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What Are The Hottest Sports Card Releases In March?

panini prizm 2022 football

March is loaded with a lot of big releases – at least, that’s what the schedule says as of the time of writing.

As always, here are the CardLines pick for cards to watch in March 2023. And, also as always, a feature on this list doesn’t mean it’s a must-buy. We’re sharing honest thoughts on all products. 

Here is the Cardlines picks for releases to watch in March. But please note: the release schedules are very fluid and move frequently. These dates are not guaranteed (and with so many releases tentatively scheduled for March, it’s a safe bet many of these will not release this month).

Noteworthy sports card releases for March

2022 Panini Phoenix Football (3/01)

If I had to pick one word to describe Phoenix football, it’s “forgettable.”  This is not a bad product. At $350/box, it comes with 2 autos, 1 memorabilia card, 2 silvers, 9 #’d parallels, and 12 rookies, and the cards look sharp and can sell reasonably well for a big pull.

But, especially for a brand that’s been around for 5+ years, there’s never a ton of excitement around Phoenix. I’ve never had a collector tell me it’s their favorite product, and I usually forget it exists until it releases. 

That said if you’re looking to help Phoenix rise from the ashes, grab a 60-card box on March 1st. 

Shop for 2022 Phoenix football hobby boxes on eBay

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome Baseball (3/01)

Shop for 2022 Topps Allen and Ginter Chrome boxes on eBay

2022 Topps Allen & Ginter Chrome mixes the modern with the old school. With the release, Allen & Ginter Chrome brings a modern chromium flair to the classic vintage feel of Allen & Ginter.

Each pack contains 4 cards and you can expect 18 packs per hobby box.  This is not an autograph-heavy product at just one per case – but each box delivers 6 refractors and 18 mini base cards – because everybody wants more minis in their hobby boxes. 

Are these boxes a good long-term investment? Check out our detailed review right here.

2022 Bowman Inception Baseball  (3/3)

It’s always a bit confusing when a 2022 product drops after 2023, but Inception is a long-running high-end product. Each box is only $150, but it also only includes 7 total cards. Each hobby box has 2 autographs and the chance to “Capture the youthful exuberance of the game’s future superstars with this colorful release of 2022 Bowman Inception, bringing top prospects into your collection in a big way!”

Shop for 2022 Bowman Inception hobby boxes on eBay

2022-23 Panini Donruss Basketball  (3/08)

Donruss Basketball is a top-five football product because it combines value and price unlike anything else. Did I say the same thing about Donruss Football last month? Yeah, you caught me. But I stand by it – this product is excellent value. I have way too many boxes on pre-order. 

Each hobby box costs $275 and comes with 10 packs of 30 cards. You’ll find 1 auto and 50 inserts/parallels per box. The one autograph is the biggest bummer of this product, but there are some nice Hobby-exclusive SSPs to chase this year in “Night Moves” and “Animation.”

For the price point and the number of rookies you’ll pull, this one is worth the investment. 

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Donruss Basketball hobby boxes on eBay

2021/22 Panini Flawless Basketball (3/08)

Opting for a briefcase over a box as the delivery vessel, Flawless sets the bar for high-end products. The boxes never retail for less than $10,000, so even though we don’t have an exact figure yet, we can estimate about $12,500.

Note that this is 2021/22 basketball, so switch gears and think of Cade Cunningham, Mobley, Giddey, and that rookie class. Nothing like releasing products from two different rookie classes on the same day! 

Each box has 9 autograph or memorabilia cards and a diamond card. Plus, of course, the briefcase. If you’re looking to take a huge swing, Flawless might be for you, but I could never recommend opening one of these!

Shop for 2021-22 Panini Flawless Basketball hobby boxes on eBay

 2022/23 Panini Donruss Elite Basketball (3/15)

Don’t let the name fool you: Donruss Elite is the less-cool version of Donruss. Elite has been around for over a decade, so it has some history at this point. That does not, however, make it an appealing product. The vast majority of collectors would still prefer standard Donruss and its Rated Rookies.

Elite has a $299 price tag for 20 packs per box with 8 cards per pack, and you can expect to pull 2 autos, 2 rookies, and 16 inserts/parallels. Limiting the number of rookies per box seems like a good idea because of scarcity, but Elite did the same thing last year and most of the rookies didn’t retain much value.

Shop for 2022-23 Donruss Elite Basketball hobby boxes on eBay

2022 Panini Prizm Football (3/15)

It’s about time. After a series of delays, Prizm football is set to release in March. This is a product that needs no introduction, but you’re more than welcome to check out why I named it the #1 best brand to invest in. 

Prizm sets the standard for rookie card collecting and investing. 2022 Prizm football doesn’t boast the most exciting rookie class, but it will still be the most exciting rookie cards from that class nonetheless. And at just $750 per box, this is the most affordable Prizm release we’ve seen in years.

Each box contains 2 autographs, 10 numbered prizms, 2 base and 1 rookie prizm, 24 rookies, and 7 inserts or other parallels.  this release also marks a decade of Prizm and a chance to, as Panini puts it, “Celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Prizm Football with an all-new tribute insert in Prizm Flashbacks Prizms Silver, Mojo, Gold and Black Finite!”

Shop for 2022 Panini Prizm football hobby boxes on eBay

2022 Panini Obsidian Football (3/22)

Shop for 2022 Panini Obsidian Football boxes on eBay

My logic from Pheonix football above also can largely be applied to 2022 Panini Obsidian Football: it’s a nice product, but at the price point, there are definitely other products I’d much rather invest in. 

The boxes are $499 and come with one pack of 7 cards. Among them, you should expect 4 autographs or memorabilia in that, plus 2 parallels or inserts. 2022 is bringing back Color Blast Black, Tunnel Vision, Supernova, and Vitreous.

This is while debuting a slew of brand-new inserts:  Magmatic Signatures, Orbital, and Galaxy Ink. These are really nice-looking cards – don’t get me wrong. They just haven’t ever been the most popular in an ever-growing series of releases. 

2022-23 Panini Origins Basketball (3/23)

The focus for 2022 Origins basketball is storytelling, and it’s a really great product for doing exactly that. Many of the sets are built around the idea of telling origins stories, and this product is spiced up by fun narrative threads being woven into the sets.

That said, at around $450, this box is a high-risk, high-reward rip and not a great long-term hold since it hasn’t proven to hold much value. Of the 7 cards per box, you’ll pull 1 rookie autograph, 1 other hit, 2 parallels, 1 insert and 2 base. In other words, your rookie autograph needs to be a big one if you want any chance of stiffing a positive ROI. 

Shop for 2022-23 Origins Basketball hobby boxes on eBay

2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League Soccer (3/24)

Prizm Premier League will probably be the biggest soccer release of the year, but it will also be a bit undervalued coming on the heels of the World Cup. Look for a 300-card base set featuring popular players from all 20 teams.

There are many Hobby-exclusive parallels to collect, including the elusive Prizms Black (#’d 1/1). This product also includes the Color Blast and the new SP, Groovy, paying homage to the 60s and 70s.

Each box is pre-ordering for 300 and includes 12 packs of 12 cars, with 1 autograph, 4 silver prizms, 5 numbered prizms, 8 additional prizms and 6 inserts.

Shop for 2022-23 Panini Prizm Premier League soccer hobby boxes on eBay

2022 Panini Contenders Football (3/29)

Shop for 2022 Panini Contenders hobby boxes on eBay

Contenders is an autograph-driven product. It’s kept the same format for 20 years, carrying value not by rookies or parallels, but by the Rookie Ticket Autographs.

Hobby boxes are selling for $450 and, as usual, have 5 autographs per box with one being on card. You can also expect to pull 1 parallel per box.  See what I mean about autograph-driven?

Opening Contenders and making your money back is nearly miraculous, but the nicest rookie autographs do age pretty well. The best approach is not to open this box, but to buy autograph singles of your favorite prospect. 

2022-23 Panini Court Kings Basketball (3/29)

There’s a great chance that this product does not come out in March, but at the time of writing, here’s what we know. 

Court Kings has been around for long enough to build a nice track record for being a big-potential, fairly affordable product. Each box has 1 pack of 10 cards and will set you back $300. You can expect to pull 1 autograph, 1 memorabilia card, 1 rookie, 1 parallel, and 2 inserts among the 10 cards.

Remember, Court Kings has tiered rookie cards, too. Look for all four versions of the rookies in Rookies I, Rookies II, Rookies III, and super short-printed Rookies IV. SPs this year include Aurora, Paint by Number, Rookie Exclusive, and State of the Art!

2021-22 Panini Eminence Basketball (3/29)

Eminence is a fun product because it asks you to pick between opening a box of cards or sending your firstborn to college. 

Joking aside (but you’re welcome to use that as a selling point, Panini!), Emininese is the heavyweight of all high-dollar cards. Each case (or box) has 1 pack of 10 cards, including 9 autographs and 1 other card. It seems incredibly unlikely that both Eminence and Flawless launch in March, so expect a delay here. 

The selling points for this year’s Eminence don’t really tell us much about the product other than it’s a chance to pull autographs of legends or first-time signers. But one interesting point is, “Pull autographed card paired with bars of real silver, gold or platinum!” So apparently you can pull gold bars out of this? Look out, Minecraft.

We don’t have a release price, but you can expect it to be around $25,000. And no, I’m not actually joking. 

2022-23 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey  (3/29)

Upper Deck’s hockey cards keep rolling with the Series 2 release dropping on February 15th. The Series 1 box was loaded with talent this year, so we’re hoping this can follow up nicely.

Per Upper Deck, “Series 2 hosts the next 250 cards of the 2022-23 Upper Deck Base Set – 200 new veterans and 50 new Young Guns®, the most anticipated rookie cards of the year! Look for six of these cherished cards in every box, on average.”

Each box also includes 5 Calder candidates, 4 UD canvas cards, 2 UD portrait rookie cards, 1 base set clear-cut parallel, and more. 

Shop for 2022-23 Upper Deck Series 2 Hockey hobby boxes on eBay.

What are you looking forward to ripping or holding? 

There are some big releases dropping in March and we’ve got our eye on several. Let us know what you’re most excited about on Twitter @card_lines, and subscribe to our free newsletter right here. Twice a week, we’re bringing exclusive hobby news, offers and tips straight to your inbox. 

Other March 2023 releases

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes

Jesse Haynes is the co-founder of Solaro Shades, an Amazon #1 Bestselling novelist, and a lifelong sports card collector. His nonfiction work has been featured in Forbes, Inc., MarketWatch and more. At CardLines, Jesse’s specialties are basketball and football cards, not to mention making informative video and Instagram content.
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