2023 Topps Archives: A Celebration Of Vintage Topps Designs With Today’s Players

November 17, 2023

A celebration of the long and storied history of Topps, 2023 Topps Archives celebrates some of the coolest designs from Topps’ extensive catalog. These include both well-known baseball sets and less famous pop-culture brands.

But what will collectors find in 2023 Topps Archives? What are the release formats? And the hits? And are they worth breaking?

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2023 Topps Archives release date & release format

The release date for 2023 Topps Archives was November 8, 2023 (subject to change).

2023 Topps Archives is being released in three different formats: Hobby Box, Hobby Collector’s Tin, and Retail Blaster.

Hobby Boxes of 2023 Topps Archives contain 24 packs of 8 cards each. Each hobby box contains 2 on-card autographs and a box topper. Hobby boxes have been pre-selling for $125-130.

A Hobby Collector’s Tin comes packaged in one of four retro-style metal lunch boxes. Each box has one of four all-time great players on it, but you’ll need to purchase to see which you will receive.

Hobby Collector Tins contain 10 packs of 8 cards each. Each collector’s tin contains one on-card autograph and one 1969 Topps Baseball Post Card per box. Hobby Collector’s Tins have been pre-selling for around $70.

Retail Blaster Boxes contain 7 packs of 8 cards each. While they do not contain autograph guarantees, they do contain 3 Exclusive Foil Topps 1969 Team History cards per box. Retail blasters are pre-selling for around $25 per blaster.

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2023 Topps Archives base set & design

The 2023 Topps Archives base set contains 300 cards. As with prior years, the base set features designs from three different Topps products of the past.

In this case, the lineup includes two of my all-time favorite Topps designs, the horizontal 1956 Topps and the classic 1965 Topps. The underrated solid blue-bordered 2003 Topps rounds out the trifecta.

So, the cards are going to be attractive, no doubt, especially to fans of vintage Topps designs. The checklist is a mix of current veterans and rookies, plus some former greats.

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Topps Archives 2023 parallels & image variations

Bringing a bit of modern sparkle to the vintage designs, 2023 Topps Archives has a handful of parallels offerings of the base set, with a mix of styles and product numbers.

Parallels include:

  • Rainbow Foil – /199
  • Green Foil – /99
  • Aqua Sparkle Foil – /75
  • Red Hot Foil – /50
  • Blue Foilboard – /25 (hobby only)
  • Orange Hot Foilboard – /15 (hobby only)
  • FoilFractors – 1/1

A small subset of cards in the set get short-printed Image Variations.

2023 Topps Box Toppers

Each hobby box of 2023 Topps Archives comes with a pair of box topper 3-D glasses. These contain baseball artwork and will come in handy if you pull a 3D insert (more on those later).

Hobby Collector’s Tins come with one box topper 1969 Topps Baseball Post Card per box.

Retail Blaster boxes come with three 1969 Topps Team History Foil cards. These foil cards are exclusive to retail blasters. Rare Sky Blue Foil parallels are available seeded 1:490 Packs. Autographed versions are also available.

2023 Topps Archives inserts

Inserts are another way that Topps is able to add a retro flair to 2023 Topps Archives, with many of the insert sets paying homage to Topps products of the past, but with a modern spin and modern players.

1954 Topps Baseball 3D: Seeded 1:6 hobby packs, these are the reason for those 3D glasses box toppers mentioned earlier. These are styled after the vintage 1954 Topps Tarzan 3D.

1957 Topps Hit Stars: New for 2023, this set harkens back to a Topps Entertainment product from the late 1950’s. Seeded 1:8 packs.

1979 Topps Comics: Featuring the artwork of L’Amour Supreme, these new for 2023 inserts use a comic book theme to honors stars of today and the past. Seeded 1:8 packs.

1997 Topps Seasons Best: New for 2023, these include 5 designs from the 1997 Topps Season’s Best set designs including Number Crunchers, Bleacher Reachers, Kings of Swing, Hill Toppers, and Leading Looters. Seeded 1:20 packs and exclusive to hobby packaging. Parallels include Green Foil Parallel (/99), Gold Foil Parallel (/50), Red Foil Parallel (/50), and FoilFractor Parallel (1/1).

1998 Topps Baby Bombers: New for 2023 and seeded 1:20 packs, these celebrate young sluggers of today in the classic foilboard of the 1998 insert. Parallels include Green Foil Parallel (/99), Gold Foil Parallel (/50), Red Foil Parallel (/50), and FoilFractor Parallel (1/1).

1989 Topps Doubleheaders: Another new for 2023 offering that is seeded 1:8 packs. These dual sided cards feature a current player and an on-theme former player. Parallels include Green Foil Parallel (/99), Gold Foil Parallel (/50), Red Foil Parallel (/50), and FoilFractor Parallel (1/1).

1969 Topps Team History Cards Image Variations: New for 2023, these leverage the design of 1969 Topps Team Posters, but are repurposed for individual players. Numbered to 69 copies each.

1997 Topps Hobby Masters: Another new offering, this set uses the “Difractor foil” of 1997 Hobby Masters to highlight current stars. Exclusive to Hobby packaging and numbered to just 23 copies each.

2023 Topps Archives autographs

Autographs fall two per Hobby box and one per Hobby Collector’s Tin. They cover a variety of topics and are another way that Topps gets to celebrate its long history.

Fan Favorites Autographs:  As with prior years, Fan Favorites is the headliner of the autograph offerings. These include a mix of all-time greats, former All Stars, and well, “fan favorites”. Parallels include Green Foil (/99), Gold Foil (/50), Blue Foil (/25), Red Foil (/10) and FoilFractor (1/1) versions. The Blue Foil versions are exclusive to hobby.

Fan Favorites Autographs Premium: Numbered to 50 or less, these are premium in terms of both scarcity and player selection. 1/1 FoilFractor parallels also available.

1998 Topps Baby Bombers Autograph Variation, 1997 Topps Season’s Best Autograph Variations, 1957 Topps Hit Stars Autograph Variations, and 1989 Topps Doubleheaders Dual Autograph Variations: Autographed versions of select insert subjects. Gold Foil (/50), Blue Foil (/25), Red Foil (/10) and FoilFractor (1/1) parallels also available.

1997 Topps Hobby Masters Autographs: Autographed versions of the limited autograph set. Limited to only 23 copies each. Hobby only.

Topps 1969 Team History Image Variation Autographs: Limited to only 20 hand-numbered copies.

Topps Originals Buyback Autographs: Vintage Topps cards purchased back from the market with autographs added. Numbered to only 10 copies each.

2022 Topps Astros World Series Champion Buyback Autographs: Buybacks featuring members of the World Championship Houston Astros. Numbered to just 22 copies each.

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2023 Topps Archives value

2023 Topps Archives is a fun, reasonably priced box with guaranteed autographs and some interesting inserts and parallels. But how do they hold their value unopened? Let’s look at recent comp prices for hobby boxes from prior years to see what they can tell us.

YearHobby Box Recent Comp Price

Hobby boxes appear to hold their value, although these don’t look to have a lot of upside. These may not be the best boxes to buy and hold, but if you do add some to your collection, they’re likely not to bottom out, value-wise.

In terms of singles, we can look at recent sales of 2022 Topps Archives cards in PSA 10 slabs. There are a number of cards that have sold for $500 or more.

These include autographs, variations, and rarer parallels of some of the top rookie cards and all-time greats, like Derek Jeter. A good number of PSA 10s sell for well under $500, of course, but the high end seems to be in that $500 range.

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Final thoughts on Topps Archives 2023

If you’re a fan of vintage, or just someone who appreciates a reasonably priced break, 2023 Topps Archives has a lot to offer. With three different price points, there’s a 2023 Topps Archives price point for just about any collector.

Looking forward to breaking a box of 2023 Topps Archives? What’s your format? What hits have you excited?  Let us know at card_lines on Twitter.

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Topps 2023 Archives Checklist

Stay tuned to this space for the Topps Archives 2023 Checklist.

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