refractor Parallels
  • Autographs will be included, but not guaranteed in any box.
  • A continuation of some of the insert sets found in the 2022 Topps Chrome product.

And a few things we’re not sure about yet:

  • Exactly what retail formats we’ll see, including cards per pack and packs per box
  • Will 2022 Topps avoid the controversy that has surrounded 2022 Topps Chrome to date?

2022 Topps Chrome Update: Rookies?

One of the big questions, and a big component of the value that 2022 Topps Chrome will offer, is what rookies will be included?

With 2022 Topps Chrome, that’s been a sticky topic. Shortly after the initial release of 2022 Topps Chrome, it became clear that a number of the big hits, including many top rookies, were not included in packs.

The ensuing backlash from collectors created quite a controversy and led to Topps sending Silver Packs to collectors to try to make things right.

We’ve already explored what rookies are in the set, in A Breakdown Of The Best 2022 Topps Chrome Rookies Actually In The Set.

So, will the rookies originally left out of the Topps Chrome product, and later included in the Silver Packs, be included in 2022 Topps Update? These players include Bobby Witt Jr., Julio Rodriguez, Spencer Torkelson, Hunter Greene, and CJ Adams.

If 2022 Topps Chrome includes these popular rookies, it will raise the floor for the product significantly and could make it a popular choice for collectors.

Key 2022 Topps Chrome Update Rookie Cards

  • Bobby Witt Jr.
  • Julio Rodriguez
  • Wander Franco
  • Oneil Cruz
  • Jeremy Pena
  • Jack Suwinski
  • CJ Abrams
  • Jose Miranda
  • MacKenzie Gore
  • MJ Melendez
  • Nick Lodolo
  • Royce Lewis
  • Steven Kwan
  • Hunter Greene
  • Spencer Torkelson
  • Seiya Suzuki
  • Matt Brash

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2022 Topps Chrome Update Checklist

wdt_ID Set Number Player Team Rookie?
1 Base USC1 Max Scherzer New York Mets®
2 Base USC2 Heliot Ramos San Francisco Giants® Rookie
3 Base USC3 CJ Abrams San Diego Padres™ Rookie
4 Base USC4 Mike Brosseau Milwaukee Brewers™
5 Base USC5 Joc Pederson San Francisco Giants®
6 Base USC6 Jose Miranda Minnesota Twins® Rookie
7 Base USC7 Adam Engel Chicago White Sox®
8 Base USC8 Niko Goodrum Houston Astros®
9 Base USC9 Jason Krizan San Francisco Giants® Rookie
10 Base USC10 Nestor Cortes New York Yankees®
11 Base USC11 Yan Gomes Chicago Cubs®
12 Base USC12 Alek Thomas Arizona Diamondbacks® Rookie
13 Base USC13 Joey Wentz Detroit Tigers® Rookie
14 Base USC14 Gabriel Arias Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
15 Base USC15 Matt Chapman Toronto Blue Jays®
16 Base USC16 Trevor Story Boston Red Sox®
17 Base USC17 Jesse Winker Seattle Mariners™
18 Base USC18 Thairo Estrada San Francisco Giants®
19 Base USC19 MacKenzie Gore San Diego Padres™ Rookie
20 Base USC20 Tyler Naquin Cincinnati Reds®
21 Base USC21 Kevin Smith Oakland Athletics™ Rookie
22 Base USC22 Anderson Severino Chicago White Sox® Rookie
23 Base USC23 Jake Marisnick Pittsburgh Pirates®
24 Base USC24 Elehuris Montero Colorado Rockies™ Rookie
25 Base USC25 Sergio Romo Seattle Mariners™
26 Base USC26 Jordan Luplow Arizona Diamondbacks®
27 Base USC27 Diego Castillo Pittsburgh Pirates® Rookie
28 Base USC28 Taylor Walls Tampa Bay Rays™
29 Base USC29 Rob Refsnyder Boston Red Sox®
30 Base USC30 Sean Manaea San Diego Padres™
31 Base USC31 Ethan Roberts Chicago Cubs® Rookie
32 Base USC32 Austin Nola San Diego Padres™
33 Base USC33 Connor Joe Colorado Rockies™
34 Base USC34 Jhoan Duran Minnesota Twins® Rookie
35 Base USC35 Bobby Witt Jr. Kansas City Royals® Rookie
36 Base USC36 Aledmys Diaz Houston Astros®
37 Base USC37 Bryce Elder Atlanta Braves™ Rookie
38 Base USC38 MJ Melendez Kansas City Royals® Rookie
39 Base USC39 Nick Plummer New York Mets® Rookie
40 Base USC40 Dustin May Los Angeles Dodgers®
41 Base USC41 Austin Meadows Detroit Tigers®
42 Base USC42 Gosuke Katoh Toronto Blue Jays® Rookie
43 Base USC43 Adam Haseley Chicago White Sox®
44 Base USC44 Jonathan Villar Chicago Cubs®
45 Base USC45 Michael Pineda Detroit Tigers®
46 Base USC46 Jose Azocar San Diego Padres™ Rookie
47 Base USC47 Steven Matz St. Louis Cardinals®
48 Base USC48 Tony Gonsolin Los Angeles Dodgers®
49 Base USC49 Jesus Sanchez Miami Marlins®
50 Base USC50 Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals®
51 Base USC51 Jose Trevino New York Yankees®
52 Base USC52 Owen Miller Cleveland Guardians™
53 Base USC53 Jake Odorizzi Houston Astros®
54 Base USC54 Freddie Freeman Los Angeles Dodgers®
55 Base USC55 William Woods Atlanta Braves™ Rookie
56 Base USC56 Will Smith Atlanta Braves™
57 Base USC57 Tyler Mahle Cincinnati Reds®
58 Base USC58 Roberto Perez Pittsburgh Pirates®
59 Base USC59 Eugenio Suarez Seattle Mariners™
60 Base USC60 Noah Syndergaard Angels®
61 Base USC61 Jon Gray Texas Rangers®
62 Base USC62 Logan Webb San Francisco Giants®
63 Base USC63 Kris Bryant Colorado Rockies™
64 Base USC64 Erick Fedde Washington Nationals®
65 Base USC65 Nick Lodolo Cincinnati Reds® Rookie
66 Base USC66 Drew Smyly Chicago Cubs®
67 Base USC67 Nick Castellanos Philadelphia Phillies®
68 Base USC68 Orlando Arcia Atlanta Braves™
69 Base USC69 Gio Urshela Minnesota Twins®
70 Base USC70 Jarren Duran Boston Red Sox® Rookie
71 Base USC71 Mike Clevinger San Diego Padres™
72 Base USC72 Matt Olson Atlanta Braves™
73 Base USC73 Matt Duffy Angels®
74 Base USC74 Oneil Cruz Pittsburgh Pirates® Rookie
75 Base USC75 Luke Williams Miami Marlins® Rookie
76 Base USC76 Bryan Lavastida Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
77 Base USC77 Eduardo Rodriguez Detroit Tigers®
78 Base USC78 Brad Miller Texas Rangers®
79 Base USC79 Royce Lewis Minnesota Twins® Rookie
80 Base USC80 Jose Iglesias Colorado Rockies™
81 Base USC81 Gary Sanchez Minnesota Twins®
82 Base USC82 Luke Voit San Diego Padres™
83 Base USC83 Craig Kimbrel Los Angeles Dodgers®
84 Base USC84 MJ Melendez Kansas City Royals® Rookie
85 Base USC85 Steven Kwan Cleveland Guardians™ Rookie
86 Base USC86 Rowdy Tellez Milwaukee Brewers™
87 Base USC87 Edward Cabrera Miami Marlins® Rookie
88 Base USC88 Cesar Hernandez Washington Nationals®
89 Base USC89 Javier Baez Detroit Tigers®
90 Base USC90 Reid Detmers Angels® Rookie
91 Base USC91 Vidal Brujan Tampa Bay Rays™ Rookie
92 Base USC92 Jacob Stallings Miami Marlins®
93 Base USC93 Hunter Greene Cincinnati Reds® Rookie
94 Base USC94 Joe Ryan Minnesota Twins® Rookie
95 Base USC95 Sonny Gray Minnesota Twins®
96 Base USC96 Jhoulys Chacin Colorado Rockies™
97 Base USC97 Cole Sands Minnesota Twins® Rookie
98 Base USC98 Carlos Correa Minnesota Twins®
99 Base USC99 Adrian Martinez Oakland Athletics™ Rookie
100 Base USC100 Spencer Torkelson Detroit Tigers® Rookie
Number Rookie?
Mike D.

Mike D

Mike D. has collected cards for over 35 years, since he bought his first pack of Topps at the corner store in 1987. His fandom,  collecting interests, and contributions to Cardlines center around baseball in general and the Baseball Hall of Fame specifically.

Mike's collecting focus is centered on graded cards, mostly rookie cards, of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers. Lately, he's been enjoying dabbling in graded minor league cards. A collector/investor with a "buy and hold" approach, Mike takes the long-term view with his collection.
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